Please help me, Veeky Forums. I have man boobs.

I was lazing around when I realized my pecs were really pointy. And soft. Which was weird. When I grabbed my boobs, my hands were filled with nothing but soft booby flesh. They were fuller and more supple than those of several girls I’ve fondled. These things on my chest are nothing other than tits. I literally have more boobage than most of the girls I’ve fucked.

For reference, I’m six feet tall and my working DL is 235 (haven’t tried maxing yet). Bench is 1 plate. Working squat is 205. I’m an Oriental and eat regular food (probably too much wheat). I don’t drink much, only on weekends. When I flex I can’t quite grab them but there’s a lot of loose flesh and fat.

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plastic surgery is your only option

Those aren't manboobs, retard. You'll lose the fat when you cut.

I legit only clicked this thread because i didnt read what you said and thought you were a grill.

Jesus Christ dude this is a blue board

I legit thought that was a girl at frst, just become a trap or some shit man

MODDSSSSS!!! Fit is a blue board, pal

My suggestion: Cut out the carbs, up the meats and vegetables. Work out four days a week, accompanied by 15-20 minutes of cardio.

OP is already a trap on estrogen playing coy.

I know because that's what my chest looked like when I was on 4mg/estrogen pills daily for after about a week

Y’all have got to be fucking with me.

It's possible you don't have gyno and just need to lose some bf. Start cutting and see what happens before you freak out. Be aware that Veeky Forums thinks everyone has gyno. Also I've seen enough attention whore trans posting threads showing their intentionally, pharmaceutically induced gyno with coy woe-is-me threads to recognize one when I see one.

I want implants

I’m pretty /pol/ so the boob fat is hurting my pride. Thanks, though. I had my body fat percentage measured years ago at 16 and I specifically remembered I had a solid 11% or 12% at the time. I’ve only gotten thicccer since then.

I have fallen for the /fast/pill, so I’m starting a week-long water fast with a bit of cardio and long walks tomorrow. I’ll see how that goes.

>I’m starting a week-long water fast with a bit of cardio and long walks tomorrow.
don't forget your sodium/potassium

Where do I get potassium IRL?

Almost anywhere. Extremely common and cheap. Check the /fast/ing threads but be aware some of them are hardcore e-statting and I don't think their insane long term fasts are safe. I'm doing just weak sauce 18:6 IF and shooting for around 350 calories below my TDEE and that's good enough for me.I get by with table salt and Mrs. Dash that I already had around when I started. And black coffee

>18:6 IF

Oh God what do those numbers and acronyms mean? I have salt, obviously, but I’m more of a tea guy. Do you just eat the seasoning?

You're just fat, unlike this poor soul.

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D-Dear God!!!

IF = Intermittent fasting
18:6 18 hours of the day, don't consume any calories. Stick to eating within the 6 hours rest of the day. Some are like 20:4, 22:2, or just OMAD (One Meal A Day)
Maybe you should check the intermittent fasting >reddit

Huh. I usually go hardcore on things so I’m just gonna have snake juice, Old Bay and tea for five days. My dad’s gonna make fun of me if I visit home after gaining weight, after losing it, again.

For the love of god, check out the /fast/ thread