Three months cutting

Three months cutting.

Rate me.

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10/10 very impressed

we need more of these threads

Holy fuck, you can't even comprehend how much I want to marry you right now.

8/10, what are your bench and shoulder press numbers


Any tips?

Beautiful. Did you do cardio aswell? Natural? Shit is near perfect for 3 months

>shoulder are wider after


dem cannon ball shoulders

You're a big guy



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Knowing him, he's definitely not natty

Terrible you should kill yourself

how tall are you ?

Rip hairline

lmao u got me

i knew it

any guesses on what his cycle was? is that doable on just a test E cycle? or was he on a bunch of shit

this is what i love about cutting - you doubt if you're making any progress during your bulk, then it all starts to show itself during the end of your cut. glorious feeling. i know my quads, glutes, triceps and delts and going to be fire in a cupla months.

I need his cycle

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wasn't this the guy who was in some porn and couldn't get hard?

He already has muscle so I guess it was an anavar cycle

el goblino

>El goblino
>is less of a mutt than 99% of america

Unlikely just test e. This idiot went all out.


juice 100%

bruv, JUSTing your hairline wasn't worth the accelerated progress.

fuckin roidlets.


lmao looks like he can't even squat 3pl8, what is his squat?

Judging by the position of the doorknob I'd say about 5'8

Close I'm 5'5

It was just a pran

>is that doable on just a test E cycle?
he had muscles under that fat in the first place, only thing he did was literally cut the fat and steroids won't help you with cutting. Only thing you get from test is that you won't lose much muscle on deficit.

>or was he on a bunch of shit
this is really super impressive progress so i assume he was also on t3+clen or even dnp. If there is anything that's going to help you cutting it's very harsh chemicals that might kill you (effective dose of dnp is almost lethal dose and you feel like dying [because you are])

Picture on the right is zoomed in more, and the perspective/angle is different.

Here I fixed it for you.

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Dios mio...

Knew that looked familiar. KEK

His face become more smug and punchable. Amazing.

>steroids won't help you with cutting. Only thing you get from test is that you won't lose much muscle on deficit.
>steroids won't help you with cutting

Do you guys have peas for brains? This isn't cutting, he put a fuckton of mass.

>steroids won't help you with cutting
get the fuck out

> Steroids won't help you with cutting

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My biggest fear is losing all my leg thiccness after i cut hard, my legs are my best feature and dont want to lose that, then ill have literally nothing going for me

This is what a real 3 month cut cycle looks like bros. Cardio twice a day, 5x a week. Strength training once a day 5x a week. Ketosis reached after a week. No cheat meals.

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Bro, I swear I know you. Are you aussie

>this is what natties think
you fucking delusional faggots

i appreciated this comment

His shoulders didnt get wider. His waist got thinner.

Loll powerlifting fatass coping this hard because he looks better than you
>haha bro sure he has a good body but look at those chicken legs haha can he even squat 3pl8
Kys. You're the reason I hate powerlifting faggots who think having huge legs makes them superior to others

why would someone lie about being a roider?

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Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakn’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

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fat hammer to ass rammer
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This should be a anti test ad man. Eventhough he was a skinny fat cuck he looked way better in the first pic.

he couldn't get hard for that bang bros bus video, vitalyzed or some shit


Obviously look strong, but I really prefer ottermode to bear mode. You probably look pretty provincial with clothes on.

His delta look disproportionate the rest isn't all that impressive

it's not about lying about being on gear, it's about projecting your delusions into real world

test won't help you to burn fat in any way, it will even do the opposite because it will increase your apetite quite a bit where you will be still hungry as fuck after eating everything that would satiate you before.

It's funny because natties will say that transformation from left to right is "done on steroids" while the body on left was achieved with steroids and the transition from left to right is only a matter of cut. Dropping the fat is the hardest part and steroids won't help you. Like i said before, only thing that is effective for fat loss is also super toxic and might kill you.

Nice fuckin cuts bro

Google the effects of trenbolone you abysmal retard.

We're not projecting our insecurities and delusions, we're calling you out on being a retard. You claim steroids don't help with cutting while it is exactly what they do. They help you lose less muscle mass during a fat loss period and they help you burn fat faster.

There are different steroids for different results. You're delusional and you don't even lift. Faggot ass retard. Go back to crying how Lazar Angelov was natty on your /r/ fitness board.

>Google the effects of trenbolone
this faggot was asking about TESTOSTERONE and i was replying to him

Only 3 months ? Impossible, you fast then ?

want to know how i know you're stupid and don't know what you're talking about? :)