Veeky Forums meet Thailand 2019


Good evening, we are recruiting some more bros for the official Veeky Forums meeting which will take place in Thailand on the week of January 14th 2019. I don't have to tell you what Thailand is about, you can expect to go out every single night for lulz and prostitutes/non-prostitutes, memes, alcohol and whatnot

PS: good vibes only, no bullies allowed. If you're a Veeky Forums virgin and have had enough of this cruel world, well this is your chance buddy
PPS: the meeting is 9 months from now, so you have no excuses to show up as a complete dyel

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u're considering meeting in bangkok first and then going to whoretown
If fitautists actually have to use social skills to pick up girls, not just buy them with cash, that should happen at teh end of the week not before. I'm not speaking for myself but I bet there would be at least one lonely motherfucker who has just as much chance getting laid at home as he does trying to sling game at a youth hostel (aka 0 chance).

I'll only go if you are all good looking. I don't want to be seen around weird looking autists.

Much more preferable to go by yourself than bunch of fags ruining your holiday

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How much is flight again

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why did you post a video about Cambodia ?

Tourism board pls go.

can you imagine when intelligent life starts visiting us and starts trying to pick us up like south east asian girls haha

Some faggot banned me from the discord

what's your ID ?


ok you can come back

ty man

If I go to Thailand, it'll be to train at a Muay Thai gym for a couple of months, not to fuck trannys.

Why not do both.

What you're missing out on if you don't come

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Aren't online meetups like the number 1 scenario where people get raped? Not sure if I trust you faggots, might get slipped ruffies and end up with a cock up my arse (no homo)

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I mean, I could. But with you guys/girls? I dunno...

wow she tiny

will this trip involve lady bois?


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nice but is that pre or post genital operation?

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I dunno.. she'd probably still do anal but it's just not the same without a cock

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No fucking way these these are women(male)

The power of estrogen

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Protip for you autists: in pattaya @ 5 AM and after, the prostitutes that were left on the walking street will literally charge you from 200 baht and less (6.4$).
BUT those can be risky.

Also I slept with a prostitute for free, some just want to meet nice guys that dont abuse their overused asses.

If that girl had some piecings and goth clothing, I'd totally marry her

Can we go meet this man?

This here.
Also cute.

enjoy your aids faggots

Any Aussie bros keen? Tickets are cheap for us

We have at least three auscunts keen on going who are in the discord

He's like Bruce incarnate

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I shouldn’t tell this story caus it’s lame but I met a chick from Thailand on babblesex which is a weird Facebook for hornsters. Anyways she messages me first saying I’m different and she really wants to Skype with me lol. I do the Skyping and long story short I get this super sexy little Thailand chick that just masturbates on cam as I jerk off whenever I want. I was like 19 at the time and was really happy caus I know people pay money for that type of shit. I then got a gf irl and stopped Skyping Thailand chick. When I messaged her a year later she had a bf. He was a scrawny Asian dude but that’s all there is in Asian countries. Good times oh well it was fun while it lasted I guess

That video is well done gotta give it to ya

You'll be in Thailand. You'll be lucky to just be raped and not sold into slavery

>Not a ladyboy
Why even bother?

Okay yep, I'm going with you guys.

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>X Indian
Poo in Loos btfo.

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This is Veeky Forums not /k/ user.

I am going
The discord is awesome too
Extinct and plg user and the rest of the boys are top blokes

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Kay, im out.
Fucking homo freaks

>Fucking homo freaks
Where do you think you are user?

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actually could we get a group rate?

this, also what are you supposed to suck on if you 69? their gross wannabepussy? i don't think so, that's gay

Go die in a sauna with tranny dick in your mouth in some indochinese shithole like your idol zyzz.

This discussion is for the discord.

>Indochinese shithole
Do you even know where Thailand is without looking it up on a map? Whatever, never gonna make it faggot, get off my board.

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Im not the faggot going across the world just to suck on little asian ladyboy penis.
>corresponds to the present-day areas of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and (variably) peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

I'm actually going mostly to have bomb ass Thai seafood and curry, fucking around is just a bonus. Don't be mad at me because you hate fun.

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I am just autistic enough to try this


Is it worth going, what would we even do? How many people are expected?

We don't have a confirmed roster yet, but the discord's gaining people pretty rapidly. General rule of thumb with these things is expect maybe 30-50% of the group that confirms to actually show up.

As far as is Thailand worth it, completely discounting being a sex tourist, there's the incredible food. I'm more going for the food than ladyboys desu. Video related.

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What would the squad be doing for day to day stuff? I might take a few days to do stuff on my own although I am curious if you guys got events planned.

You are delusional, if 1% shows up that will already be incredibly surprising.

I'm not the one running this thing, ask Mass Effect in the discord.

I've been to meetups for other boards before, quit talking out your ass.

In the day you can do whatever the hell you want.
Heck you can do whatever you want at all times. But, we will have some scheduled stuff like ''Ok fags tonight we're going out to X'' but you could just stay in room because you're tired or whatever

Yeah I am sure 30 people will show up to meet a stranger off of Veeky Forums in fucking Thailand.
Holy kek dude

like for example, I really like aquariums, and there is no way I won't visit the Bangkok aquarium to see the whale shark, so in that case I might say ''hey I'm going to the aquarium if anyone wants to come'' on the discord

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>Yeah I am sure 30 people will show up to meet a stranger off of Veeky Forums in fucking Thailand.
Where did I say it'd be 30 people? Is there a reason you feel compelled to create some strawman?

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I'm good looking and I would watch your guys vlog.

they don't come meet ''me''
they come for that thai boipussy what do you think dumbass

Is it all full on DYEL autists in true Veeky Forums style, or are any confirmed chads saying they’ll be attending?

Like I said, I'm mostly going for the food. Boipussy's cool too though.

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im in hong kong right now

when is the meet happening?

I ll book a ticket right now

t. richfag

Meetup is in late January 2019 to give poorfags time to save.

> Veeky Forums meetup
> Thailand
> Gay
> Too many degenerate pranks could be played

Get my hype dude, even if nothing materializes there will be keks.

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/pol/ here, give us some more details

TFW I'm poo and genuinely mad about this. Fuck off

9 months is a long time, I hope people don't lose interest. Maybe start hyping people back up 3 months from it, and again 1 month.

who wants to get a hair transplant with me?

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Exactly. Feel like i'd get David Carradined or worse, a degenerate meme.

I'm a 5'5" manlet and I'm afraid I'd get bullied if I go.

Ask around in the Discord my dudes. I'm skeptical too which is why I'll be getting a hotel room to myself. But from what I've seen so far I'm not picking up any sketchy vibes.

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fuck off /pol/ you're not invited

Can't wait for the group photos LMAO.

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Back to /pol you fat piece of shit

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isn't it the church killer on the right ?

>Implying half of the Veeky Forumsizens going aren't also /pol/acks

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I mean... why Thailand?


Awesome night life, insanely good food... ladyboys. There's a reason Ausfags go there on holiday all the time.

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we'll just beat the shit out of them there if we find out though

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why making hair tranplant for so low grad alopecia???

>Implying I'm not a /pol/ack
>Implying I'm not going
You're welcome to try and beat me up user if you feel like making an ass of yourself.

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Oooooo internet tough guy.

That's the power of body dysmorphia my friend

Just bulking up, i'll cut in september and will be aesthetic as fuck

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Man I would rather bang hnnngh white women then these disgusting goblin looking Thai women. Though I ain't white and I have a white girl fetish.

How can any human let themselves reach such a state?

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Any bros interested in frotting inside a ladyboy's anus and making a creamy paste together? No homo.

what has science done?!


keep going...