Has Veeky Forums taken the neck pill?

Has Veeky Forums taken the neck pill?
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What the fuck is that, OP

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I don't know my man, I started getting bit of acne at the end of last year. 21 years old. Went on antibiotics like a fucking idiot due to a shitty doctor. Then after I decided to stop them my skin went fucking nuts.

Surely you wear a scarf when outdoors? What does it feel like?

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Goddammit I need to stop lurking this board while I eat dinner.

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No, I don't want to sweat into it. I don't really care about what people think. It isnt painful to the point where I'm suffering or anything, but it's just annoying to feel the pressure and slight acute pain.

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>a bit of acne

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Jesus Christ

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2 weeks ago, other side of the neck

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This was what it looked like in the beginning

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this aint right op

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I know that feel, OP.
Are you a Hispanic? Did you enter puberty early, and hard?

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Go to the /fast/ thread.

You should do a fast on snake juice for a week. That should clear out any skin problems you have.

Nope, had clear skin my whole life. Got fucked at 21 years of age

I have done fasts, I intermittent fast everyday.

how do i into the neck pill?

That sounds almost medical then, did you see a """doctor""" or a dermatologist?

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You need to fast for a longer period of time to get any noteworthy effect.

>Veeky Forumsizens recommend fasting to cure some diabolical second cousin of cystic acne

Why don't you just tell him to start bloodletting while you're at it. Y'know, get his humors back in balance.

OP, ignore these people and go find a better doctor immediately

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Yeah, I get them cut up at a dermatologist. Sometimes I just lance them with a craft knife in my bathroom. I have been to 4 doctors and then finally a dermatologist who put me on roaccutane. Which is frankly a fucking joke since its obviously an internal problem causing this. But Im desperate, so I have to take the risk.
Fuck I want a cigarette

There are no better doctors.
Been to 3 normal doctors, an infectious disease specialist and a dermatologist.
All tell you the same bullshit.

Do you know what happens when you fast?

It removes sugar from your bloodstream. Meaning any foreign fungus, bacteria or virus relying on sugar for food will die. Instead of creating byproducts that has to escape through OPs skin.
It alkalines your body. Which means that inflamation will go down. Zits and cysts are inflamed as fuck.
It gives all your organs rest to repair and clean themselves. Healthy organs don't create cysts and shit.

>It gives all your organs rest to repair and clean themselves
your body needs food to do that, retard

Do you have a peer-reviewed study to do that or are you just talking out of your ass?


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Acne isn't "toxins" , it's an autoimmune response. But yes, fasting is helpful. And I will do an extended fast. But I can't until I'm off roaccutane.

Jesus I'm gonna be fucking sick

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yeah it's called "your body needs nutrients to do those things and you can't get them without eating something" where's YOUR peer-reviewed study for that broscience?

>Do you have a peer-reviewed study to prove that your body needs food

holy fuck kill yourself. do you honestly believe you body can magically heal itself without consuming?

nigga there's a fuckin worm twig coming out of your neck that shit isnt natural


Yeah, how stupid I am. I mean, I am reading nobel prize winning peer-reviewed articles. Also, your body does consome something. It's called ketosis, in which your body turns fat cells into ketones, and autophagy, in which your body turns unhealthy cells into nutrition.

A dude just won the nobel prize for it.


Stop squeezing pimples dumbass. This is literally how to get them.


Shut the fuck up, that one burst on its own. If you dont drain cysts they will take months to clear

>bacteria or virus relying on sugar for food will die
>implying absolutely all nutrients miraculously disappear from the body while fasting

yeah, and your organs start converting happy thoughts into fuel

God you are retarded. What you just said is basically homeopathic medicine. I could expect to find it on a womyn's health blog.

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Fucking love that feel of that shit shooting out

study 1
>In rodents intermittent or periodic fasting protects against diabetes, cancers, heart disease and neurodegeneration
>in humans it helps reduce obesity, hypertension, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis

Literally no connection to OP's cystic acne.

study 2
>Effects on basal metabolism, maximal strength, body composition, inflammation, and cardiovascular risk factors in resistance-trained males

inflammation is literally the only overlap

See the problem with having sources is your sources have to actually have to have some faint relation to the bullshit you're spewing.

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Lucky fuck. I had one of those on my shoulder blade a week back and being the swole (fat) piece of shit I am I could not reach it unless I put my hand on my shoulder and tarantulaed my way towards it and in one quick motion, lanced it with my sharpened finger nail. Good God was that a mess but the relief was fantastic

Yeah and if you continue to pop them they'll take years to clear. Take it from a former acne sufferer, dickhead.

>decided to stop antibiotics
That's not something you do with antibiotics you mong. Now you have a super bug that will be harder to kill, good luck with that.

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I always get chills like I'm going to be killed in the wild when I pop shit like that.

Dude you are fucking disgusting

holy fuck dude go back to the doctor. no amount of lifting will make up for acne scars. or cyst scars or w/e the fuck that is.

Clean your house you retarded faggot

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It's your diet. Your gut Flora got decimated from the needs you took. Eat fermented foods

>yeah, and your organs start converting happy thoughts into fuel
you do know the purpose of stored body fat, don't you user?

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Fuck man improve your diet

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p-pop more OP... sh-show me more...

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That's a boil my dude.

dumbass. won't do shit unless it's 5 days or so.

i thought it was like fucking scar tissue, not pus. jesus fuck op.

do you wash your face with dirt op?

i thought it was a giant scar, then i realised it was fucking puss you dirty cunt nearly made me throw up

D: I'm blessed with only having a beer gut to worry about. pls stay strong user

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What does it smell like Op?

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Shave you ugly cunt.

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Stop drinking beer?

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>stopping antibiotics
thanks for making biotics more resistant to them you fucking fag. People like you are the reason people die. I'm not even kidding

user( ) is right, leave your pimples alone and let your body take care of them, you spread bacteria when you pop then you also get more inflamation and possible scarring.

I did, just trying to make a habit of cooking and eating right but the electric stove I'm stuck with takes all the joy out of it

Wow, you're a fucking idiot.
>Implying I didn't finish the prescribe course
>Implying I had a bacterial infection which caused the acne

Antibiotic resistant strains only really come about when you have a SPECIFIC bacterial infection that you fail to eradicate, which I didn't. Because I was tested for a bacterial infection.
They aren't pimples. They are cysts, there is a huge difference. My dermatologist has said that draining them is necessary. In any case, the pictures are usually ones that have spontaneously burst.

Youre a disgrace.

stop popping your pimples you mongoloid


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What the FUCK is this?

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Sometimes these gelatinous "clots" come out. The dermatologist says they're just blood clots, but I'm not convinced. Next time one comes out I'm going to take it to a pathologist.

see a dermatologist my dude
>inb4 cancer

I have a feeling that you're emotionally attached to whatever this is. Do you even want to fix it?

My stomach actually turned
what the fuck
I have seen some footage
what the fuck
I didn't know what that felt like, but now I do.

Complete and utter fucking moron. If there was no glucose in your blood you would die too. You clearly have no understanding of basic physiology or what the bacteria that cause acne actually survive on. A little hint, it's not glucose in your blood.

>Turns fat cells into ketones
Tell me why I know you don't understand what you're saying



do you know what a ketone is? I mean it's not hard you link peer reviewed noble prize winning articles but why not start with the basics like what is ketosis, what is a ketone, how do i kill myself to help end the plague of stupidity that is gripping the world.

you retards are all the same you read fucking complicated studies without any comprehension of basic science of the body

what type of fat cell are we talking about?

this has to be a fucking joke

got to a functional medicine doctor ASAP you absolute mong