Incline bench or chest flys for chest aesthetic? Alternate them? Incline flys?

Incline bench or chest flys for chest aesthetic? Alternate them? Incline flys?

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Incline. flys are garbage in general

Babell bench
>upper chest
Incline dumbbells
>lower chest
dips, leaning forward
crossovers or flies, but if you’re going to do flies, do them on the ground, not on a bench

The chest responds well to an "isolation sandwich", where you program compound/isolation/compound.

Something like:
Incline barbell bench 3x5-8
Cable chest fly 3x15-20
Incline dumbell bench/dips 3x10-12

I can't fucking activate my chest

>muh activation
do people really give a shit if they feel it or not? Just fucking progressive overload on bench and dips and your chest will grow

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or maybe he's benching wrong and putting the load on his shoulders.

>being an "aesthetic" obsessed faggot

guarantee your bench press is around 95 pounds you vain soy boy

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Yes I care that I don't feel it. My chest never feels sore afterwards. Only my triceps. How do I properly do a bench? I feel ridiculous

How fucked am I if I do nothing but flat bench for chest?

that's fine

If you don't care about aesthetics then not at all.
If you do then you're going to grow a droopy looking chest.

Literally my routine.

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Would it be a bad idea to do Sl until I hit something like 1/1.75/2.5/3.25 and then make my own program that includes incline bench for peak aesthetics?

Chad pressing 3pl8.gif

Make it slower by putting more grams of just the same images instead of a ducking two frame gif


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Almost, but all your really need for the upper chest is to do a (military) press


SL includes OHP which hits your upper chest nicely. When you decide you're done with SL pick a program that includes accessory lifts and alter them around what you think you need to work on for aesthetics.

As long as by "SL" you mean "SS" and by "make your own program" you actually mean "find novice/intermediate program to use after SS with at most minor modifications for individual circumstances", then it seems reasonable.

But you shouldn't have a "target" of when to finish - you should finish when you stall.

Thanks I appreciate it

>supports a program that has you do cross fit shit
This is why I can't trust you

If you don't feel it in your chest then you ain't using your chest m8


Incline is better than the press, but that's not saying a whole lot.

Flys are a waste of time

have you tried almonds?