Ancient Chads

Which group of ancient warrior does Veeky Forums think is the most chad?

I say it’s the Sparta

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>Civilization of pedos
>Constantly terrified of all Greece
>wasted away into nothing because they invested everything into war and nothing into education or infrastructure
>where irrelevant for most of Greek history
>society was ruled by women
>were all around dicks to the helots even by standards of the day
>Made tactical and political decisions because they hadn't evolved past cave man tier superstition

Pic related is the all time peak of chad human civilization

Forgot pic

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i was going to post roman legions but this guy beat me to it so i'm posting #2 on the historical chad scale instead

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Hey man, never claimed to be a historian

The Romans were great but they still had some homo stuff and a stifling social code.
The Germanic tribes were more free, less perverted, and had blond hair like the Chad meme.

Also, we know they were true Chads because Germanic women would literally die before sleeping with foreigners

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polynesian voyagers

>travelled weeks/months on by canoe sometimes without food so they had to literally stretch their stomachs to accomodate more food to last them weeks
>while alot of the world used "advanced" technology to track stars/sail polynesians would sing songs to remind them which stars to follow
>discovered most of the pacific (largest space of open water on the globe)
>were built as fuck
>had tribal and inter-island wars throughout history
>captain cook fucked with them so they ate his crew
>still practice cannibalism in some parts and still have tribal wars
>dominate contact sports in NZ/Australia

Pretty based tbqh

>brought armys to there kness
>destroyed 1/4 of Islamic caliphate
>ransacked china
>raped prussia
and did this all within 20 years if the tribes stayed together after Genghis khan they would have destroyed all of Europe with in 50 years

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>still practice cannibalism in some parts and still have tribal wars
>captain cook fucked with them so they ate his crew


They have god tier height/frame but you're pretty much out of the running for chaddest civ if you barely progress further than the stone age.

>Implying mongols didn't shit the bed as soon as they encountered a gentle slope


They did royally rape the fuck out of Baghdad and pretty much grind the middle east into the shithole it is today so props to them for that

Led by Genghis Khan and his sons and grandsons, the Mongols briefly ruled most of modern-day Russia, China, Korea, southeast Asia, Persia, India, the Middle East and eastern Europe. They reshaped world geography, culture and history in ways that still resound today.
the only think that stop was when they got greedy and spilt right after Genghis khan died.

>modern-day Russia
Dipped briefly into Russian-Eurasia but got BTFO when they encountered a slight incline
>China, Korea, southeast Asia, the Middle East
Nobody can deny these ones
>Persia, India
Nah, this was during the khublar khan era and even then they were considered by the state as a highly efficient raid
>Eastern Europe
This happened once during the first crusade in the middle of nowhere to an obscure city

>sted away into nothing because they invested everything into war and nothing into education or infrastructure
>>where irrelevant for most of Greek history
>>society was ruled by women
>>were all around dicks to the helots even by standards of the day
>>Made tactical and political decisions because they hadn't evolved past cave man tier superstition

Germanic tribes were literally the muslim refugees of the ancient world, except fought better.

Also the whole enterprise started falling apart the instant Genghis died and they remain irrelevant today as they where before

well yeah I guess if you still wanna get nitpicky because in some parts of papua new ginuea they still practice cannibalism but i guess you're right because that'd technicially be micronesia but meh same thing in most peoples minds.

Also they did eat cook's crew in niue.

Yeah well being >chad is a subjective reference. If you meant "perfect" race then yeah that doesn't exist. in short all the races that made it out of the stoneage are now soyboys the races that didn't are cavemen. So pick one xD

>wasted away into nothing because they invested everything into war and nothing into education or infrastructure

But Germany is one of the most powerful countries on earth and Sparta hasn't existed for thousands of years

>>where irrelevant for most of Greek history
of course they where, why wouldn't they be?
>>>society was ruled by women
>>were all around dicks to the helots even by standards of the day
Shit nigga what the fuck are you talking about
>>Made tactical and political decisions because they hadn't evolved past cave man tier superstition
This is semi true for the Gallic wars, they still had incredibly competent people. A few hundred years later they took what they learned from the Romans and destroyed them

>stifling social code

Oppressive social order is extremely Chad. Only profligate, soy-chugging university students want to be "more free" in the modern sense.

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>gets BTFO by Thebes
psh.. nothin personal

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Curonians don't get much love, but they were the bane of the Vikings in the Eastern Baltic. Very Chadly.

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Of course, the Vikings themselves were undeniably ruthless.

Actually pederasty resulted in getting rekt. They were, however, terrified of a slave uprising as they were vastly outnumbered by their slaves. Also, women held pretty much all the dosh

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The Anglo-Saxons were also incredible. Proud to have ancestors from all three groups.

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Oh shit forgot the picture.

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>Actually pederasty resulted in getting rekt
Who getting rekt? The young boy getting his asshole rekt?

Clearly, Muhammad and the Rashidun are the chadliest chads of all time.

>Be born into a town full of jews who bathe and make money
>This offends the hadji
>Kills them all in a cowardly way, starts conquering nearby cities while claiming God talked to you when you really just practice some dumb Christian heresy
>Kill the various other people purporting various nonsense heresies (like Musaylima)
>Include pedo rape and misogyny in your religion
>Look so good that people refuse to make portraits of you out of fear they won't come close
>Die, leaving behind oppressive empire that obliterates the vibrant cultures of the Near East and plunges the world into a dark age of zealotry and terrorism

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>bows to a space rock 5 times a day
You wanna shine my shoes while you're down there you fucking dish rag

the ultimate chad of all time

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>The very first tribe/colony showing mostly the major homosapien traits, wherever that happened
>God help us it was probably Africa
>Best and luckiest of the homos
>Balkanised the entire world
>Murdered or raped the gene pools of all similar species to extinction
>Evolved to be more effective at everything
>Overwhelming urge to fight, not just kill animals
>Have been murdering each-other to test strength for 200,000 years
>Open state of large-scale, organised warfare with themselves for over 10,000 years just for lols
>Proceeded to rape and murder the entire planet
>Now has the capacity to travel off the planet and back
>Combined military capability to wipe out civilisations in hours or destroy entire planets
>Have fed themselves too much soy and are falling into degeneracy
>May yet someday reach enlightenment

Some sort of god-tier NEET-CHAD hybrid

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Converted based Rome to slave morals


Captain Cook as based af. I’m related down the line from him. He fucked tons of Polynesian women. He spread his almighty seed throughout the pacific

Rome was founded on slave morals m8

>Rome was founded on slave morals m8
What the fuck are you even talking about bruh

>middle class revolts were common due to the sheer labour displacement of freemen due to the amount of slaves in the italian peninsula
>explicit hierarchy where insitutional military/administrative power consistently repressed the peoples of the italian peninsula
>the provinces were consistently taxed into perpetual poverty
>the most priveleged populace that were known as "romans" were essentially given welfare and bloodsport entertainment to keep them ignorant of their exploitation (bred, circuses)
>the entire populace of romans was only represented by a single individual (the tribune of the plebs) who was often bought out by other administrative officials, making his position relatively useless
>post caesar, hereditary succession of the throne and court positions was widespread, creating hierarchy within the dictatorships around bloodline and family lineage
ah yes, bowing down to a god rather than the monarchs of rome completely ruined the morals of the empire, frig off gibbon

Sorry but any Germanic tribe is going to be more Chad than Roman manlets. Germanics were so much taller than Germans that they were referred to as giants, and in the first encounter that a Roman Legion had with a Germanic tribe they got crushed

The Mongols

Literally just pillaged and raped half the world
Lived on milk

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That's not what OP means by slave morals, user

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This is drivel.

And then the Romans curb stomped them for centuries until they let the disgusting g*rm refugees in as they fled the Huns and the romans were rewarded for their generosity with betrayal from the snow niggers
>There's definitely a theme of german niggers consistently destroying europe

>The retard that inspired the council of the four, which helps the jews destroy the western civilization

user you are not 14, stop pretending Nietzsche is not a fucking faggot.

>Blocks your path

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>>Look so good that people refuse to make portraits of you out of fear they won't come close
Muhammad forbade all art to be made be of him because poets and artists mocked him

Fuck them they threw the largest library on the planet at that time into the river and burned everything else
What a fuckin blow to humanity

>Neanderthals where smarter, stronger than humans but died due to being outbred by gibs rock homo sapiens

Humans were a mistake

Oh shit we got an edgy Nietzche guy!

Ultimate Chads

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>Ancient warrior

>Is that a little Bitch I hear?

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>no diogenes
Legit the most alpha fucker to ever live
>tells alexander to get the fuck out of his sun
>absolutely rekts socrates
>richfag throws bones at him and calls him a dog. Diogenes proceeds to lift his leg and piss on richfag

Samurai for me, all other Chad tier ITT are savages or homos

he rekt Plato, not Socrates

Samurai were big on pederasty m8. Even Oda, the most based of the shogun, had a fuccboi

>Spartans are chad
>a society with low birthrate because infanticide and feminism
>wastes all of its resources because women have money and property
>never forges an empire because of the above
Spartans were basically pussy-whipped gymrats. Buff, good at war, but they let their women out of the kitchen so their society fell apart.

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I stand corrected
>plato defines a man as a featherless, biped
>Diogenes rocks up to the academy with a plucked chicken, holds it aloft and yells "behold a man"


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Chad as fuck

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literal homosexual

Socrates tutored plato who tutored Aristotle, who tutored Alexander

Diogenes isn't included because he wasn't part of that line

Samurai followed bushido, which was man love. Not child love

Fuck! I guess it has to be vikings, they werent gay... Right?

slaughtering men who took an oath of non-violence because you're greedy snowniggers is gay imo famalamadingdong
t. anglo-saxon

Spartans would literally let more "alpha" warriors fuck their wives so they could have better kids.

holy shit dude what the fuck was wrong with Sparta

Alexander the Chad was the king of chads

Is he the fucker who died laughing at his own joke?
What a way to go

>oath of non-violence
>practices the way of a thousand fists
Monks are total warmongers bruh

Sparta actually wasn't that much of a warrior culture before Thermopylae, they actually didn't want to stay and fight. But then stories of heroism spread like Chinese whispers and next thing you know you hear that 300 of them alone held off an entire army and threw deformed babies off cliffs and shit. The Spartans were smart because they harnessed these fables and kept spreading them, scaring the shit out of their enemies. Only then did they begin to emphasise the warrior culture we think of today, and it was not nearly as extreme as 300 would have us believe

>diogenes tells him to get out of his fucking sun
>he does

and then they became muslims. Have you ever heard of a conquerer adopting the religion and customs of the conquered? Such is the glory if islam and peace to the prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalem.

where the fuck does Conan come in the story?

You are completely wrong. Nothing you have said has any base in truth.
>Civilization of pedos
Most aryan of all of greece
>Constantly terrified of all Greece
Because they were the best warriors ever
>wasted away into nothing because they invested everything into war and nothing into education or infrastructure
they refused to compromise their laws and race for more children
>where irrelevant for most of Greek history
Were the pivotal city state for the entire classic period
>society was ruled by women
women had their own duties, but all leaders were men (both kings, and the gerousia)
>were all around dicks to the helots even by standards of the day
helots were the niggers of the day
>Made tactical and political decisions because they hadn't evolved past cave man tier superstition
they were culturally the most advanced, their songs and dances were renowned through the ancient world.

read "sparta and its law" by eduardo velasco

>Romeboo is an absolute retard
nothing is new

I don't understand how anyone could follow Islam after understanding it's ludicrous origin

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>do exactly as the one testicle homeless failed artist tells you
>lose war to "inferior" race and spend the rest of your life pretending you never participated
Chaddest chads ever to have chaded

>I'm just going to zoom in and admire this fine piece of art

>I get my history lessons from hollywood movies

we are not talking about the same monks here bruh

>society was ruled by women
>women had their own duties, but all leaders were men (both kings and the gerousia)
yeah user was wrong on that point, but Sparta was the only major Greek city which allowed women to own property etc.
It doesn't really matter that their leaders were male, since women owned property they actually exerted a significant political power on the city and the birthrate of the Spartiates themselves was very low.
>culturally the most advanced
they were regarded as hicks by other Greeks in terms of culture.

That user was wrong about a lot of shit, but so are you. Sparta could have forged an actual empire if they weren't so feminist, because at the end of the day their problem was that they just didn't have enough actual Spartans.

t. guy who wrote a paper on this subject

>show has female warriors in it
yeah no mate

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>literally mogged by "subhumans"
>left with beta soygenes after half a century of getting BTFO

They Reshaped it for the worse you fucking retard, they destroyed massive libraries, depopulated entire areas of the world and destroyed thriving cultures, and didn't contribute anything to the world in return, if I could remove one nation from history it would 100% be the mongols.

>Calling one of the most important of latter-day Western philosophers a faggot and retard.
Never gonna make it. Not in a mean way, you should read him if you haven't.

defintely hermann göring
>commander of air force
>one lady invited to tea found him wearing an ancient roman toga and jewel-studded sandals
>one of the few Nazi leaders who did not take offense at hearing jokes about himself, "no matter how rude"
>hostest the chadest parties accross europe, all royalty was invited and brought him gifts of cigars, gold bars and jewelry
>designed his own uniforms

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Regardless of your political opinions, take a look at Hitler's art. It's pretty good, certainly good enough to not be denied by an art school, imo.

kek at the filename

Romans, hands down.

Some life lessons I learned from reading about them:
>One of the main reasons the Roman Empire endured for as long as it did was because of their of irrational desire to keep fighting.
>Enemy forces could decimate them in battle.
>Normally in that era that would mean the end of a campign.
>Not the Romans. They would come right back over and over again to the enemies surprise.

Perfect example are the battles with Hannibal Barca. He was superior to the Romans in every way and still lost. Check out the Battle of Cannae as an example.

how does those make one a chad?

>fat fucker

Not really ancient but Cortez and his conquistadors are up there.

I think expressionism was all the rage when he applied for that school and what he was doing was basically realism, almost architectural blue print style. Which might be why "degenerate art" was persecuted so heavily in nazi germany.

>Have fed themselves too much soy and are falling into degeneracy

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Fuck, I´ve read too many chinese novels.
Most of that shit is actually pretty common. Fucking reincarnation, rape and mass murder all around.

>proud to have ancestors from all 3 groups


no he suicide, still pretty based