Please redpill me on vitamins. What do you guys take as daily multivitamins that wont kill me. What else should I include? I've been taking fish oil and vitamin d and have seriously felt great effects. Thanks.

I read that the new optimens are smaller sized.

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i take optimen as it had most vitamins/minerals i searched for in one package. only missing coq10

don't really need a multivitamin.
d3, fish oil are the most important ones. Maybe try a zinc/magnesium supplement.

multivitamin with d3 and fish oil

mens no name multivitamin. Like a year supply is $15 or something at walmart.
That and omega-3s

Only helpful if your diet is shit. Just eat veggies and fruit.

Don't listen to these ppl. Vitamins are very important. No one really gets the right amount of vitamins.

Especially us with our autistic bulk cut diets.

Take a multivitamin and I've had good luck with zma.

I take D3, a vitamin B complex and a zinc/magnesium supplement.

D3 keeps the crippling depression at bay, the B prevents angular chilitus and the zinc/mag helps with test now that I’m eating a shitload more eggs

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Daily, I take:

>a multi (Irwin's Naturals Living Green Liquid-Gel, just started them; was New Chapter Every Man's One Daily Multi)
> 8000 IU of vitamin D because I live in a shithole with no sun for 75% of the year
> 2g fish oil
> a B complex (NOW Vitamin B-50)
> 2g of Ashwagandha (just started this after the good thread here on it last week; have taken it previously; ORGANIC INDIA brand)

I just pop them whenever convenient, all at once. The multi is just overall micronutrient assistance. The D is so I don't get so depressed I don't slit my wrists. The fish oil is for joints and stuff. The B is to help me top up my Bs so I have a bit more energy. The Ashwagandha is an experiment right now, but should help with focus, calm, and overall mood.

I've tested each of these separately in the past. They all work for me as I said above. The vit D made a HUGE difference in mood, even though I still hate my life sometimes; I reduced the problem from "mental+emotional+lacking nutrient" to just "mental+emotional", which helped noticeably.

Oh, and I've taken ZMA up until recently. Makes me wake up EVERY SINGLE MORNING with a rock hard boner. Didn't really notice many other effects, good or bad. Maybe a bit more energy.

would taking a potassium supplement help with muscle recovery?

>not supplementing with ultra trace elements

It's almost like you don't wanna make it.

I add this stuff to my water and my oats sometimes.

What is the difference between vitamin d2 and d3? Should I take both of them?

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what is the link between eggs and test?

What's a good multivitamin lads?

Cholesterol is a a building block of test

I like optimen desu