MAGA brothers

MAGA brothers

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If you compare two people of identical levels of excellence in every aspect of life, you’ll want to be the white one over the Chinese one. MAGA

Haha me and my partner and her boyfriend love John Oliver too :)


Why do rednecks adopt the flag of the losers?

MAGA man

Nice edge! Now off to bed

How is it edgy to repeat the slogan of the current POTUS?

That's not the flag of the confederate states. That was a battle flag of some regiment from I think Texas, and it's about being a rebel, not about slavery

Dude, what did you do to make America greater today?

He wasn’t even white

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Slave states best states

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You lost, get over it.

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Who’s the President right now?


Referencing the confederate flag you faggot.

kys trump poster. if you're gonna pick an idol to worship at least pick someone that isn't a fat pasty balding piece of shit

You're a fucking idiot if you don't realize this is some libshit larping

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>not fit related

Why does showing support for Trump make you think “libshit larping”?

itt americans are retarded

Dude, if you think about it the Confederate States was responsible for importing millions of niggers we'll have to deal with forever.

Fuck them

>I pick leaders based on physical appearance

It's a shame you have the legal right to vote and breed. You deserve neither.

Because the idea of supporting Trump is entirely unbelievably stupid and comes across as a joke or a troll


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says the white supremacist who gets nervous around dark-skinned people

>dark skin

Whites are, in fact, the supreme race though.

I am a dark skinned person.

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>fattest states

But this is Veeky Forums

twink detected

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>fattest states
>blackest states

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>>I pick leaders based on physical appearance

if the moron can't even take care of his own body (a temple) he shouldn't be allowed to take control of a nation. and look at what a fucking LAUGHING STOCK he's turned america into. almost as big as a laughing stock as you you cock sucking faggot, OP

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Hooboy, if only people not scared of blacks could point out that they ruin everything, everything would get ruined.

That's such a fucking cringe way of thinking, you sound like one of the refugees from /r/fatpeoplehate

I seriously hope you aren't autistic enough to talk like this in real life.

Anyway, for the first time in my life I'm kind of proud to be American, if faggot countries hate us - good.

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Not one president has ever been ripped


America is Chinese property

Fuck off fat /pol/ warrioir

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Nice argument, stupid Mexican.

Fuck you bitch.

Literally all western commies are hideous genetic dead ends. You and your kind are less welcom here than /pol/

die slow bitch

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You’re cherry picking. Dipshit.

I have never once seen a normal looking person that is an unironic communist.

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post body then

prove you're not as ugly as literally EVERY other internet commie

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You posted a pic of a normal looking old guy. Idk what your point is.

That's Pinochet lol, he killed commies

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Not fitness Related

It was the battle flag of the army of northern virginia

Prove it.

Conflicting accounts from wikipedia, but according to that, it is simultaneously the adopted modern version of the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, the original battle flag of the Army of Tennessee, and the consolidated flag of the Confederate Army post-1864.


Do it again, Uncle Billy!

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This board is so fucking trash man.
>This thread will probably get purged in the next 15-20 minutes because it isn't related to Veeky Forumsness at all
>Millions of fucking tfw no gf threads or tinder threads that not only stay up but reach post limit

nigger Trump isn't a Southerner. Despite fighting against slavery, the Union was racist too

Because they came to fucking fit to bait with a confederate flag. I'm a Trump voting deep southern Dixie boy, and I still wouldn't have started a retard circle jerk thread on fit. I'm too busy explaining why your waifu a fucking shit.

The Confederacy has nothing to do with Trump.

Burn the treasonous cowards

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You’re an embarrassing fucking idiot.