Read all of:
before even thinking about asking your absolutely retarded questions. Also, include:
>time spent lifting

Even as internet doctors we can't tell you how to dose your AI.

Oral only cycles are stupid and you're stupid for considering them.


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Motherfucker i had almost made one , but you had a better pic.

To the other old m8

No get the full panel - dont just get E2 alone, because if your E2 is fine (it probably wont be) there may be something heaps off. You always want a full panel unless you've had one recently, hopefully you got a full panel pre cycle.

I am in another country. But fuck, i didnt know they were just as expensive there!

Steroids are for manlet faggots

roiding for this


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Crusader Tier but even worse.

Wasnt sure that was possible, but seems to have the mental issues too.

Roiding for Validation edition

Then I'll get the full panel, thanks for your help.

They are a bit pricey, but I wouldn't have started using if I didn't have more than enough money for doing this.

Good, love your honesty and ownership of it.

Bloods are pricey here too, but last time it picked up on something else that i needed to look at and fix too, so the full panels are defs worth it, especially if you dont want problems further down the track.

>love your honesty and ownership of it.
I'm new and I know it, so I'm going to be humble and learn what I can

I definitely want to manage this as best I can for the long term, I'm only 29, still have a lot of time ahead of me

I miss her /fraud/
Whenever she appears in my dreams I wake up feeling like a corpse. I feel empty as fuck. Why do you only fall in love with foreign qts?

Guys I fucked up... was so horny on my first cycle I fucked this kinda crack whore raw and I half busted in her, am I fucked? Messaged her about getting the morning after pill but not sure if I believe her, fuck steroids

Steroids dont change your personality you degenerate, learn to control yourself, you fucking monkey.

>old fuck buddy came over today from out of state to fuck all day
>been on test for 10 weeks
>take my clothes off in front of her finally
>she goes "holy fuck, where the hell did all that come from"
>she's literally soaking through my bed
>pound her to heaven and back
>take a break to make pancakes, she can't stop touching my ass and arms
>get back to it, literally pound her into submission, had to take it easy toward the end because 4 orgasms fucked her up
>look at myself in the mirror
>look like a fucking gorilla compared to how i used to
>texts me once she's back home and says "that sex was unreal"

i love you all thank you so much. test fucks are best fucks

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post bod


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where can I subscribe to ur blog?
Fuckkkking faggot

>I might hit the club on a chica's tail, uh
>Made for me say fuck it kick some shots back and hammer the nailer
>These bitches tryna get atached with the failer
>And latch him to the tail of my bumper
>To scratch them with the back of my trailer like I'm itchin' to get hitched
>Yeah I'm rich as a bitch but bitches ain't shit
>I'd rather leave a bitch in a ditch

i love you all thank you so much. test fucks are best fucks

Phuket and Chiang Mai... good places to buy some test?

How strong were you when you first started juicing?

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naw, dyel my /fraud/ standards

kys yourselve

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yoloing my 1st cycle after i finish my cut
500mg test e/800mg primo/ 350mg tren a week for 16 weeks what am i in for lads?

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Will one of these test clinic just give me some if I pay the 200 per month


We're all gonna make it brah

Where to order Clomid online in Canada?

>no source talk

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Does AAS use disqualify me from being an organ donor?

Starting to consider running a test only cycle, currently have low test at 380 ng/dl and I'm having difficulty bulking and erectile problems as well as general shitty mood.

Would like to run one 8-10 week cycle of 500mg/week Test E, depending on how I feel I might go for a second cycle in the future.
I'd like to be able to stop if necessary but I'm worried about HPTA shutdown/suppression, does test production generally come back to normal with adequate PCT? I know this is a dumb beginner question but I've gotten so many competing answers that I don't know which one to trust anymore.

I don't really want to be stuck pinning forever.

It's as worse as over here

>look like a fucking gorilla compared to how i used to
Then what i do look like to you? A titan? God?

no pics = dyel. Don't brag about your dyel body if you have nothing to show for

Maybe if you blast and cruise for 20 years and then still there was a study where a guy got his test levels back after using for 10 years non stop

>In class
>Talking with the 3 friends I've made
>They all know I'm the biggest weeb in the class and know about my dakis
>Talking about tinder and girls
>"So Crusader, let's see your tinder."
>>"I don't have one."
>"Oh, you have a girlfriend?"
>>"I don't have a girlfriend."
>"So, where do you find girls then?"
>>"In my closet. They're about four and half feet tall. 90% cotton, 10% polyester."
>Everyone has a good chuckle
>>"No but seriously, you're a handsome dude. Where do you get girls?"
>"I...I don't. I'm not really interested in girls and sex."

Then they all freaked out a little and are now trying to wingman me to find a girl.

I'm prettier.

Ditch 3D you fag.

Clomid isn't source talk you dumb nigger

How's your gf masT? Any new pics?

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I think it's time for you that you get your own gf

Yeah tried that. Was good for a bit but nah. It's a lot of work for little pay off.

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A lot of work? Like you have to hold hands and sing her lullaby

Or do you mean compensating for your little dick. What is holding you back, seems like you got something to hide here

>Round parentals yesterday
>Dad offers me a drink, yeahwhynot.jpeg
>Offers me another
>"no thanks Dad, i'm ok"
>"Why not user, just another smaller one
>Dad knows im blasting, why do this father REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Liver is suffering boyos, Accutane and winny, i'd have no appetite if it wasnt for MK677

Having to give them things I don't want to give them. Like attention. 2D girls only want attention when I want to give them attention. Plus what happens when I want a different type of girl for a bit? That's just lots of human emotion I don't want to care about.

fucking trip

Is accutane sketchy to take on roids? I took it back in the day but am thinking about cycling so inevitably will need it again

Depends how hard you hammer your liver really.
I've always had bad acne and it flares if I PCT or drop to a cruise dose.
I mean its healthier not to take accutane but if most people can't stand their body looking like a pizza.

I dose 40-60 which is quite high, a lot of people do well on 20 for PCT acne or less 5-10mg eod or E3D to keep it at bay in general.

Keep an eye on oral AAS use and drink plenty of water, TUDCA can be added if you start to feel real rank

>Having to give them things I don't want to give them
>*i can't give them
an orgasm?

>Plus what happens when I want a different type of girl for a bit?
you just leave her?

Why are you overthinking to so much. It's not that you have to decide to keep your right or left hand when one of them have to be amputated. Jesus fucking christ, i can't imagine how you function in real life when basal things like things twinkles your little cuck feelings like a weak little girl

>2 months
>gained 30 lbs

uh lads am I bulking too hard? most of it is dbol water but still

Alright masT, what you running now?
Test, Mast and anadrol?

Started sleeping again?

Cheers for the info!

test, mast and dbol.

Anadrol was too harsh i had to quit it again. Sleeping is a lot better

Some say not to take Clomid after a 500TestE/14week cycle. Why? Can I get away with just arimidex during cycle and Nolva for pct, or will I need something like HCG leading 4weeks up until the Nolva only PCT? They say Clomid causes more symptoms than actual recovery?

nolva+clomid is too much imo for just test 14w

What do you recommend then?

Just nolva is fine, if you have the money HCG will speed up recovery but it really isn't necessary.

>guy claims that being natural keeps you young and fit
>claims that becasue he's natural he's fitter than any body builder
>gets out of breadth after 15 minutes of cardo
>does 15 mins of steady state cardio 3 days a week
>claims he could run a marathon becasue he's so healthy for staying natural

why are natties so delusional?

they spend a decade of fully dedicated lifting and dieting getting to the point of less than a year of bro lifting and steroids, why?


>Nah, stay natty brah
I just ignore people who speak in memes at this point. my life has improved significantly

>Is accutane sketchy to take
yes, destroys your joints

the true red pill is to go through it multiple times and then claim going vegan is what fixed your acne whilst roiding to the gills the whole time

If you're not near your natty potential AKA dyel. Will you keep gains after cycle. People say you lose all your gainz after cycle.

Not previous user, it all depends.
You should lose some, most people who lose all didn't PCT properly or have what it takes anyway, usually having a poor routine, diet and schedule.
If you follow the guidelines and keep the work ethic up after you should be fine.

Bare in mind you will see a large decrease in glycogen, this is to be expected

Experiences with SARMs? Been sick for some weeks now and wanna try some when I get back
Thinking about either LGD4033 alone or stacking with MK2866

SARMS led me to gear.
LGD was good but taking a meaningful dose over a length of time will lead to suppression.
Anyone advocating short times periods or small doses is an idiot.

Either compliment with a test base or get ready for some extreme lethargy and loss of libido.
You will need actual PCT, OTC stuff won't help

How do I start? I'm in Japan so it seems harder

Do you recommend it? Did it have any effect?
Teach me

you are a fucking degenerate and every slut who associates with you is one aswell.With that mentality you will never make a good healthy stable family, you place no morals on girls and you will never be satisfied by them in return. Having a girlfriend just for bragging rights and to pass the time is a waste of time.Have fun when your future wife ends up admitting to getting fucked by over 30 dudes of your type, thats your social circles you cant score any higher.

Ye I suppose so.
It wasn't a bad experience, in fact i would say it was pretty positive.
From my perspective now I would say gear is far better value for money and has far better effects in terms of gains but everyone starts somewhere.

The effect was a couple lbs of LBM gain, some water retention nothing too extreme.
I was very lethargic by the end.
Its been a couple years since i ran it but at first I was running 10mg ED, then ended up doubling it after a few weeks.
I ran it for about 10-12 weeks IIRC.

If I was to do it all again I would probably run something a little milder like Ostarine first and then make a commitment to gear after that.
LGD makes a better accessory to test than ran as a solo drug imho.

Largely if you decide to take it then its unlikely you will cause any long term damage.

Also don't necessarily go for the cheapest brand, go for one that has good reviews and maybe some reddit posts or something.
These are after all research drugs so a good quality brand is a solid idea just incase

I see, thank you very much dude

lmao, looks who got cucked by his woman

So? i don't care if she does. You think she's not replaceable. Let her have it


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No cucking involved, if you truly value yourself you dont let yourself go down that road.I take pride in my hard work, be it in the gym, my studies, or my job and i would never give the satisfaction of downgrading myself to some weekly hook up whore.With your mindset you will never have a meaningful relationship, no , thinking your partener is disposable while you're still together is really fucked up.I would pick my fiance over 20 drunk tinder sluts any day of the week/month/year.

Even if things dont end up working down the road,i can stand tall and say proudly i invested this time of my life with a respectable person who brought my joy and love.I did not waste my time nor did i lower my standards to be with a whore just cause. Having 1 month affairs brings more drama and bs to the life; not worth

Brah you take life too srsly


Thats what separates boys from men. Not taking any responsibilty or not admitting mistakes, by investing time in a relationship that didnt go as planned. Read it again and learn your lesson why many people of Veeky Forums wont ever having a healthy relationship that makes you stronger.

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easy there dude. Why take everything so gravely?

not so legendary english, forgive me friends

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i'm doing nolvadex 40/40/20/20/20/20
and clomid 50/50/25/25
after coming off a 24 week test e cycle

is this enough?

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If you're doing 24 weeks you might as well just commit to BnC brah

I'm saving that for my next one ;)

>blasting and cruising
>not blasting and blasting

do you guys even wanna make it?

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Switch to 100/100/50/50 on the clomid, son

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>just leave her?
Then what happens when I switch again and want her back? That's time invested which I cannot get back.

>things twinkles your little cuck feelings like a weak little girl
My feelings are the only feelings that matter.

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according to reddit i am blasting and blasting because 250mg test/week is a SOLID BLAST

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100 clomid is totally unneeded. Unless used maybe for the first couple of days

Go back to r/steroids senpai

but i've never been there before?
>I'm on clomid atm

This is a great new copypasta

or this is already one

Typically that beta mentality

Life is a risk carnal

You think people that achieved shit in their life never took any risk to achieve what they currently have. You will always stay the pussy that you are, because you're not willing to take any risks

>butt if this, but if that

It's better to regret what you have done than what you haven't.

What is the point of doing everything in your pathetic life if you will die anyway and be forgotten. Like you never even existed

I'm not unwilling to take risks but jumping from a building is also a risk, it's just dumb and doesn't serve a purpose except to harm you.

It's easier to use and abuse 2D because it's less stress and more satisfaction.

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That's a fucking dumb analogy, because you already knows what is going to happen in that case

You're just ASSUMING/SPECULATING. How can you precisely predict what is going to happen

Can you look into the future?Are you a wizard?

I know that dumping a girl on a temporary whim to be with another girl is going to cause emotional upset and drama. Then I know I will get bored of the 2nd girl and want the 1st girl back and then the cycle continues.

Didn't you get dumped the last time? And weren't you spying on her with binocular from a bush while she was partying with her friends.

How can you already predict you are the one who's going to dump her, especially what happend the last time you should know better.

Ever thought of the possibility to have a relationship with an animal? They can't talk and don't show much emotions at all.

I don't have the same perspective of dating and girls I used to. If I were unhappy or wanted something different, I would leave. However the drama to do so is not worth the sex or companionship in my opinion along with the issue of having to give her things I don't want to.

I have a fetish for cat girls already.

Attached: HnpsAK6.jpg (585x582, 92K)

>is not worth the sex
Damn your sex life must been boring af with your prev girl

I can't imagine not having sex for 1 week, let alone as long as you right now. Especially during blasts

You sound much like a virgin. Are you virgin?

any dietfags here? could you estimate a GI value of food just by looking at nutrition data?
like, if the food doesn't have any added sugar, or a low amount of carbs in general, or lots of fibres, it can be assumed to have a low glycemic index?

I'm looking to develop a piece of software which does this

You're mentally still a kid, you cant comprehend what is being told to you. Nice adult attitude dude

>hehe so funny, copypasta ye ye xd xd

I mean you already went through the effort of reading it, why cant you give an appropriate answer? Maybe because you cant find a reasonable explanation to your first statement, and you hate to admit that you are in the wrong (child mindset).

I couldnt care less about you changing your ways, but you going out of your way to promote this degenerate shit as normal and provoke others to join that disgusting lifestyle is pathetic.If you have no other aspirations in life than injecting chinese oil in your ass and shitposting daily then i dont know what else to say, it speaks for itself.The pump and dump mindset is miserable.You will never get to experience true human emotions and affection.This shit works only in your early years, when you get older and the younger generation replaces you, you will end up as a nobody, a loner, a miserable old man you see in the bus stop ; get checked.

>hehe copypasta pt.2 so funny

Don't misunderstand me, I like sex and have my own fantasies. It's just simply jerking off to doujins fulfil fantasies much easier. Maybe later down the road I'll look for a girl but for now I am content. I lost my virginity at 16.

>>gets out of breadth after 15 minutes of cardo
Haha y-yeah, what a loser. Right guys? Haha.

Up the AI

No you would need to look at a deeper level than just 'carbs' 'proteins' and 'fats'. Like what are the carbs made of, how are they broken down etc. Like starch, glucose, sucrose, fructose. Same goes for proteins what amino acids are they mainly made from.

in my country they also list the actual ingredients in order of quantity used in the product. so if I were to determine the GI of some bread I would know the amount of carbs and a rough estimate of the wheat ratio in the bread along with other ingredients, and with the knowledge that I'm analyzing bread I would know these carbs come from the wheat its starch, etc. I think it would be possible to make it work half decently but yeah it doesn't seem easy or feasible at all.

No, the fact i said that was a copypasta because i could not believe someone was really able to be like that. But apparently someone is really pathetic like you, kek

You can say whatever you want to say, but the only things that really matter in life are muscles, money and looks. Those are the 3 key elements in life you need to achieve everything you want. The fact you say this is untrue is because you discovered that with your cuck genetics you were not able to achieve one of those. Funny enough is this just your way to cope with this fact.

I only care about myself and how i can achieve the perfect form of myself, no matter the cost. Unlike cucksader i am just doing whatever to takes instead of constantly asking my self what if.

Apparently not good enough to willing the risk. With other words; your sex life was always shit

and at what age were you circumcised?

Yeah it would definitely be possible if you just get the GI index of a lot of constituents of our food and then calculate how much % of every constituent is in everyday food and combine the GI indexes and spread using a formula. But it would take a lot of work to do that and it would be very specific for the product you calculated it for and have to be done seperately for different brands etc.

You're an idiot, no wonder you're the only trip here crying and moaning every thread.You starve for attention be it from anyone, shows how insecure you really are; well let me tell you, outside of these 10 second (you)'s you come back to your reality, being a nobody, just an internet persona. You have personally admitted you dont have any friends, your only source of interaction is this site, your gf and your fucking cat.Talk about a pathetic life ey? With your way of thinking, once your girl finds a more muscular, richer and better looking guy and ditches your ass then what? or she is not able to? are you dating downwards, no there is no way that would be the biggest "cope", right? When your cat dies thats when you will become a total freak monk.Your cat only stays with you because you feed her and provide for her, not because she "loves" you, if you think otherwise thats a "cope", right?

While those 3 atributes play a huge starting role, you have to make them count.Just having them and letting them fade away with time is only a waste.Take advantage of them and find yourself something truly meaningful and worth having.The "peak" of the mountain you're now experiencing is nothing compared to the fall that is coming, its only downhill after a certain point in life and you wont be the same as you're today.

Muscles, money and looks all mean nothing to father time, he will take everything away with him, but a spiritual bond will never cease.Make your prime worthwhile and dont settle for a dirtbag out of boredom.You are really insecure, you seek constant validation which now you are getting plenty of, but that is not guaranteed for the future so learn to get enjoyement from other things too.Leave all that coping stuff to the side and face reality, i have had more than enough relationships in the past, but only now i can see how meaningless most of them were, i dont feel the need to impress anyone else now or reach anyone expectations but my own.

Crusader might be who it is, and probably the punching bag of this board but he keeps it real.He is not insecure about his preferences and doesnt need to create a fake persona like you to appear more manly or intimidating.I support his choice of avoid relationships if there isnt any meaning to him behind it.

You are a weak bully, pressuring everyone to fit your type, your ideas, your ideology.You are the most insecure and unstable person of this board, a weak bully.Today i am your bully, fucking coper.

question for guys who achieved decent gains natty and weren't low-t or lazy. What motivated you to lose your natural status and become a fraud?

You do realize steroid gains aren't yours right?

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i want to get freaky

500 test, 300 npp, 30mg dbol frontload


500 test, 175 tren a, maybe with oral frontload


one cycle of low dose test for 10 weeks, this is where i am at, still kind of fat, 110kg bench, 150kg squat, 180kg dead

dont really want to run tren because it's pretty hardcore and i don't have the mass to shred down

cheers fellas

>inb4 roasted

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 12.21.52 AM.png (604x744, 558K)

You clearly clueless about the definition of someone being insecure.Especially writing those biblical long posts to prove your meaningless post, kinda ironic . You might have to search for the definition before you are using words you are not sure about. Because i am literally the opposite of someone that is insecure

lmao you think i worry about that for a second. I have myself, friends are useless for me since i only have time for work and bodybuilding. I only care about getting more size and looking better. Having fun is for weak pussies. Born alone die alone. I know you need a shoulder to cry on when you realize how ugly and dyel you are when you look at yourself in the mirror.

You seem to worry more than me. If my cat dies he dies i get another one i got enough money. If my gf leaves me? I get another one, i am good looking enough so i don't care about that either.

What that it? hmm i am getting hyped

He is scared someone is seeing his little penis. Jesus can't you see you he is clearly dodging that, lmao

If you want to bully me you have to have something to show for. What do you have to show for?

I am god, get used it to pussy. I am everything you want to be but never will because of your cuck genetics

Didn't follow the discussion but don't take things too seriously, masT is a living meme.
Also nice dubs.

Somehow agreeing on this. Sex really is overrated, the drama is not worth it and it applies to both sexes. Guys can be moody bitches too.
Things became even worse since I started lifting because I'm an even pickier faggot now.

Attached: 1518899681381.jpg (710x1201, 187K)

>I have myself, friends are useless for me since i only have time for work and bodybuilding. I only care about getting more size and looking better. Having fun is for weak pussies. Born alone die alone. I know you need a shoulder to cry on when you realize how ugly and dyel you are when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Cope#1. Let me translate what you actually meant to write but your ego didnt let you.I have no friends because nobody wants to be around me,im quite boring and i can only be an entertaining clown on the internet because my dad used to beat me when i was a kid.

Cope#2. Lad i've seen your face picture and you arent that handsome as you think, maybe 7/10 at best.Im better looking than you but you dont see me making a mockery of myself.

>You seem to worry more than me. If my cat dies he dies i get another one i got enough money. If my gf leaves me? I get another one, i am good looking enough so i don't care about that either.

Cope#3. You will cry like a little bitch when your kitty dies, stop hiding behind your finger.There is nothing wrong with that.But you are an insecure little boy who cant show any form of emotion, pathetic.A true man experiences all, but it never lets anything get the hold of him. Your pet would hate you if he could understand.

Shows a lot about you as a person.Imagine what degenerate slut your girlfriend must be to hang around a loser like the one i just described.Oh wait, thats you.She must be equal trash tier.

>He is scared someone is seeing his little penis.
You were the one asking a dude for 3 continuous threads for his girth, you are sick.If thats not insecurity i dont know what is.Let me tell you, there will always be someone with a bigger penis than you.What if that was crusader? would you shut up then and pretend you didnt remember?

You thinking you're not coping and everyone else does, makes it a cope for yourself.Keep coping and finally do that 1g of test so we can get rid of you.