How can such a DYEL be so intimidating?

How can such a DYEL be so intimidating?

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He does workout tho

Ah fuck off you DONKEY

How does such a renown gourmet chef who works out have such a shit bod

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its called charisma/personality
for most of fit, its a near mythical thing

Pretty ok for a natty 51 year old

hes 51

>tfw you work with refrigerators so long that you become one


lads built like the walk-in cooler

He's imposing. Not physically, but he's forceful, direct, and he can and will make things sting if you fuck up.

haha, he makes the same face after exercising that I make when I try to cook one of his dishes

He's not a manlet so he can be physically imposing.

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confidence + yelling = intimidating

>shooping his face on Chloe's body

Who are you trying to fool here?

Intimidation has nothing to do with muscles.


Probably because he's like 190cm or about 6'3, hes direct and has a punchy hand movement

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Dam Chloe looks like that?

Barrel chest.

Doesn't he do triathlon stuff?

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He looks like a fucking titan

He's alpha as fuck, knows what he's talking about and is one of the world's best
Doesn't take any shit, and is brutally honest
Also got fired at 16 for fucking his boss's wife

Because he’s a world renowned chef not a bodybuilding fanatic you fucking fanny

Also he’s like 100kg 6 foot 3, he’s intimidating as fuck

>be at fox hills mall with bf
>walking out of store
>he walks in with assistant
>he's a big guy
>(for you)
>tfw he saw me looking at him and he winked at me

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That's chloe's body with his head shooped on it you retard

Because he speaks with authority within a sphere where he is indisputably world-class.

When he talks/yells about cooking, his opinions are extremely well-informed and everybody knows it. When you're at the absolute top of a field, people who care about it *always* stand to gain more from listening attentively to your criticisms than they would from trying to dispute/resist.

He wouldn't be intimidating if he acted the same way while talking about something other than cooking. And there's no evidence that he ever tries to do that.

If I look like that at 51 while keeping up a hyper-successful career (in a career like chef, famous for huge workloads on wonky, irregular schedules, no less) I'll consider it a job well done.

Right now I'm 6ft2in and 300 lbs and desperately need to get strong this year. I play football as an o lineman and am going to be moved up to varsity next year and so far I am not prepared. Most of my family wants me to go on a diet and to stop lifting while my coach wants me to lift but eat better. I have gone to nutritionists and most suck (one put me on a 1800 calorie diet while I was training for 3 hours a day) so I just tried eating chicken with veggies and rice for a while and it helped but I really need some opinions on what I should do and what I can do. Right now I look like #66 in the pic

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ironmans, his cardio is next level

>$54m net worth
>31 restaurants
>multiple tv shows & appearances
>4 children
>qt wife of 20 years
>charity work
>often competes in ironman, marathons, triathlons

he's the kind of guy we should aspire to be
minus his manlet status obviously

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he also had a stint as a pro footballer before getting injured

Redpill inc : Alphas are born. Liting will not make you an alpha, you are just coping. You do not need to be huge gymcel to be intimidating