Anytime Fitness

Thoughts? Anyone here a member? They are popping up all over my area and I'm thinking about joining.

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ya its ok, 24h gym suits my work schedule

the one i go to is good, theres plenty of shit ones though, i just like it for convenience since theyre everywhere including overseas

I go to a small one. Honestly its excellent. Never too busy, never have to wait for equipment, and they have everything I need. Play shit music though.

Very mediocre. But hey it's better than PF

Most are pretty decent quality. I've been in locations in Arkansas and Connecticut. They all tend to have power cages and racks, dumbbells up to 100 lbs. Many have "functional fitness" areas with bumper plates, tires, sleds, etc. My local one has a Texas power bar and farmers walk implements. Price isn't too bad. Most start at $35 per month, unless you live in a big faggot city. I started going there in med school so I could work out at night be nocturnal.

see if you can find a mom and pop gym instead, the one where I live is too expensive for what they actually have in it

It depends on the owner of the place desu. My owner is a heavy steroid user who allows chalk, Olympic lifts, etc. so it's pretty tight.

It's really just your average gym with 24/7 access which is nice.

I used to go to a mom and pop gym but I'm probably moving for work soon, but I'm not sure where. I've got one in my hometown for when I'm at my parent's home, then one by my friend's house on the other side of the state. I'd rather be at a small gym but I don't want to waste anymore time not being in the gym. That and the fact that you can pop in 24/7 is too convenient. My only concerns are about the price and the initiation fees, key fob fees, and contracts and cancellation fees.

Mine only has one power rack with one barbell. I go early in morning which is nice though.

The one near me is alright, owner is a crossfitter so thats a bit meh but he's pretty brotier other than that. two power racks, and the place is 90% cardio cucks and such. I get the weights to myself usually.

What are you rates and how does cancelling your membership work?

$45 CAD/month, no contract, pay per month. It's auto-renewing on my visa, if I want to cancel I just have to tell the owner that I'm canceling.

You can get a free trial (think it's 2 weeks) if you really want.

this is the only chain gym in my area. i feel nervous about going to smaller gyms,but seems too expensive


In aus it's $60 a month 2 year contract. Bit of a rip off but nice gym

Why nervous?

Personally when I see unhealthy or fat people going to the gym it really motivates me. I think you'll find people in the real world are a lot less asshole-ish than they are on Veeky Forums.

Intimidated by the equipment. Cliche reason, i know

>In aus it's $60 a month 2 year contract.
The fuck? I go to a gym where I pay less than half that per month. Billing by the fortnight with no contract. My gym is smaller for sure but it has what I need.

Where are you located? I'm surprised how quickly they are popping up all over the world. Their pricing is not very competitive and their only gimmick is the 24 hour thing.

Yea i go to a few in Colorado, the people who workout there usually are straight fucking monsters or old people, open 24/7 too so thats nice

They're very convenient since they're 24/7 and everywhere. The bigher ones are great but many are small that are good enough to get by. The one I'm at has all I need except dbs max out at 115 but that's still pretty nice.

Is it true that you can just pop in at any location with your regular membership? Are there membership tiers?

You can go to any of the locations after having a membership for a month.

this is exactly my experience

i also live in a white city, so the weights are always racked and bathrooms clean

I am a member.
Really mediocre, only 1 pro.

24 hrs

-le eternal normie gym
-no bumper plates
-only 2 power racks
-no specialy barbells. no fucking SSB
-cant deadlift on the floor. must use fucking paddings
-no belt squat machine

It's super convenient because I go at 1:00am sometimes. Most people that go to mine use the treadmills so I get like 60% of the gym to myself. I actually like how small it is.

try one of the other 10 that are probably around you