So i'm a 16 year old 104kg ~1...

So i'm a 16 year old 104kg ~1.75m tall neet fag and i want to lose fat and gain some muscle mass for reasons involving a drug addict brother and concern for my own health, only gear i have is a 5kg weight disc i bought to use as a dumbbell, help please ;-;

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eat less and get a gym membership.
also read the sticky

underage 2yr b& incoming

write as many sob stories as you want fatty, no sympathy will be given to anyone thats too lazy to read the >STICKY

did you really expect someone to craft a workout plan with a 5kg plate? fuck outta my face

read the sticky, do some research and educate yourself

eat less but dont fast

I came to find help and educate myself since a friend told me to ask online. . .
I don't eat too much, it's just i don't know what to do and most webpages give exercises that require you to already have a semi decent physical state

read the sticky your fucking underaged retard fat as FATASS

Also still studying so can't afford to make time to go to the gym more than once a week and that as far as i've been told will do little or nothing

read the sticky:


I already had read the thing... i have no control over what foods i eat and have no time/money to go to the gym, i just need some basic tips to find things i can actually do ;-;

Walk. Run. Situps. Pushups. Pullups on tree branches. Run some more. Swim. Yoga. Parkour/freerunning. Join a local sports club.

I mean, there's shitloads you can do.

Don't listen to these coons, eat in a small surplus (you will make newb gains and lose fat trust me) get a gym membership asap and run a 5x5 legs push pull split. Do calisthenics until then

>i have no control over what foods i eat
but you can control how much you eat. If you just eat less than maintenance you'll get to acceptable levels of bodyfat. Combine that with and you should be fine

ads a 104 kg male u shold be eating 4000kcals a day to build muscles :^)))

rn searching what "legs push pull split" means (my english is not perfect)


well, now i need to find/make a light routine, thank you all!

>104 kg

you are fucking twink lmao, keep eating

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This is sincerely the first time i've heard that directed to me

Also i'm new to Veeky Forums so sorry if i am not supposed to be here because i'm underage but asking in quora or stuff just gets you hate, and for a little it also happened here

>also pic not related, literally the last picture in my memes folder

>ask Jews about lifting
>they get mad and swoleshame you

This is so wholesome

>229 lbs
pic related

memes aside, the most important thing to do to lose weight is to eat less. It sounds pretty basic, but it really is the crux of all weight loss. Even if you can't control what kinds of food you have available, you can control how much of it you consume.

Unfortunately its a little tricky to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, so I suggest starting with one then doing the other afterwards.