Stop saving anything for the way back

Stop saving anything for the way back.

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>There is no gene for the human spirit.
Humans are strong because we have the power to change ourselves.

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Sorry, you are genetically inferior because you are not at least 6 feet.

Nice leftist egalitarian sappy meme movie you got there, friendo

I was just thinking about this earlier

t.saves more than half for the way back

It's not egalitarian at all. It's about genetics, complacency, and sheer will alone trumping circumstance. If anything, it's right wing.

It speaks to the conflicting nature of modern man and our reaction to genetic inferiority. Do we discount our goals and dreams because we were born imperfect, with others having it easier? No, we toil in spite of it. Vincent is a Sisyphus like hero. He is superior to his fate.

We need more sci-fi movies like this, with real science instead of fedora lazers. Jerome was a chad.
What the fuck are you talking about? How?

>actually comes back with debt

blade runner proved that people don't want movies where you just fucking talk all day

I never said they need to be 3 hours long

they can be pulled off. if its a good movie its a good movie. blade runner wasnt

gattaca made no money

anyways lol its a well known and memorable movie and thats something most cant achieve. think of movies that are hyped up so much they make money even if they suck, once you go watch it and realise it was shit you already payed for it lol

When I first saw the movie my interpretation of the movie was that the last frames where the guy closes his eyes, he actually dies from his heart defect.

Van Gogh was a starving artist that sold like 2 out of a thousand paintings

How are you doing this Vincent?

t. Antoine

I always assumed gattaca was a really low budget movie. Did it get full wide release?

That movie should be mandatory Veeky Forums viewing.

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Check it out! - more information on gif image

Holy shit, you have to go back

Not even memeing, which movie are we talking about here? I'm dead ignorant.

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I was just thinking about this every day. Great fuckin' movie.

Yet we're still talking about it today. Who the fuck is gonna talk about Iron Man or Thor in any real depth in 20 years time?

Probably only the Disney executives who are billionaires as a result of them.
>He doesn't listen to this while doing a PR
Heh, lemme guess, you save some for the way back?

sorry senpai but it's about mans will to power and is incredibly nietzschean

iron man is already 10 years old, only 20 to go.

Veeky Forums and /fit merger? /flit/?

Watched it when it was compulsory viewing in school for english class, didnt get it back then but now looking back on the story it really gets to me

it was compulsory at my school as well in Aus
I always hated being told that the curriculum movies are 'good' so i was a little cunt and always analysed them as if they were pieces of shit, even good movies like this one and Knights tale.

Forgot how fucking chad this movie is time to rewatch

same, i only graduated last year though

have you never heard of /fitlit/ ? fucking newfag

no, it is leftist shit.

google how they were originally blaming to end that fucking film.


Knights tale is entertaining but i wouldn;'t say its that good.

Thats a pretty autistic conclusion

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>his silver medal turns to gold in the light of the incinerator

The score to this movie was just excellent.

It gets to the heart of the various selection courses for special military units around the world. Most are smart enough and fit enough, the big difference is if the pure will is there. The total commitment.

>tfw you realize the movie is really about some selfish nobody jeopardizing his own life and the lives of others in a manned space mission that can only happen at certain celestial/orbital alignments that costs millions of dollars just so he can prove something to his brother by committing tremendous fraud

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Not really. While physically he wasn’t totally up there with them, mentally his game was on point. He was charting courses and building simulations better than his peers.

It's the physical part that's important. What if he has another heart attack in space? They're all fucked.

What is the movie?



He doesn't actually have the heart condition.
There was like a 1% chance he wouldn't have it. With those chances no one would hire him. But turns out he didn't get it.
>In case you haven't noticed I don't need any rescuing.

tfw no gf?

Its also about how the genetic shit isn't foolproof. The director didn't have a violent bone in his body and his genetics attested to that, yet committed probably the most aggressive act imaginable in a crime of passion.

>>He doesn't actually have the heart condition.
>There was like a 1% chance he wouldn't have it. With those chances no one would hire him. But turns out he didn't get it.
Did you even watch the movie? He had a heart attack while in the gym, exactly at the age predicted, except he survived it. If it can happen once it can happen again, except this time other people's lives depend on his.

Tons of people. Iron man relaunched major interest in super hero movies. But I agree about your first sentence.

Boy, do I not like that commercial.

He didn't have a heart attack in the gym. He had a fake heart beat reader that Jerome recorded his heart beat on to give the illusion that he was fitter than he actually was. What was happening was that the recording ran out and his actual heart rate showed through. However through sheer force of will he was able to pretend that he wasn't really exerting himself the whole time he was running.