What is your true peak MALE body inspiration Veeky Forums?

What is your true peak MALE body inspiration Veeky Forums?

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Why are the feet censored?

this man hunk obviously

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Because its a guy

klokov is aesthetic as fuck. there really is no other answer


You tell me.

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More examples?

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Oh god

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How can capitalists even compete?


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child bearing hips

no homo

Probably techno viking

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Is this the body model for who BotW link was based on?

I never want to fall as far as this man has.

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Pic related is optimal, but only available for manlets and juicers.

>tfw 6'2" and ottermode/athletic is the best I can do

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Unironically how do I get this mode Veeky Forums

already posted here

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ugly larper

Looks like a young Bobby B

Is it even gay as long as the guy is super feminine and submissive?

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as long as you both say 'no homo' anytime something potentially gay happens, you're in the clear

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of course it is retard

You need to be a manlet not to look like a skeleton.

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this guy is a confirmed sissy
he jerks of too feminization and would probably love it if one of his fans cam up to him and overpowered him into submission then took advantage of him


Holy shit I want those hips.

i unironically want to be aniki mode

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Peter Steele in 1997. Aesthetic but large, great delts, probably achieveable with hard work and dedication natty.


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>only available for manlets
For once Im happy in my life
thanks mate

begone faggot

I want to be able to beat the fuck out of gooks, women, and aliens with my bare hands

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I think I'm around this bf% already. Have I /made it/ yet??

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>censored feet

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Yikes that filter game.

>There are proofs that x
>I don't link it though, but they exist !

lmao cope

>this ripped son of a babushka is seizing your means of production, and basically you are fucking stupid.jpg

>What is google?卍


You can't perform a living kidney donation to science in the United States. Highly illegal.
>t. transplant surgeon

Kinda hot, would tie up and manhandle. No homo.

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>falling for bait
I'm no kidney surgeon but isn't that incision wrong for a nephrectomy? I've personally witnessed a laparoscopic robotic harvesting of a living donor kidney and the incision they harvested the it from was more to the midline and higher. I don't see any lap sites either.

Could've been done illegally, or it was for something else entirely.

I see you're a man of culture as well

Klokov is so fuckin based

tfw you will never ascend to his level

>guy with girl hips

definitely keep the socks on

You sure it's not a girl with guy tits?

The natty limit

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