Are buff prison inmates the ultimate nattys?

Are buff prison inmates the ultimate nattys?

>prison food is shit, can get enough protein and calories
>no fancy gym in the prison
>they have to beware of not get killed while working out

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Roids and drugs in general run rampant throughout prisons. You have to understand that there is a high demand for roids because you're in a hierarchy in jail. You have to look tough or have connections to live more comfortably. Roids clearly aid you in looking tougher. Furthermore, inmates don't only eat what the cafeteria serves them. They can get commissary food. Plus swallowing all those nigger loads gives you a huge does of test and protein.

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this is false

There are plenty of ex-cons on Youtube who talk about that. They all say pretty much the same thing: "overtraining" is mostly bullshit

And they're right. Overtraining exists but the people who do it are professional athletes who push themselves every session to the max, emptying their energy sources completely, and then need plenty of fuel and rest. Most of the research on overtraining was based on professional weighlifters. It doesn't apply to the average joe going to the gym. And that's the inmates secrets: they do push ups, dips, and other bodyweight stuff all day, multiple sessions, as much as they can.

>Roids and drugs in general run rampant throughout prisons.
Back this up with something.

>Plus swallowing all those nigger loads gives you a huge does of test and protein.
Kek'd hard

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this is false

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this is absolutely 100% true

Why is his right bicep so much bigger than his left?

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Has anyone studied what happens to T levels when you get locked up in an all-male environment?

Also, those guys have a precisely regular sleep schedule.

I work at a prison, don't know about roids but drugs are insanely easy for inmates to obtain. Seems a couple times a year another officer gets fired for sneaking in contraband, in one instance they were sneaking in protein powder for them.

They can buy decent food on store for literally pennies, although they essentially get slave wages so it balances out. The regular food is absolute shit, it used to be good but they replaced it with premade trays. Example, some egg tray I tried tasted like shit and had more sodium than a big mac. The vegetarian trays actually seem decent though.

Do you know if prisons accommodate vegan or vegetarian diets? I'd imagine that's be tough for someone with a specific diet.

>forced nutrition
>forced sleep
>forced exercise
>forced rest
Literally all that is needed to grow muscles an insane rate.
Prison food taste like shit, but it's got everything needed to satisfy nutrition. Which is probably 100% better than the average nutrition of these assholes in their natural environments. Prison food is healthier than snack food.
Also you can buy pretty macro specific foods from the Coms.

Forced sleep every day means ultimate regulation of hormones. Sleep is everything.
There is a reason soldiers in the military begin to look alike. When you eat, sleep, and do all the same activities all day together. You'll be the same.
Prison is no different.
There has been little evidence of testosterone boot due specifically to being in a dangerous environment.
In fact the opposite can be true.
High stress fucks hormones beyond belief.
Prisoners, military, civilians, anyone who has ever been put in a high stress situation has shown testosterone drop and cortisol raise.
Prison is actually pretty relaxing.
Don't mix my words, I'm not saying it's fun or happy.
You just have nothing to worry about.
Think about it, outside i have to worry about getting food, work, sleep, family, kids, pets, driving, entertainment, finances, bills, dating, there is so much shit to worry about outside of prison it's insane.
In prison you have a schedule and 99% of your time your stress is just boredom.
Rape, murder is very prison specific.
My local county prison hasn't had a murder in a few years for instance.

My prison does, like kosher, halal, vegan, peanut allergy, etc, I think there are 10 of them.

It's all crap though except maybe vegan. I know they tried to sell a similar program to schools but got turned down, and school food is already shit.

No you stupid cunt they get shitloads of roids and are dumb nogs so pin fucking GRAMS

I have a few gym bros who are either ex cons or CO's and they've all said that roids are easily available in prison and that a good amount of guards are on gear.

They all roid. Why wouldn't they? Drugs are freely available in prison

Not prison but I work at a County Jail. These guys get a full meal plan worked out by a nutritionist. Supplemented by whatever shit they wanna buy on commissary.

Literally all some of these guys do is eat sleep and work out. They make weight bags with there laundry bags and books, Bags of water.

We have pull up bars and shit for them to use at yard.

Why wouldn't a supplier enter a market with psychotically high demand? They can jack the price up.

I'm not who you are responding to but I am unfortunately friends with a few people that have been to prison. Their stories crack me up and I ask about that kind of shit out of curiosity. A few of those guys still can't shit without taking a shoe off and make a spread once in awhile for dinner... but you have no idea what the fuck that means because you don't know anyone that's been inside.

> inmates don't only eat what the cafeteria serves them. They can get commissary food. Plus swallowing all those nigger loads gives you a huge does of test and protein.
Your point? It's all still natty, assuming they don't take roids.

>Plus swallowing all those nigger loads gives you a huge does of test and protein.

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>Roids and drugs in general run rampant throughout prisons.

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>Roids and drugs in general run rampant throughout prisons

This is true

t. former inmate

How do people pay for them?

Commissary money, or someone on the outside

You really think it's hard to get drugs in prison?

I've known a few detention officers and can confirm that roids do exist in prison.

They also train their asses off. There are groups that will work out together that lift and do bodyweight exercises for like 4 straight hours a day when they get free time. It's the only chance they get for activity besides being locked in a tiny room. It's not all of them, just the ones that "gon betta demselves by liffin weights n shyt" and ones that want to not get killed.

Top ramen

Interesting. I still figure most people can't afford them because the prices must be jacked up to hell.

>can get enough protein and calories


For obvious reasons most gear floating around Prisons is orals
Dianabol is a big favourite because it's cheap and blows you up quick

People with high test are the most likely to go to prison
Same goes for prison guards

>Yeah, my nigga, it will be 450 ramen per vial of test.

Do they usually stay on it? I can't imagine much PCT happens in prison.

Bullshit, if you not on gear. If your on gear you can work out 12 hours a day and never be overstrained.


The idea that prisons are places of random indiscriminate violence is a Hollywood fantasy
Yes there's plenty of violence to be had but its largely something you opt into by being involved with gangs, contraband or feeling you have something to prove
I know a guy who lost an eye in prison, but it's cause he walked in with a bunch of history with local firms and was supplying on the inside

Most inmates won't lose their privileges or get their time extended just to be randomly violent

Also most sex in prisons is consentual

You can still buy protein powder and shit in prison you aren't restricted to the normal meals

The ones who talks about being able to workout forever and overtraining is a myth and rest is for pussies.

They're on gear. They talk the most the loudest the biggest shit and push the most ridiculous stuff that DEMANDS they be utter noobs who can get away with crazy shit, genetic freaks who will still break on their programs, or on serious gear.

A huge guy who can workout for hours and has plenty of energy in their day to day life is on gear. Period. No bullshit. No ifs ands or butts.
They are also probably abusing fucktons of stimulants or are mainlining simple sugars.

Yerh you're dealing with a low inhibition crowd here
Pct isn't really a thing and nor is ai

They just roid and don't really ever get lean enough to gaf
you'll notice the big guys in a prison are big and fluffy because they aren't doing it for aesthetics as much as size and strength

>its largely something you opt into by being involved with gangs, contraband or feeling you have something to prove

What type of people do you think end up in prisons hmm?

everyone you replied to has never seen any of the five billion prison documentaries that are out there. they all feature some high-level aryan brotherhood/la eme/other prison gang guy who talks about how they gained their power by running the prison drug economy. I still don't really get how they make money from that, or how prisoners at supermax prisons get money in the first place, but they all talk about it.

100% true

my cousin was in slav prison and getting roids there was simply as easy as asking for them (of course you need to pay for them) and they had no gym equipement there and all they could do was "prison workout"

Big Herc agrees, prisoners don't care about overtraining. Also, he says that there aren't any supplements or roids. Protein from peanut butter, oatmeal, powdered milk and jerky that are available from the commissary, dudes who work in the kitchen steal meat. Recovery time is good because they all get a lot of sleep. He also thinks that the constant aggression of prison boosts test levels.

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I'm guessing most of the time it's paid for by somebody on the outside. Or they smuggle money in with the drugs. But it's not like you can just pay for shit at the commissary with cash, so I don't see what use it would be.

I've been to prison and I'm not like that

Did 4 years of a 9 stretch

You think the seller makes money when he sets the prices so that nobody can afford his product? Are you, dare I say, an actual retard?

>Americans think there are no drugs in prison
>They think inmates tell the truth about drugs
>They think overtraining doesn't exist
>"Well, it MUST be true since those guys are blacks, and blacks always have HUGE CO- I mean muscles."
America/10 ITT.

>Back this up with something.
Just ask some inmates. My bro was getting drugs in prison constantly. He was addicted to heroin in there. The guards were smuggling it in.

And here's the kicker: The district Judge was the supplier. He was a drug lord. And this is in Georgia USA.

The district Judge also ran the rehab program, but it wasn't a rehab program...He was selling the patients drugs at the rehab.

You guys have this idea that every person naturally have the same level of test where if someone looks bigger/manlier than you (probably a buzzfeed soyboy) it HAS to be roids. Do you know that test increases risk taking and violence, put 2 and 2 together and the average criminal has much higher test than the average well-behaving citizen. Being high-test in modern society isn't easy, people will test you every day. Also what you call a Chad has barely higher test than average combining with a pretty feminine face, which Hollywood has engrained in your head to think of as an alpha.

Did 3 years in a state prison and have been frauding for 2 years after release.

Anyone who think roids are rampant in prison is literally retarded. Roids are expensive, inmates have close to zero income, the demand is low, and getting enough gear to run an actual full length cycle with keepable gains is almost impossible.

Most prison inmates are only mildly muscular....more athletic looking than bodybuilder looking. More than half of prison inmates are fat or out of shape and then of all the guys that actually work out half of those guys make 0 gains because they have no idea what they’re doing and just do dumb shit like 1000 push-ups a day or something stupid.

Serious question, if im on mk-667 am i technically on gear ? Im only taking it as a growth hormone secretagogue and not too supplement my training- all thought training has felt abit better interms of actually retaining my focus while training

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Varience within natural range has very little difference in anabolicism

That's why roiders go to several times natty limit

t. Roider

You think people bother selling contraband and risking time in the hole unless there's good money in it? They have to pay people to smuggle it in as well. I'm asking specifically where convicts, making pennies a day, are getting the money from. It doesn't seem like their family would give them that much commissary money either.

Are you, dare I say, an obnoxious autistic redditor? Yes.