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My friend who I met in my orchestra, who I bonded over with our many interests, one being lifting, attempted suicide. Many it sucks to think the one's we care about could have just vanished like that.

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why did he suicide ?

It's my birthday today. I had a good time with my family today, and went to a fun party with my friends last night. But my gf and I broke up a few months ago and it's so fucking hard to let her go. This birthday has been tainted with her shit. Fuck, man.

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idk man. He always seemed down but in a edgy late teens stoner kinda way.

He's in the pysch ward and I'm gonna visit him tomorrow.

get new friends lmao

desu we're in senior year so I doubt we'll see each other again. But still he's my friend and we're in alot of clubs together, I can't just do that man.

Damn, this is sad to hear. I've been there myself, survived my own period of degeneration and somehow lived to see the joys that this life can offer. I hope he can persist, you're a good person for being there for him.

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>senior year
>30 years old guys

why the fuck /fit has either grandpas tier guys or underage faggots, lmao at this vietnamite war trap forum

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>Good body from lifting and just in general
>El goblino tier face
W h y

you lift to be a better person. you sound like a person who probably wasn't dealt the best cards in life, maybe short, maybe lanky, definitely dorky. But you decided to fight nature. Fight god and decide, you will make yourself truly better. Who cares if you're face is ugly. The fact you are improving will bleed into other traits.

im 18 dingus

Speaking from personal experience from your friend's position, don't talk about the suicide attempt at all. You can talk about emotions he's going through, but he might block you out of he feels like you are trying to overreach, however he defines that.
"I'll be here for you/I'm always here for you" is the easiest way to get blocked out, you only say that bc the situation he's in, not bc you actually care. "What do you need from me" is a good question to ask. "What can I do" and "is there anything you need" are bad questions, and stay away from the word "want". Repeat "what do you need from me" if he says idk, let him know that you feel like you need to do something for him, even if he ends up dead tomorrow.
Avoid talk about the attempt unless he brings it up, and even then, let him do most of the talking. He chose to actively end his life instead of letting it passively fall away from him, so figure out what's bugging him so much that he's making that choice. If you care or if you don't, I hope this advice helps anyone avoid what I had to go through.

Ask her out dude wtf are you doing she clearly likes you grab life by the balls

I feel for you dude. Never had anyone I've cared about try to commit suicide before. Just know that he probably did it for attention because the people who really want to die always end up in the hospital


>tfw cracking and going fully gluttony mode this weekend
>have to get my shit back on track with healthy eating and sleeping
>mfw never want to be fat like I was a year ago

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>not sure why
anyone familiar with this sort of feel

>sudden pain under knee 8 hours after lifting
>freak out internally thinking I fucked myself up
>hurts to even walk
>order medium pizza and large cookie from pizza hut and binge eat on that all day
>gets better next few days
Dam that was scary

>politley reject a girl who asked me out on a date
>still don't have the courage to ask qt grills out
I didnt have to deal with this feel before

>tfw out of college for over 2 years now
>have no idea how to meet people aside from hiking
>tfw haven't had a gf since I moved

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>permanent skeleton
>cant seem to sort my form out properly
>in addition my totals are going DOWN despite going to the gym 4x a week and eating/sleeping fucking loads

I'm about ready to fucking die, I literally can't get stronger, I think my genes just don't accept anything more than 1 plate for all lifts. Every time I go in it feelsl like I'm less and less capable of even hitting those 1 plates with good form.
DL I can do like 2 plate but even then my form will start to come apart if I do them quick

I think im just genetic detritus at this point

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>got dragged to bar with coworkers after work friday
>knew it would be a disaster because im an autist
>it was a disaster
>i was an autist
>bonded with a dog the entire night instead of talking to anyone, didn't even eat or drink anything until they got me something
>coworker who is kind of a boss of ours literally tells me "i order you to socialize" and i didnt

tomorrow is going to be rough folks

this horrifies me
I've only one year left, never really participated in actual clubs or talked to people in my classes

He did it for reals. He's in the hospital rn.

>didnt have friends in hs
>go to college, no social skills, dont make friends
>move back home to work wagecuck jobs unable to get into graduate school
>out of college 4 years
>still with parents
>still friendless permavirgin
>still pray every night to die in sleep

I frequently watch anime dramas because it makes me feel like there’s some opportunity on this earth to experience true, pure love. Every time I watch one and get the sensation of a lump in my throat I feel a sort of euphoria because it relieves me to know I can feel this sort of emotion.

However, it’s bittersweet because I realize that people like this will never exist in real life. There is no such thing as true altruism. Ironically, even though it makes me feel hope, it also makes me feel lonely and without purpose. I still keep watching them because it makes my heart feel like it’s experiencing something out of this world.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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>no social skills meme

Haha yeah I mean it's so hard to open your mouth and talk right, incredible, absolutely impossible, no functioning brain has ever managed to follow the path of a conversation and making up something to say without being trained for decades beforehand!

Get out of your fucking asses you idiots and open your fucking mouth, I have spent my life in front of the computer with zero normie interests and I can hold a conversation and get along with everyone just fine.
Maybe also don't hang out with people who talk about soccer 24/7 if that doesn't interest you at all

Got any good recommendations for anime that gave you the feels mate?
reblogged btw I unironically enjoyed ur post

There is, user. Don't give up hope.

>girlfriend breaks up with me because she's gay
>still masturbate to her
>masturbate to thoughts of her having sex with girls
>makes my blood boil but I still get off
Why do I do this to myself

There are a lot of them but i would first recommend Anohana and Your Name, the latter being an anime movie. If you have more time on your hands I’d look into Clannad + Clannad After Story, which mainly picks up emotionally in After Story.

LARP on the Veeky Forums section of Veeky Forums?
Fuck if I know.
You're just a sad....woman?

that sound unhealthy as fuck bro find another woman to have sex with you silly bastard

also condolences on losing gf, its tough

Seen anohana, not seen 'your name' I'll look into that one
Saw clannaad but dropped it when I saw where it was headed, I cant fuck with the artstyle either
any more you got for me bro? thanks for the reccs

>tfw it's been over two years since my ex broke up with me
>still think about her because of all the shit I went through for/with her

I never knew such feels and I do not want them anymore.

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Why don't you use your life in a truly altruistic way since you're not doing anything with it?

I ride BMX for fun
>at the skatepark cruising
>busy night, lots of bros there
>looking around see someone pointing to the roof of the parking garage
>my friend is standing up there
>right on the edge
>takes one step forward and plummets 7 stories
>almost sounds like a gunshot when he hits the ground
>white noise, can hear nothing but my heart beat, muffled voices
>someone shouts call 911
>run over to his body that is already pooling blood
>his skull is split open and blood is everywhere
>check pulse
>feel nothing but shock until 2 days later

I miss him.

I cried for weeks /fit./ It's so hard to lose someone that you're close to.

>start talking to a girl for a month or two
>we talked a lot, and she gave me those eyes, y'all know those eyes
>never had the balls to ask for her number
>I end up losing most interest and so did she
>we mostly stopped talking
>but she's still in the back of my mind

It kills me to even think about what could've been if I just said a few words, on her damn birthday at that.

I'm pissed because I'm gay or at least bi and I repressed it for a ridiculous amount of time. It really sucks in a way I can't really describe. I was never a flaming faggot or anything remotely close, I just liked guys. I did shit like rewatching the movie Hoot 6 times while sick because I had a big crush on the blond guy when I was like 10. I did other questionable stuff and I was too young to really know and I don't know if my parents noticed or something but they kept making me do stereotypical straight stuff and my Dad kept trying to stop me from liking anything that might be get me labeled as gay which I only realized a couple weeks ago. My parents wouldn't answer my questions like if 2 guys could marry and my classmates would ridicule the gay kids so much I never even stopped to consider my sexuality.

My Dad kept forcing me into sports even though I was super skinny and non-competitive. I kept trying to make him happy and even did football despite being like shorter than most of the guys and thin to the point where my hits did literally nothing. I just kept feeling like I didn't fit in and I honestly had no idea why, I kept considering that I might be gay but pushed it to the back of my mind and never addressed it with myself.

I felt really fucked up and weird growing up because I thought I was incapable of loving anyone since I never really connected with any girls. It gave me some serious issues and it fucks with me that it took me so long to accept that I wasn't straight. So here I am at 19 fucking years old having to reassess my entire sexual orientation, something that I should've known so much earlier in my life.

Sorry for fag posting, it's just a weird time in my life.

I think you will really like Your Name. It is incredibly touching and I consider it a masterpiece.
Other favorites of mine are Your Lie in April, or if you like some action mixed in, Angel Beats.

Cool, I'll check those out, thanks man
Nothing better (and nothing worse) than chilling out to some anime that somehow reminds you of something, despite never having been there.

>Broke up with gf
> gf kept our dog
> I move out of town a month later
>date new girl
> ex gf gave dog to the pound
> time passes and still dating new girl. Shes okay but shes just fun. Someone who makes me feel good in the moment.
> acts like a kid which i hate so I escalate and fights get pretty bad.
> tfw abandonment issues
> tfw wish a girl would treat me like a mom would not how my mom would
> tfw the more built I get the less emotion its okay to show to girls

Had something similar to this happen to me

>college roommates invite me to go to the club with them
>really don't want to but they insist
>ok fine
>get to bar and start chugging a beer in the parking lot
>get inside after awkwardly waiting in line trying to hype myself up
>fuck its loud
>awkwardly follow my roommate around for like 15 minutes not talking to anyone
>one of my roommates buddies introduces me to some guys
>hey whats up
>decide to stealthily take an uber home
>roommate and his gf get back to the dorm
>they start fucking
>quietly listen

Why am I so autistic

Thanks user. Even something as simple as a single post like this warms my heart.
Good point user. I’ve been looking into volunteering.

I would recommend
>5cm per second
>Ocean Waves
>Only Yesterday
>Wolf Children
They all explore romantic relationships in different ways and I particularly enjoy 5cm per Second and Only Yesterday because they display the faults in people as well. They aren't just mushy "people only act one way all the time" films, the characters are dynamic and have a lot of depth to them. Ocean Waves a really nice movie but I haven't seen the end yet, overall it's just a really beautiful film and is romantic in a nostalgic way. Wolf Children is odd because it's not really about falling in love as much as it's about love over time and how beautiful and amazing the bond of a family is. These are just my personal favorites.

Please tell me you went and got the dog after she gave it away?

by the time I found out he already got adopted and the shelter couldn't give me any info

What a stupid bitch.

at least it was just an attempt
2 of my friends succeeded so I feel u. perhaps it is more sad to think your friend would attempt it without consulting you. none of mine did.

Sangatsu no lion gives me the feels. The shogi parts can be a turn off though

Happy birthday user. Make it a better year than the last. I’m rooting for you.

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Super serious question, which I know will sound offensive, but...
Wouldn't you prefer to be a eunuch? Not joking. Think like that weird bald dude from game of thrones. You might get the odd jab, but you wouldn't be sexually confused/ostracized + so much time and focus into other things. No offense but it wouldn't be a huge test drop for you by the sounds of it.

Thanks guys, jotting these down for watching

Today was fucked, fit. Saw this girl I was going out with ended up with some other guy, learned my grandfather has cancer, can't tell my friends or father because of divorce and politics and interests and shit, my mother won't stop crying, and pretty much everything's fucked. Can't even lift weights because my sciatic nerve is damaged. I just needed to vent I guess.

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Sounds like pure shit man.
Be strong and get through it, it's the only way.

I’m sorry to hear that user. In a few months all of this will be history and you’ll be onto something new. Stay strong for your Veeky Forums bros, we don’t want to see you sink. You’re gonna make it.

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good post

no it was a male dog

I don't think I'm gonna make it.

Thanks brehs, appreciate it

Thank you, man. I appreciate it a lot.

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>Invited my only friend left to come hang out and play games with me
>Fast forward to the day we were meant to hang out
>Text him to see when he'll be over
>"Oh sorry man, I have to drive to the countryside for something. I can't come over today."
>Figure it's work related and leave it at that
>Few weeks pass
>Facebook account reactivated by it's self
>Go to deactivate it, but check out a few profiles before I do
>Check friend's profile
>The day we were meant to hang out, he blew me off to go camping with his friends and gf instead
>I asked him to hang out a week before that day
>If I didn't text him to see when he'd be over, he probably wouldn't have told me he wasn't coming

I think I might just go lone wolf mode from now on.

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>Trying to get over ex
>Chasing new girls temporarily heals the pain
>Get new cute girl interested in me
>time to smash
>i get hard but she isnt wet
>she gets wet but im not hard
>we try for two hours but only get penetration for like a minute before i go soft
Pretty fucking depressed right now to be honest. Why the fuck wont my dick work. I dont even watch porn anymore and only jack off like once a week. Dont know if im just not over my ex or something

People are shitty, it's nothing new. Just get some gamer friends if that is what you like doing and chill online

Your Lie in April gives god tier feels, good taste

Laughed really hard at this. Thanks, user.

holy fuck

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Fuuuuggg I feel this
>break up just before Christmas
>gf didn't come to dinner
>still not over her
It's getting better though

Your lie in April

Keep on trying, user, you'll get through this
I believe in you, brah

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>Talking to girl
>She says how she's lonely sometimes
>Say she has pretty much no friends
>Says she doesn't really do anything, doesn't party, doesn't drink, etc
>Whole time she's saying this I'm remembering how 2 days prior I had seen an instagram of her at a party, drinking
>She talks to me on the weekdays, but on the weekends she's more silent, (because she's out with people)
I don't understand why she lied about that to me. She's a wannabe intellectual, recently she's been coming to me for books to read cause she knows I read a lot. She's been following many of my interests in philosophy, religion, war, etc. It's like she knows her favorite authors and shit were loners and wants to be one. And it's annoying when she told me this, because I genuinely feel that way, I can't even remember the last time I hung out with someone on the weekends. I make up imaginary people to talk to in my head just for company. I have actually spoken to a different girl and she was similar, says she's lonely, no friends, etc, and that girl was definitely full of shit cause she's constantly out doing stuff.
Why did they lie about that? Were they trying to impress me or something? Is being a loner seen as smart?

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if she breathe she a thot

Does anyone here work a job for more than $45k that they don’t hate?
I work in a soul sucking office and seriously considering being a trucker for dat sweet 70k and no human interaction. Thing is, it’s like 14 days away from home and then 4-5 days home. I don’t really want to live that way either.

My dream job would be professional voice actor or just actor but I know this is just a meme dream.

i always told BMX riders to wear a helmet

mate, you cannot get stronger because you are not eating enough. it's really that simple

don't assume you are eating a lot. write down everything and make sure it's 3k+ calories. you can sit there and blame it on your genetics like some sjw fatty or you can realize that there are inputs and outputs in regards to fitness and you are probably missing a step that you assume you arent

this isnt supposed to be a woman hate post, but girls see "loneliness" and "no friendship" a lot differently than guys do. a guy like us would see loneliness or no friends as legit doing nothing, like just staying in. but for a girl, if she "only" parties/drinks sometimes but not often, or has a small handful of friends instead of the hundreds she sees her other friends or girls have on social media, they claim to be friendless shut in losers.

its just different for girls

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Yup, our breakup was just before Christmas.

>tfw lonely as fuck
>tfw she's posting pictures of her kissing another dude

Women are truly heartless, man.

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why the fuck are you still following social plebia of girls you break up with, what benefit would that provide you fucking idiot

That's the problem, dude. I've made an effort to avoid her on any kind of social media, but I have three sisters with big fucking mouths, so I got to hear about it from them.

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>Graduated at the end of 2012
>Only worked 8 months between 2013 and 2018
>Finally got a new job after being a NEET for so long
>22 now
>So far behind people that are even in high school or just graduated
>Can't wait to lift, study towards doing STEM and saving money
>Will never make up for that lost time between 2013 and 2018

He was a skateboarder. I doubt he would’ve put it on before he jumped though.

Chat with him like normal. Be a bro. Don't treat him like he's fragile. Make sure you're there for him when he needs a mate. I didn't do these things and every time I think of my an hero'd bro my sins twist my heart and fill me with dread.

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I need to hurry up and find/finish my degree plan, get a real job, find a wife, have kids, buy a home and also go on vacation. I'm 26 and I just feel so fucking behind everything.

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hi user I love you

Naw I'm a guy. She thought she was bi at first. She was a bit not-in-touch with herself (I was her first relationship)

Yeah it's probably fucking horrible for my brain
thanks bro

Feel you there man. Another girl I dated for 4 years still haunts me

My little cousin just started lifting. He says he hopes to be as big and strong as me one day. I went through a folder of fit pics i have from the day i started until now and it was a nice trip down memory lane.

I felt like quitting January after 7 years of fitness but something kept me going for at least 2 more months. Now this guy started lifting and the hobby has some meaning again.

bro just hit her up now and ask her for drinks after work tomorrow night. if she says no, its not a loss because shes not in your life anyway. if she says yes then go out with her.

Happy birthday user! Keep your chin up, and never forget we're always here for you. You'll get through this!

I feel you user. People are unreliable. If someone does that to me more than a couple of times, they're straight out of my life. He was possibly keeping you around as a backup plan in case his camping plans fell through. I'm no one's fucking backup plan, are you?

>planning to hang with girl on Saturday
>she texts me on Friday night saying she's decided to go visit her parents
>doesn't even apologise
>all my friends are now busy, so spend the weekend alone

i used to watch a lot of them as well, but i've since stopped because i just can't fucking handle the feels that come with it

now i spend most of my time just trying to not think about how lonely i am

Lifts are stalling but thats granted since >cutting and keto
And im on OMAD schedule so i walk my day half hungry

I miss grilled cheese sandwiches.

Secondly went to party this saturday, there wad only one dtf female yhere and she wanted my dick but shes crazy and works in same place as i do so i dodged like motherfucker.
Yet im 25kissless virgin

I think i will ask out one or both of those cute cashiers that smiled to me super nice in store i visit often

Holy shit that bit about the white noise and the heartbeat is so much like when I found my dad’s body a few years ago that I had to stop for a moment and catch my breath.

I’m so sorry dude. The pain doesn’t ever really go away, but you learn to live with it as a part of you.

I'm 25, still living with my mother, working a shitty low-paid office job, no social skills whatsoever, permavirgin, the only """relationship""" I had was a shitty LDR that ended with nothing. Only once did I ask a girl out on a date and the said date was a fucking disaster. Am ugly as sin, a manlet, but I've been lifting for almost three months by now to benchpress these troubles away. That and Veeky Forumsposting are my only escapes. You guys are literally my family.

>talking to girl in work about my ex
>"only thing i miss about being in a relationship is going out for dinner"
>would you go with one of my friends for a meal
>"yeah why not"
now i've a double date at 2pm on Thursday, I don't know the girl but apparently she 'knows me'. We were at the same formal about 2 months ago but I don't even know if I spoke to her.

Off for two weeks as well so hoping to break my stalls. Been off alcohol for nearly 6 weeks so I'm going to have a few mad nights when lent ends then go back off it.

>had a few gfs/fwbs over the years
>used to go out and get drunk at bars/clubs all the time and meet girls
>thought it was what i wanted but slowly realized i didnt enjoy the company of any people i was hanging out with
>fast forward to now @ 23
>sorted my shit out, in last year of uni and working alot on the side
>have good group of bros i get drunk with most weekends
>we dont really meet many girls though
>realize ill probably be alone for a long time because i cant bare the thought of getting it on with another one of those typical dumb grills

lifes rough boys, everytime i meet a cool as fuck chick she usually has a bf

Just keep working on improving your situation my man, if you're not happy do something different

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what if shes yuge

>Haven't lifted for months due to a broken wrist
>go from eating at surplus to maintenance
>lose mostly muscle and keep all my belly fat