How do you approach women in the gym?

how do you approach women in the gym?

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1. be attractive
2. be yourself
3. dont be unattractive


Lmao, can you imagine someone actually being a virgin at 18?

I know lol what kind of loser do you have to be to not lose your v card by like 16

You don't.
Approach the hot women who don't need the gym to be hot and are impressed by your hard earned gains.

This. No matter how socially retarded, unattractive, or fat you are there will always be a girl equally as such but with much lower self esteem than you.

>but with much lower self esteem than you.
h-h-eh yeah totally

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you don't.

I’d rather die a virgin than fuck an ugly girl. What is the fucking point of having sex if the person you’re fucking is not attractive?

You underestimate my power.

List my virginity at 23. You?

Couldn't tell ya, never had that problem. However, a lot of people claim they should lose it. Why not just fuck a craigslist fatty?

Who lost their virginity younger than me? Lost it at 15 and got my dik succed at 14

As I said, I would never fuck someone I’m not attracted to. Fat=unattractive

>He doesn't know

you gotta realize they get that shit a lot.

make sure youre actually Veeky Forums before you get flirtmogged by the next guy

I don't. I'm there to work out not pick up. If i really wanted to be a sperg because I'm horny I'd just go talk to them. Jesus.

Alcohol will help. Kek.
Why not just go hit on drunk girls at a club every night? One is bound to pity-succ you.

>YOU dont

Same way you approach any woman outside the gym

Is that the solution? I’m too insecure to do that. I think they would laugh at my 19 y/o baby face

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I've had two kind of approach me but they weren't wearing a bit sign around their necks so I didn't really realize it

tfw no sex drive

>how do you approach women in the gym?
You don't

Just go to bars/clubs and try to make friends with anyone that sits next to you. Talk to anyone you want. Don't not talk to people. Ask girls weird questions and disregard their disgust if it happens. Women are nicer than you think. Don't be afraid to call a girl a stupid, ugly cunt if she's being a bitch. Social gains take just as much time as muscles.

Thanks. I’ll probably never use that advice due to high levels of autism, but thanks

It's only hard the first few times. You'll realize people are usually happy to talk to someone, especially if they're alone.
Read some Dale Carnegie.
I was once just like you when I was young. I turned a 180 and am now exceptional in social situations. It's never too late and the best time is now.


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I've got you beat by a decade, less than 4 years old right here when I lost mine

just bee yourself

>dadddy touches counts

that's not fair, it counts against me getting wizard powers but doesn't count for this.
damn, I thought I'd finally found a silver lining

Go up and say "hello, i see you come here often and id like to introduce myself"

Obviously only approach when she is in a position to be approached (ie. not half way through a set or lying on her back) I find it best to try and time it when she is about to leave to go check your phone in your bag or get some more water or something like that.

The only difference between meeting a girl at the gym and anywhere else is that you will see these girls again. So it might be better to go slow and maybe build to a date after 2-3 meetings. Obviously it all depends on how the girl responds to your approach. If you are a nervous autist its probably best to go slow as it gives you time to shake the nerves and gives them time to get used to you.

If you fail just view it as practice. In my experience if you mess it up or the girl says no they usually are too scared to go back to the gym at the times you go for the next few weeks so dont worry about making an ass of yourself.

>t. low T

>gym women
It doesn't matter who does the approaching. Just don't.

Like the same you do everywhere else.

Feel sorry for all you guys who just refuse to approach women in the gym. All of us want a qt thicc gf but like half of you refuse to even make a move. You’re stuck on the bottom step.

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Never shit where you eat user.
And approaching women in the gym is the bottom rung.
Approaching hot bitches who's idea of a workout is sex eating properly and doing an instathot workout her living room is what true Chads of worth do.

Friend, I hope one day you get to experience having a great leg day with the woman you love, coming home and sitting on top of her while she’s lying prone and pulling down her spandex shorts, slowly peeling off her her sweaty ass and then sticking it in. All you need is some faith and a can-do attitude. Zyzz believes in you.

20y virgin reporting in
I have social autism

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18 yo virgin here, 19 in under 2 weeks

a 6 months pregnant 18 year old girl off tinder wants to fuck and shes pretty good looking, should I do it or is that too low/cuckish?

fuck her and pretend you are giving her baby a facial

>he thinks you can still pull hambeasts off of craigslist
get with the times gramps


Was virgin until 22.
Fucked a slut a weak before my 23rd birthday.
Got more into fetish's I liked.
Kept fucking women, and trying out different relationships.
I've had sex with more than a dozen women, and head from around 6 more than that.
Married now with a kid.

Had a great sex life, thank god I didn't start until I was a little more mature.

can u show me ur wifes bobs and vagene?

I kinda understand it - in the USA it's possible to get homeschooled and if you live in the middle of nowhere, don't have sister and parents keep you locked in your room all the time, then your sol.

>but with much lower self esteem than you.
There is no such thing

No, this is blue board.

why would you be glad that you didn't start until you were older? sounds pretty COPE if you ask me.

The chick I'm gonna ask out approached me

I'm 20 and have had a chance to fuck a couple women but I don't want to because I'm scared of getting them pregnant or being falsely accused of rape what do I do


Well I was undergoing major surgery from 13-19, then rehab for about 2 years after that.
It might have played a part in all that.
Not sure if COPE is a good thing or bad thing, I speak English, I'm just very honest. And glad I didn't experience any of the bullshit people who fuck around when they're still teens tend to experience.

Kill yourself

What is this secret knowledge?

I almost lost my virginity but a lifetime of porn addiction has killed my dick.


Have height face and frame be low bf and be yourself

Any advice for those of us with severe anxiety disorders

I go out every other day for months and my anxiety doesn't improve. I got laid a few times, but I don't feel my social skills have gotten any better. I just get lucky sometimes, but even then the lays I got recently were not better than my ex from a year ago. Some days I feel like shit when I go out, and other times I naturally have a good time and do well with people. Recently it has taken a turn for the worse probably because of alcoholism. And the alcoholism was partly caused by going out really often to practice social skills. Can't fucking win if you're a social skills-let

an a-asian prostitute sucked my dick then i nutted (but i didnt pay for the suki suki nut) only the handy nut so i saved about 400 yen which i assume makes my jewish ancestors proud

>has had sex multiple times
>had a gf
>cries about having severe anxiety


wooo she is seXXXy would love to see her without hands in way!