Nofap general - /NFG/ Optimal testosterone edition

This thread is for discussion of NoFap; what you're doing to help keep the thoughts away, what you find as helpful distractions, and how your current progress with NoFap is going.
To the fags who come into threads like these posting women and shilling anti NoFap, just fuck off back to /gif/.

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Been nofapping and noporning to regain my erections. today i made myself have a handsfree orgasm through kegels. Did i cheat or is it okay for my purpose? Felt cash

idk man, try it with a woman and find out

Just broke after 7 days. Edging and fucked up. I hate myself. I didn't expect this level of depression afterwards, actually getting some nausea and sweats right now.
For fucks sake I feel like shit.
Longest I've ever lasted. My thoughts were that I just wasn't going to watch porn anymore, not so much to nofap. Then I watched porn anyway.
I guess I went in without a clear goal, just that I'd not watch porn and see what happened, but not when I should fap or if I should.
Has doing it with something clearer in mind helped anyone? Like committing to the 90 days of nofap to reset?

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why would hou start edging with no intention of finshing up? sounds like torture especially after a week of nofap

idk. Bored I suppose and thinking about porn

>Virgin vs Chad

I'm so high test I NEED to blow my valves a couple times a day. I simply produce that much sperm. Never really understood how It's high test, not watching women and jacking off. I guess you all fell for (((((their))))) meme...

I've never gotten a straight answer to this, but what counts as porn? Is fapping to a clothed instagram slut still counted as porn? Is it just as damaging?

Would you be embarressed to watch it in public? Then it is porn. Instagram sluts are just a shitty substitute. You are trying to find loopholes and have to exercise willpower all the time to not go too far.
That is why I think that NoPorn is was harder than NoFap.

try sexual hypnosis. I came like a champ

>dedicating an entire movement to keeping your hands off your peepee
keep at it, fapstronauts!

excess cum comes out during wet dreams anyway

How do you avoid pre mature ejaculation when on nofap? Last time I didn't fap for around a week and I was with a girl I came so fast, I ended up just going for a round 2 but it still felt awkward. I don't have this problem when I masturbated or had sex the day before and can last pretty long in general.

If you look at it and can get off from it, then it's porn user.

try reverse egels or just switch up positions frequently, that will keep your dick distracted and your girl will like you being spontaneous and unpredictable.

*reverse kegels

>Switch up position frequently
The first time I had sex after a several-years long dry spell it was with a girl who was a bit inexperienced.
I moved her around through different positions, changing positions and moving around maybe 20 different times in one session thinking I was being chad af. She told me later she was just thinking wtf and didn't have time to enjoy it or know what was going on.
Moral: also take your time

The good news is that you probably didn't even have a 7 day streak, as edging breaks a streak. Hope this helps. Better luck next time.

Firstly, I'm not sure why you'd be asking about this here - this is NoFap, not NoPorn.

But to answer your question (outside of the clear cut cases) it is really a decision you have to come to yourself, with a few guidelines.

It's not JUST about the content you view, it's about the INTENT. For example, I watch (non-sexual) ASMR videos to go to sleep, with zero intention of being aroused or fapping (although the former can happen). This is not porn. If somebody fires up ASMR videos with the intention to be aroused and/or fapping, as they would when were watching porn, then of course it counts.

Now let's consider the case of instragram sloots. We have to ask: why are you viewing said pictures? Did they happen across your path (a la the kind of bait pictures the anti-NoFappers post in every other Veeky Forums thread)? Or were you seeking them out for arousal? Given you fapped, even f you originally stumbled across them to begin with, you turned them into porn when you gave into your urges.

The general rule is "if you have to ask, it's porn". God bless.

>If you look at it and can get off from it, then it's porn user.
With all due respect, I disagree. I recently watched the beautiful Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider. Did I watch porn? No, I watched a movie with an attractive star. If I went to buy the blu-ray and then started just watching her most lewd scenes on a loop, it's a different story. It's about INTENT.

>spreading easily debunked propaganda about testosterone and the "need" to fap, as if wet dreams don't exist
>unironically calls NoFap "(((((their))))) meme", despite the ownership and history of the porn industry
This bait could only have been weaker if you included the nonsense about prostate cancer risk. Nice try.

>nofap day 40

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Try spending as few time as possible alone in your room.
When you're done doing the necessary things, head out and do something with your friends, go to gym etc.
If you have the urge to fap take a piece of paper and write it down, with the date and time.
Now truly aware of it, try replacing it with something productive. Running would be my choice. But it can be anything. See also above. Just leave your room.
Write down, what you now should better be doing and why.
If you give in to fap, afterwards write down how long you did it, and how you feel about it now, and then why you want to quit it. And why it is better to do activity x next time.
Do not write something of the sort that fapping is pathetic and only losers do it, that might reduce self-confidence and lead to depression.
If you need porn to fap, delete all the porn you have, and if possible quit your private internet access and use public ones. You now will think that is impossible.
But how much really necessary and productive things do you really use the internet for?

How many days in did y'all get your first wet dreams?

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lmao weak low test human
we are designged to fap everyday and still have high energy, yet you stay on nofap for 7 fucking days and gets depressed when fapping

go fix your test levels, nofap wont do much for you untill you fix or diet and shit

>day 10
>yesterday this fucking hoe came up to me begging to fuck while chilling with friends
>literal thot, friends older brother had smashed earlier that morning
>finished smoking some blunts with my homies and saying bye to everyone
>she came up hugged me tight and pushed her titties on me and licked and bit my ear, a weakness of mine
>get home and meditate bc I thought I was going to burst
>thoughts of fapping finally go away

Stay vigilant brothers. Also daily reminder that death grip syndrome can be cured by nofap.

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>we are designed to fap every day
Ok schlomo

Say it with me, robots


It very well may be. But hell, refraining from fapping for 2 months let my penis sensitivity recover. finally was able to cum in vaginas like a normal person when before i couldn't bc I fapped like a vice.

3 nofap threads open at once?!

If you do it because you literally broke your dick from fapping that's fine, but the problem is that the desperate people on this board believe not fapping gives you magic powers

Well then know that I agree with you. Claiming that you'll get laid or become chad from not fapping is retarded.

Almost nobody thinks it gave you magic powers; it just gives you back everything which porn usage and regular fapping stole from you, which seems magical to people who have been stuck in the brain fog since they were teenagers.

What does it do exactly?

You fucked up user. Never let yourself idle or be alone for too long the farther you stray from your last relapse. Next time you fucked up (you will) resist the urge to blame yourself and instead get angry and do something to make up for the relapse - like cleaning your room or lifting heavy.

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Quick Question:
Does sex with a woman count as relapse?
Unfortunate,I cannot cum unless self-induced. I guess that would count as masturbation, therefore a relapse, right?


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>>With all due respect, I disagree. I recently watched the beautiful Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider. Did I watch porn? No, I watched a movie with an attractive star. If I went to buy the blu-ray and then started just watching her most lewd scenes on a loop, it's a different story. It's about INTENT.

If you look at arousing images and play with your genitals with the end result being pleasure - it's a relapse. Even if you didn't finish. The simple exchange of sexually arousing content for dopamine over a extended period of time invalidates the entire premise of a 'streak'

read this user

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I think if you're fucking a girl and finish on her with your hand you're fine. The whole point is that the sex act is more natural and rewarding than sitting in your basement whacking it to hentai.

Ok, i'll try. I did it for two weeks during the summer. It makes me crazy, wanted to fuck every girl I saw and even made me make a move on one of them. It made me incredibly frustrated tho.

This. If you cum within a yard of a woman with her permission it doesn't count as fapping, even if you're just jerking off on her face.

If you don't have sensitivity problems where you NEED to jerk to reach climax then yes it is not a problem. But if you need to jerk it to cum then you have a problem sorry bro.

Interesting scientific short video about the effects of masturbation on the brain

I think I have this. Is it because my penis circumference and glans (even smaller) are too small?

On day 11 and the urge is strengthening. What do

Nothing like that. It's either because you are very nervous and cannot get comfortable or you have DEATH GRIP SYNDROME. Idk how bad you have it but try nofap for a couple of weeks and see if you can orgasm with a girl.

I'm not nervous anymore once we started. It might be related to the death grip syndrome. It just feels better with my hand.

Yep. This is the thing. I am also stimulated by her. We're having a break now anyway, as our continues sex the last three nights lead to her muscle soreness.
However, climax is usually self-induced by myself.

Had a really fucking realistic dream last night where I masturbated and busted the biggest nut of my life. Felt genuine disappointment in my dream it was that realistic.
Woke up and was happy as fuck that it wasn’t real.

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On day six of nofap btw

But I have absolutely no need to force an orgasm on myself, really. It's a great feeling in general.
Would I have to stop sex, though?

Stay strong lad, until day 20 it was rough but after that point it got easier.

Usefull link.

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The next step is becoming so aware you can control all your dreams and realize that dream sex is a waste cuz u could be uncovering hidden information about you and the universe.

It's weird because I've had no issue this run until yesterday and today. I think my drive might be recovering since I didn't completely blow it the fuck out like a lot of people have done theirs

Can’t you get sleep paralysis from doing that though

if you do it wrong yes but

So how do I do it.
I’ve tried before briefly but gave up after no results

U rarely get any pleasure masturbating, and I only do it once a day to my imagination.
When will cumming feel as good as it did before? Biggest streak was 4 days and on the relapse day the orgasm felt amazing.

But in this case (in a public cinema) , I obviously wasn't "playing with my genitals". I *could* get off from any Alicia Vikander film, no question - but I watch them for the plot. As another example, one could easily "get off" from watching braphogs in a gym - but anybody normal won't do this.
The point is, coming across attractive/arousing things in everyday life is NOT a relapse unless you turn it into one by reacting.

At the very least stop jerking until you can reach orgasm from sex.

Why the fuck would I want an increased sex drive when I can't get any pussy. It would make me even more miserable.

Because you channel it (and the time saved by not being a degenerate) into things which are actually useful and not fake dopamine hits tricking yourself into thinking you're fulfilling your evolutionary purpose when you're really just shitposting on Veeky Forums.

I made it two weeks once and it was horrible. I wanted to watch porn so bad I couldn't focus or remember anything. I was extremely irritable as well. I can only imagine it gets worse from there.

sounds like ur addicted

This. Get on nofap and start using tinder at the same time. Turn sexual frustration into social gains until you start getting dates, get rejected, and try again until you succeed. Fapping makes your body thinks it's been successful in reproducing, so your motivation dies. But once you bust that frustration nut inside some thot, then you will know what it's all about.

>I can only imagine it gets worse from there.
Not necessarily. The most important leap is the moment when you realise you're not even trying to not fap, you just don't think about it because you've filled your time with more meaningful pursuits. The start is hard, for sure, but it gets better. Then come the flatlines - that's when you really get tested!

Day 41 NoFap NoPorn. Libido and aggression are very high.

I did no fap no cum for over half a year ama

>the flatlines

meant for


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>tfw I'm not the only one to give up fapping for lent

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Nah my man

Well you just happened to pick ash Wednesday as your starting date my man, so you are technically doing it for the Lord

did it cure your gayness or make it worse?
did you bust any thots?

Just checked and I'm day 42 so I'm in the clear

I just don't know anymore guys.....

What's right and what's wrong....

I've tried nofap a lot of times, been on it, relapsed from it, and I've also been fapping daily, couple of times sometimes, and still I can't find the right answer.

I'm just still stuck. I keep searching for the answer to this universal question, but looks like I'm still far away from it.

On day 4 for now again.

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What's the question?

7th day

A flatline is a total loss of all libido. Your body is trying to trick you into fapping again by making you think you've lost your sexual energy and can only get it back by fapping. Do not be fooled! they always go, sooner or later, and you get back all the benefits.

See more:

Carry on then, heathen

should we fap or not

to fap or not to fap

Does sex also drain T and dopamine receptors?

Sexing many women increases test

>"Does sex ... drain ...dopamine receptors?"
Not a good question.
>Does it decrease dopamine sensitivity?
Yes, but realize that everything does. It's all about the reward system. Your sensitivity decreases, which drives you to do more of the action that releases dopamine

Thanks, dude.

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>Does sex also drain T
Anyone who has had sex knows that it only furthers your desire to have more sex.

>First 3-4 days you get angry
>Then you get very horny, awake, alert, motivated etc
>Then you get even more horny, awake, alert, motivated etc
>for 3-4 days after abt 2 weeks you get extremely horny and extremely motivated but also too easily distracted by thots
>then you start nutting in your sleep and stuff. The nuts are huge and lumpy
>Then your get a bit more horny than usual
>then you stay a bit more horny than usual and your balls really shrink up and your dick a bit too from lack of use
>Then this just keeps going
>smaller and smaller balls, a bit more horny than usual, pretty normal mood, perhaps a little tiny bit elevated, no biggie, your balls will permanently look like it's cold outside and will be way small
>I also got wider hips but that may be unrelated
>then after 8-ish months I think it was I had enough and came
>first jizz is pretty tiny and completely pearly white, felt really sad after
>second 'jizz' was literally nothing, felt really sad after
>literally 0 sex drive for over a week, all jizzes were almost no jizz at all and I felt really sad after orgasming (I usually cum fountains and feel well after)
>slowly rehabilitated my cucked to fuck miniscule ball sack by jizzing, it slowly started to turn normal, sag more, grow back to normal size
>first two weeks or so I felt very tired, unmotivated, shitty

So to conclude, if you do this and finally find a girl, you're gonna nut once and then be fucking impotent for a week. I don't really recommend no porn either (did that for half a year too, made me pretty asexual). I recommend you don't jack off unless you're horny enough to jack off to softcore stuff with fairly ugly girls and then just jack off to that so real life will seem like a huge improvement, and then don't let yourself cum unless you're really horny. The trick is to always maintain a fairly high horny level and active balls, so if you cum too often, you'll lose that horny level, if you cum too rarely, same thing.

This is fake news.

>try nofap for about a week and a half
>have a lunch date tomorrow with a girl who approached me first
I thought it was just a meme. Nah but for real if I had masterbated I probably wouldn’t agreed to meet her.

Is it worth trying my dudes? I've felt horrible for the past couple months and have been fapping an average of like 6 times a day. I haven't lifted in a month, and haven't been watching nutrition at all. Hell I drank a 2 liter of mt dew yesterday.

I know nofap isn't some super solution to all my problems but do you think it could atleast kick start me getting out of my rut

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ejaculation decreases motivation. look at studies done on rats. there was an experiment where they basically rigged a rats brain to get a dopamine hit every time it pushed a button. it kept pushing the button, wouldn't eat, and then died of starvation.

>Say it with me, robots
kys degenerate

"you're gonna nut once and then be fucking impotent for a week"
Not if you do kegels and other penis exercises.

>I don't really recommend no porn either (did that for half a year too, made me pretty asexual)
So then what did people do before porn?

Thanks user. I'm and that sounds exactly like what I'm going though (see ) It's very weird and extremely uncomfortable, but it's good to know this is just a phase and that it'll pass. On the bright side, if I'm already dealing with this for the 3rd day in a row on day 11, 1 month is probably all I need before I go on rarely fap no porn

Bullshit. My guess is your balls go into a dormant mode to prevent damage from producing more cum than they can re-absorb (a cum after 2 weeks of no fap will be huge, yellow-ish and lumpy, a cum after 8 months will be small and pearly white and healthy). It's gonna take a while to get back in the game from that. I think they'd start back up more quickly if you were interacting and getting turned on by a fertile female a lot though. It's well established the smell and interaction increases serum T in males.

But me personally was just beating my meat at home. Kegels just strengthen a muscle that expulses secretions. It won't affect your serum T or anything. Also a great kegel exercise is jacking off/having sex.

Okay so what if instead of fapping every day, i fuck my gf every day? Are you still going to tell me it's not healthy or some shit?