That 30 years old guy who goes to the gym

>that 30 years old guy who goes to the gym

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>that 14 year old that posts this over and over again every half hour

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>those 30 years balding oldcels replying at them

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>he thinks most men naturally bald at 30
You must have some cousin-fuckin' genes in your family, kid.

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based 30 year old poster


get lost grandpa lmao at your gains

>Roll tide!
How dare someone in their 30s try to better themselves. Fuck those guys they had their chances and missed them. Can you believe the audacity of these dumb ass old bastards hahahahaha right guys? /s



>thread sage

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>too retarded to respond with words so only post retard.jpg
>makes the same thread every 15 minutes because nobody wants to talk to me
>ive been doing this for 8 hours or so
>its past my bedtime but mommy doesnt know yet heuheu

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I am 30

I don’t lift at the gym. I lift in my home, 4 bedroom 700sq meter home to be exact. No mortgage, owned outright, no land tax because I am not an amerimutt. Life is good.

Run along now Child

>all these 30 year old men consistently replying to this bait
[email protected] oldcels

>tfw me and 30 is around the corner
Pls. God no

I feel like these threads give me a chance to communicate with other oldfags.

Shit I've learned with age. . .

>fads come and go. Crossfit will be gone in 10 years.
>do cardio. It's just good for you.
>no one cares if you are in shape. Unless you are a stripper or a bodybuilder no one gives a fuck.
>No one cares if you are strong.
>women don't care what you look like.
>money is way more important than gains.
>Don't eat a ton of eggs.

t. Grandpa

Are you implying someone should be jealous that you own your garbage pit of a house in the absolute waste landfill that is whatever horrible country you live in?

imagine being OP and getting mogged so hard by some 30 year old guy at the gym that you come to Veeky Forums and make this thread.

My friend turns 30 here soon and he's been doing keto for the past year. He's lost like 70 pounds and looks fucking amazing. Best shape of his life

He tears shit at the gym too of course

>no one cares if you are in shape

I disagree I get way more attention now that I'm not a skinny bitch

I beg to disagree on being in shape, strength or looks. People care, although it's more of a bonus than a priority past some point.

Agree on the rest tho