Long square glutes, what do I do to salvage? Also have hip dips

Long square glutes, what do I do to salvage? Also have hip dips.
Cut or bulk? Please only real advice

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how do I fix mom butt? My routine is basically 3x a week:

2x10 body weight hip bridges
2x10 leg raise with resistance band

3x12 hip abduction
3x12 leg press
3x12 Bulgarian split squat
3x12 hip thrust
3x15 cable kickback

Someone help me

1) Do glute focused excercised for volume
2) Gain weight
3) Get butt implants

Seems like a good program.
Stay the course for a few months and hope for the best.
Would also add in hill sprinting and Lunges as well.


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Here is my problem area from another angle, (sorry, not trying to be flattering so I can highlight the problem) how the fuck do I train to get rid of these dip? Seriously thinking about getting butt implants or lipo. Are there any resources for training with a square butt? I want it to be more teardrop shaped.

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just lose weight. eat less food. drink less mocha frappé.

stop eating garbage food

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lack of muscle. they'll fill out with some weight training.

find a workout to target the main muscles femanon, just google some anatomy and then search up workouts for them on the googles, do not do implants cause they are a false sense of beauty, and if you got them you would be no better than all the other thots. be different and be natty so when someone asks if its fake you can have the satisfaction to say no i carved this shit

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1)build muscle
3)maintain good fat levels for a good ass

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entirely dependent on hormones when you were growing up

either way youll look fine, infact you look fine rn


The most important aspect of butt gains is mind-muscle connection. You really need to get good at flexing your glutes and using them during your lifts. Also like any muscle, heavy weights.

Lift heavy at maintenance calories or slight cut. The formation that you don't like is from fat. Gotta lose the fat to have a "toned" ass.

Hip thrust with progressive overload via volume.

i have similar butt inserts minus dips
as someone who squats and lifts for many years my butt looks amazing from a side but i could never get tear shape look, only way is cosmetic, i have tried everything can't change inserts, can improve a lot but lifting tho

Thanks for the response guys, I'll try cut/bulk cycles and strong mind muscle connection + try harder at the gym. I'm thinking that my specific problems I'm worried about are mostly genetic though ;_;

This is how my butt looks on the side currently but while flexing. Not flexing from the side looks like shit. I think my quads are starting to get too big compared to my ass too. Does anyone have photos of unflexed ass vs flexed? Or do any femanons have butt progress photos for motivation?

I literally feel like no matter how hard I try I'm just doomed to a shitty ass

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You're built like an asian girl. You have short legs, very bad proportions for a girl. Your only hope is to lose some weight as you lift weights to make your proportions look less ridiculous

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Jesus Christ those thighs, fuarkin juicy.

Dont go overboard with either cutting or bulking. Just eat from TDEE -100kcal to TDEE -200kcal when cutting and the same over your TDEE when you want to add mass. Can't help with programs, no idea what works for women. Also post more pics, you have the frame to become 10/10 braphog.

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Anything I should fix from the front view? Help me become aesthetic guys, I'll come back after three months and post my progress.

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Keep up your routine maybe more core?

I cut out all core cause I heard girls shouldn't work out core because it actually adds muscle mass to the waist. How true is this? Right now I'm just trying to cut more to get my waist thinner, but my ass is deflating more and more

You have a "square" butt because it looks like your ass is likey 95% fat instead of muscle. Fat hangs off the body and unless you're genetically lucky or pay for it to shaped a certain way it usually always looks bad. If your current diet lets you maintain that figure I would honestly just say keep eating how you are currently, since it's likely enough (although maybe get some extra protien in) and start actually training your lower body.

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The gap makes me self conscious too. It's genetic. Just keep working at it and it'll be gone if you're focused. I recently got into power lifting so I got rid of a lot of back fat. Looking back at advice I would have given myself a year ago... Count calories to cut and at the least count protein and make sure you're getting enough. It's easy to get to the gym and go hard but if there's no protein for the muscles then you'll get stuck in this endless cycle of over training, losing motivation, and blaming your strength for your plateaus when really it's just a matter of getting proper nutrition. You can add me on snap if you want someone to talk about Veeky Forums stuff with :)

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Oh sorry I also forget to mention. And this is just for myself but a good way to determine how much protein to get is pretty simple. Take your own weight and multiply by the numbers in parenthesis so I'm 135lbs * (0.80-0.90) = 108-121g protein a day. And it works like a butterfly effect too so if you really reach your protein goals you'll realize how full you are and how little it leaves out for desires of high glycemic foods.


Just do more cardio and go vegan.

the key thing is to lose some weight tbqh. everything will look a bit better.

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your butt doesn't even look that bad, because your hips are wide
unlike this

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whats your routine?

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Canditos linear progression program! But I got a trainer now too and he's going to make me a plan this thursday :-)

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