Homemade weights

Best ideas for homemade dumbbells/weights?

I used a milk jug but it's just awkward to hold.

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get a job

that looks like calcified rolls of shit tickets

just go to the gym like normal people do

*I live super far from the gym

Also need to be at home to take care of parents

>that 30 years old guy who live at his parents

lmao never gonna make it, dont even bother with weights

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Making a sandbag is cheap and easy.
Finding big rocks logs and heavy objects is easy too.

The grip is shitty tho
Whats something thats heavy but also comfortable grip thats DIY?


How about making a dbell out of an 18" threaded rod? you can make makeshift weights out of those big water dispenser bottles.

Im 23 lol
My mum has an illness and I need to take care of her

>threaded rods

threads are pretty sharp, good luck holding onto them/gripping them tightly when you start putting high weight on them

Pretty sure you can fit a bicycle grip in the middle and if you cant just wrap with a towel

Don't have to be ashamed by living with your parents. Don't let shitposters get to you.

The raw price per pound (when buying only a couple hundred pounds at most) of any material dense enough to practicably be used in a homemade weight is not going to be very competitive, if at all, compared to the price of just buying real workout equipment. Add in any tools or other items you end up needing, and you may even end up spending *more*, even though you end up with a shitty product.

Just buy real weights. You'll have a much better item that you're much more likely to actually use, and worst you'll only be paying slightly more than you would otherwise spend to get it.

im from an asian country where real weights are bloody expensive for some reason so I'd like to diy as much as possible

If cost is that much of an object, look into DIYing a pullup bar (or rings) and some parallettes and research "bodyweight progressions" for some progressive overload that can get you pretty damn fit. Save money while you do it if you eventually want to use weights anyway.

DIY weights will be a lot harder to control weight/progress with than a good bodyweight system, and DIYing a weighted vest if you want to augment that should prove much more practical and cheaper than trying to DIY weightlifting gear.

>DIY weights will be a lot harder to control weight/progress
Because you can add more weight or just build a heavier weight.
Just because it's not the exact same arbitrary weight as the weight in the gym doesn't really matter.

Just lift her a few times a day

I am extremely anxious about it

Do people just pay, go, do their shit, and leave? Do you have to talk to trainers?

Before you go you need to have a good explanation for the gym desk person as to why you want to workout, because they will ask you why. And once you get passed them you will be randomly asked by other gym goers as to why you are working out and what you are doing and if you know what you’re doing through out your workout.
And NO, there is no way you already understand all of the equipment. Be prepared for extreme humiliation every time you go to a gym.

This. I barely survived my initiation period. On the second day I was asked to spot 3pl8 bench for this gym rat and he started yelling at me for touching the bar too early. Ended up going home crying.
It would be a good idea to scope out the color of the gym, so you can buy a set of gym clothes that match the color, so you could blend in with the background

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I'm going full scooby and get creative

Chill bro just be sure you are +6ft or you will end up in the manlet pit, if you are a manlet just go to a manlet gym

get a job
buy home gym

I want to buy a pair of dumbbells. I am scrawny as fuck. What's the difference in different weights and what is the best all-around weight to get?

>Best ideas for homemade dumbbells/weights?
any type of pulley is as simple as getting steel cable, blocks and carabiners. Mount it wherever you desire, use rope as handle or get a simple pipe, on the other end you can attach basically anything (crate with weights, sack of shit, bucket with piss) and now you can do a lot exercises. Add one more block on the bottom and you can curl or row. I would recommend getting a simple bar, weights and stands for compound movements.

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For dumbell flys I used buckets full of sand

backpack filled with stones works for body weight exercises

there is no best single weight. look into adjustable dumbbells so you can have almost all of the weights (except the heavy ones that would require a barbell). I have a pair of 70 power blocks that are compact and nice for an apartment setup, but they're a bit pricey.

Bamboo and cast concrete. Friend did this when he lived in Bangladesh.

The urban gym close to me has construction rods (like the ones used to reinforce cement) as barbells and various sizes of cast cement as weights. Ask for a rod from a construction site if you find one, then strap some weights on it (better if you use big bottles with handles) and call it a day. Of course, don't expect anything close to the real deal, but there are many possibilities if you're witty enough.

Just for shits, I kept some scrap from my job so I can do quick light sets in my office during the day. I have an air handler drive shaft which weighs about 85lbs, the top of a pump assembly with a handle to use as a 40lb kettle bell, and the hub from a huge fan that I carry around the office.
Find heavy shit around and pick it up and carry it around. It's no substitute for really heavy lifts, but it can help.

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