Can someone explain this to me? what am i doing wrong? how do i fix it?

can someone explain this to me? what am i doing wrong? how do i fix it?

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she's just not interested. move on.

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move on

you're ugly. She isn't attracted to you. Aim lower.

sounds like a stand up girl.
too bad dude.

at first she said i was 'too conservative' then reeled back on that. i don't think it's an attraction issue... we were very sexual. it's like she just flipped a switch

this cant be written by a women, this must be some old meme there

anyways, assuming a girl wrote you something like that just move on

also not /fit related

/thread and sage

lmao girls don't type all that shit if it's not an "attraction issue", more like she wasn't drunk anymore/chad texted her back

i mog her exes tho and i was the 6th guy shes been with (shes 25)

You read all of that bullshit and actually reread that bullshit and reread that bullshit.

I read all of two fucking sentences from that shit and knew what she was going to say before she finished it.

You fucked up in two very big ways

You didn't confront her in person and talk to her. She spent a lot of time thinking her way through that rambling female minded nonsense of a whatever that shit is.
The second? You wasted your goddamned time and ours by posting this bullshit when you know damned well that you blew it.
Look, overthinking things is what women do.
You're supposed to pull her out of her head and into the real world. But also occasionally give her a rhetorical choice so that she does't go fully on autopilot.

this was after i talked to her on the phone for an hour.... then in person. really we were all romantic and shit every time we'd hang out then it took a sudden 180

she is fucking tyrone, thats what happened bro, found another dick better than yours, simply as this, tell that bitch to fuck off and move on, she'll do the same to the dick is sucking right now while you browse this argentinian soccer balon forum

There's nothing to fix. She's not feeling you, and was actually up front about it. Most girls just ghost now cause it's easier and they don't give a shit.

Try having more options to fall back on so you aren't hung up on one chick next time.

Man fit why u guys such cunts.

The reality is that we will never know for sure. So op you can either believe that it was something you did, something she did or something that just happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Its important to choose what u believe wisely. Because u cant change the past but you can chnage the future.

Probably thinks she can land someone better and overthought this like a million times in her messed up female head.

How tall are you?

If this is real it's pretty cool she told you straight up instead of ghosting you. You sound needy op so just move on, be friends but get another girl asap or else it will be tense when you are around eachother

because you're a "nice guy" when women want a man.

stop respecting them. women are trash and deserve nothing for free.

This is literally the gold standard template that means, "I am going to try and be polite but I'm not into you." Sucks, but you really don't want to be in a relationship with someone who is doing it out of kindness for you anyways. Also incase you're a sperg or too young, "I could be friends with you though" is meant to soften the blow not to be taken seriously.

i don't want to be 'just friends' with someone who i want to be intimate with

Just get over it, why does it even matter?

because i hate being alone and dont know where to meet people


god damn, the nerve of this chick nexting a 6'1 Veeky Forums, shes rolling the dice for uber chad. get with someone better and post it all over your pages

i deleted my tinder / bumble. i absolutely dislike online dating.

Its because youre not attractive enough. If you were hot she would be fucking you right now

Either your lack of confidence/assertiveness or another man is the reason. Her wording makes me think that it's the former. It incould be wrong. Your best bet is to be setting the stages with multiple women and rolling with the first who actually bites. Putting too much effort into one women will make you seem desparate to them.

You can't fix this, dude.
But seriously, take a nice deep breath right now and digest the words in this post with your mind.

Nothing you can do will "fix" this. This is not a broken situation. It just is.
You didn't do anything wrong. This didn't happen because you fucked up somehow. It just happened.

Just move on and let it happen. It's the best thing you can do in this situation.
You can try to be friends if you want to, but I've found it better to not try to be.

confronting a girl who's trying to tell you via text she isn't attracted to you is a good way to look like a weirdo and scare her off entirely

Looking like a wierdo to a girl who wrote what....ten goddamned paragraphs?
She knows him well and wanted to spend a fuckload of time blowing him off in the nicest way possible.

Confronting her in person is needed.

Something similar happened with me. My ex and I were super romantic with each other and sexually active, and then all of a sudden I got a text just like that shit. My best advice is to move on. She was a really affectionate girl, and I never reciprocated that same level of affection. Women need emotional warmth and comfort - if you fail to give her that, she'll lose interest. You live and you learn. Any girl that would break up with you over text is not worth dating desu.

Try being more playful and teasing next time. It's how 5s are able to get 7s.

God, I can feel the tears behind my eyes as I read this. It happens, OP.
There is something about you that she's not comfortable with. Try to think about what you did wrong and move on. Improve yourself.

I got this same exact text lol, girl was legit obsessed with me when I gave her the cold shoulder. Then once I actually started hanging out with her I got this text. Girls are weird

You're not doing anything wrong. You cannot fix it.
You're not on the radar, not because of what you do, but because of what you are. Even if you change so radically that you won't recognize yourself, that moment is gone. Move on and find out which girls do have you on their radar. (They might be uggos, though)

Move the fuck on. Keep going through the bitches. You WILL find one that will be madly in love with you and then the rest will be a distant memory.

She thinks you're below her league. At least she told you rather than stringing you along.

Ouch yeah then Tyrone texted her back finally and she upgraded. If it makes you feel better there's no guarantee Tyrone was black.

Here's what you do
text back "lol k"
either she is going to fling her vagina at you or she won't

either way you win

i know this seems like a meme but this is actually good advice

I got in this same situation a few years ago. I got pissed and asked my bros what to say. Gymbro tells me to say something like
>alright I'm fine with just friends. Thanks for being straight up.
She freaked out and went all
>wow I knew you never cared about me wtf
And then a few days later I got the
>haha I was kidding about the 'just friends' thing btw
The best thing you can do at this point is accept it and not sperg out. Be happy she didnt ghost you

No, this response seems very butthurt. 'lol k' should only be used if the balance is on your side (e.g. she's begging for you to take her back).

I know nothing about relationships nor do I have experience in this... but breaking up over text just pisses me the fuck off. Absolutely disgusting.

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okay... so what do i say

Did you have sex with her?

yes, many times


Just say ok whatever. It's already over; don't waste more time on this.

how old are you just curious

"No worries. Seriously thank you for being honest. Give me a little time to think but I totally understand where you're coming from."

Then hit her up for drunk sex

lol, stop being a manlet, she can do better - or at least she hopes

>meet guy in a dry spell
>kinda horny and wanna get my pussy pounded and filled
>he's kinda autistic but w/e
>give him my phone number
>pls fuck me user
>weirdo spends hours talking to me on the phone and in person about romantic shit even though we barely met each other
>needy and clingy
>let him down gently with a text message because i don't want to get stalked and murdered

It doesn't really matter what you say unless you want to continue a friendship with her, which I don't think either of you really want.

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k smell u later fat ass


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There's nothing left to say. Don't listen to these bitch boiis, who say you should answer something.
Deleting number and ignoring is the way to go.

>what am i doing wrong?
Giving a fuck about what millenial women think, they're disposable as fuck. Just fuck the next one.

This is what happened op.

The fact that you're conservative just served to dry up the very last of her juices. The only people who find that worldview attractive are Veeky Forums permavirgin autists.

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The best thing to do is delete all reminders, conversations and pictures with her. Maybe save them and put on the computer if they’re really special to you.

Your mind is gonna play over this situation and look for everything you did wrong, this is natural. It should slow down every week and you’ll probably be okay after 3-4 weeks.

Just try and relax. Learn from your mistakes and most importantly delete everything like I told you to. It makes shit easier.

If you move on she may even come back. Assuming you don’t bug her and let her come to you. Don’t count on it though.. just move on. By the time you’re over it you won’t even want her back.

if you reply with anything other than “lol k” you MUST do the universe a favor and sleep on train tracks


>if you reply with anything other than “lol k” you MUST do the universe a favor and sleep on train tracks

lol k IS the quintenssial butthurt reply trying to masquerade as alpha. Never do this. It's so overused it's a dead meme. Just say "I agree with what you're saying. Thanks." This way you're making her mind do the mental gymnastics that she is in fact the one that's getting fucked over here.

Sometimes things just don't work out even if they ought to. You didn't do anything wrong, it's just the way things shake out.

>I agree with what you’re saying. Thanks.
is this bait?

You're thanking her for saying what you were thinking. Nigga do u even fucc

don't be a needy loser. even if you somehow guilt her into a relationship, what then? you think you'll be happy on the long run?

>thanking a woman for rejecting you
you absolute fucking retard
NEVER EVER EVER explain your reasoning to a girl if shes not your wife. you need to leave them hanging and wondering to the absolute fullest extent you can manage. vagueness=“why isnt he more upset that i rejected him???? he must be cool, i think ill fuck him later”=you WILL get a booty call the next weekend.
it is YOU who has clearly never fucced, incel

Man. You're 10/10 retarded.

You being too nice to her.

It’s because you bought her meals, afterwards she doesn’t respect you.

ok, my subjective experience with this method working 100% of the time is just wrong because reasons. in your own immortal words, “thanks.”


lol k


Lol k. Thanks.

Just say "I appreciate the honesty, it would have been worse to fake it. It's disappointing, but I'll be okay. See you around." or something along those lines. Basically, you just want to not take it like a retard, otherwise everyone you know in common will hear about it.

This reeks of patheticness. Have some fucking dignity lol.


Just reply "No problem, have a good one" and wash your hands of it.

Move on.

A girl did just "ok" to me after I told her how much she meant to me and I couldn't do the whole continuing talking to her without holding feelings after she broke it off but kept texting me afterwards. I think she wanted me to fight with her a little more but that just seemed emotionally draining for something I wasn't going to get what I wanted.

A girl did this to me a couple of months ago. Had amazing sex all the time. She said she wanted me to impregnate her and such. Then suddenly out of nowhere I get a text like this.

Women can change their mind instantly like that, just get over it and move on to the next chick.

Also all the advice is bad. Say nothing and just delete her number and texts so you aren't tempted on a lonely drunken night.

What you're doing wrong is sending this shit over text. Seriously talking to this extent as the guy is beta enough. Choosing SMS for this is next level sperg.
Stop being a fucking autist just spend real time with her and do whatever you actually like. If the highly niche context does arise from this, maybe you can say 1/4 of this.

>how to start a co-dependent relationship

Bet she's seeing an ex or has decided that "the single life suits me better" otherwise known as "I was only using you for validation".

Fucking hate women.

She probably got called by chad that day

Ignore and move along

this post is manslaughter

She's not in love with you and honest enough to tell it.
Seems like a nice girl.

>t. someone who recently saved himself the trouble of such a text and just ghosted the girl for the same reasons

I've been very sexual with a girl recently and I don't have any romantic feelings, mainly because she's unattractive. It's probably the same for you.

>what am i doing wrong? how do i fix it?
tl dr

>fwb casually mentions she has a boyfriend while we're fucking

Don't take the gfpill lads, stick to banging sluts.

Girls don't work that way. If they're attracted enough to have sex they'll consider being your gf. Unless you show that you're a turbo sperg or some limp wristed faggot.

unironically this

that word doesnt mean what you think it means

top fuckin kek rip in peace OP

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Best reply of the thread, doesn't appear butthurt nor pathetic

"What's your sister's number?"

yeah fuckin top stuff mate, have a good one

Send a dick pic with no text

What a bitch honestly. If a bitch sent me this I'd just tell her to get off her high horse and stop treating me like a child

"I respect the fact you are being straight with me, I had a great time with you and I won't regret it. But I never saw an 'us'. We we're just spending time together and I'm thankful for that. I don't know if we can stay friends, I can't really be friends with a girl i've been so intimate with. Good luck! (="