How do I develop the courage to eat ass?

It's nice in theory & looks good in a porno, but I just can't bring myself to do it in reality. I'll eat a nice pussy all day but I can't get over the fact that I'd be licking another human's asshole every time I wanna bury my face between the cheeks.

What can I do? Is there even technique to it like with cunt?

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Why do you want to eat ass, it's disgusting.

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Poop comes out of there.

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I've never had a problem eating ass

But having the bitch eat yours is even better, so you get her know her place

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Back to leddddit you go

A clean ass is the best and sexiest smell/taste in the world. You are ingesting straight pheromones. It is scientific fact this is a primary means of pheromone communication for mammals. Scientific fact that only low test will deny


Only eat ass from the big three


Eating a woman's ass is a mistake, they don't know how to maintain it.

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stop watching porn

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>ex bf would want his ass eaten daily
>trans gf won't eat mine and doesn't want hers eaten either
how do I convince her to let me eat her sexy shitpussy like an apple shitter fritter

If it doesn't appeal, don't.
I only do it if I'm really keen and we're dating and they've recently showered and waxed/shaved.

Asking was the first mistake. At this point, you'll just have to do it. Also what is this convince shit? A respectable tranny will do what you say, not tell you what to do. Are you banging a hon user?

Mixed views on this. For some reason I feel like the bitch when I have my ass eaten
I make sure to go rough afterwards so they don't think otherwise

>apple shitter fritter

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Do it in the shower
Tastes amazing
Deep kiss her afterwards

There's like a massive spike in intestinal parasite cases recently, that's just the reported ones. I wonder why...

Absolutely disgusting

>be a 21 year old virgin
>meet 21 year old girl
>also virgin
>have the sex
>she says she wants to get laser for hair
>though it was just legs but she does her pussy and asshole too
>one time im fucking her doggy
>that beautiful pink asshole just looks soo good
>lick it and shes super into it
>regular would lick and tongue her virgin asshole
>doing it one nigbt and she begs me to put my dick in

Get a girl whos not a whore

>begs for anal
>not a whore
pick one

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Just shower with her before and wash it yourself, that's what I did with my ex, washed her pussy too cause she was too retarded to do it properly herself.

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Also I love getting girls to lick my ass. It's the final act of degredation ; ) I'd say about 1/4 of girls ive been with were down

don’t b scared bb

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he's surrounded by a strange mist. surely, it is the work of whatever immensely powerful sorcerer is keeping him alive.


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I wanna put my face between two fat ass cheeks. Only problem is there's an anus there

good one btw

You're being tricked by fecal fetishists and bisexuals into thinking its acceptable when its not. Its not something a heterosexual should do or want to do, its abnormal. You need to stop being so weak.

To the guys who get girls to eat your ass, do you do anything about your ass hair?

Not actually supposed to eat ass bro it’s just a meme hahha

Wha- what does this have to do with fitness?

I've only gotten one girl to eat my ass and I didn't even ask, she just went for it while giving me a bj. Honestly one of the best feelings in the world, I almost came on the spot as her tongue brushed against my asshole. I didn't shave.

>Honestly one of the best feelings in the world
yeah this is pretty much what I've always heard

It's a gateway to homosexuality.

>wanting to do something just because he saw it in a porno
Fucking dumb goyim really do copy whatever is shilled to them don't they?
Don't suck a dirty shithole you pseudo-homosexual.

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Dont listen to these prude nazivirgins. Rimming is the chad foreplay and anal the fuckway of the gods. Just take her after shower.

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Once you get down with the /SNIFF/ness, eating ass will come naturally

>get gf
>having sex
>she tells me to get on top of her and sit on her face
>do it
>starts lapping at my asshole like a dog in heat
>moan like a fucking faggot because i've never experienced that god tier feeling before
>tells me she has a fetish for asses
>one time she bends me over doggy on my bed and lick me from dick and balls all the way up and down to the ass crack
>end up biting the pillow and squirming like a fucking faggot
>nut because the feeling is too intense
>tfw returning the favor
>tongue fucking the shit out of her asshole
>says she's never had anyone do it to her before
>tfw she says all of her bfs were very submissive and i was the best sex she had only because i was dominant
>tfw only dominant because of all that pent up sexual frustration from years of no pussy

I miss her. The sex was fucking god tier.


I pray one day the world wakes up to the parasitic origin of homosexuality.

>getting your asshole licked

pick one

>riding a chick's face until you nut
>not dominant

Since we're so close to April Fools day, I'll let you pick one

It depends on how clean the girl is. If it looks clean, has a faint, but not too strong erotic odor, I'll eat it if she doesn't get embarrassed about it.

Sitting on a girls face forcing her to lick your dirtiest spot is dominant my dude

Be happy you don't want to and don't do it

How many asses did she lick before she became your girlfriend?

fucking go back to 9gag fag

i dont know man, the ass and dick combo is strange and unnatural, the ass wasnt made for sex but it still goes somehow
My gf is similar with this weird sexual acting
She loves to 'role play' (i shudder every time i hear those 2 words together) that she is a faggot getting assfucked by another more dominant faggot.
Luckily she wants me to be the dominant one.
She puts on a strapon she bought only for that reason, and i have to give her reacharounds.
She wants me to act as if i am pozzing her, him, without her knowledge, his.
Like when i am about to cum (i have to plow her ass really hard and its very tiring) i grab her so she cant move and say that shes getting pozzed as i quickly pull the condom off and she tries to wriggle, noo, not like this, please dont cum in my ass, please and i cum.
She takes the cum in her ass with these weird shakes and moans, i dont know what im supposed to do when that is happening, probably nothing.
I get rewarded with regular sex the next time.
I dont think she cums any other way

now this is fitness talk user, nice work

top zozzle
has she started her transition yet?

congratulations, you just awoke her inner whore expect to be cheated on soon nigga

>he doesnt eat ass

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>I'd say about 1/4 of girls ive been with were down



Also in oral and throat cancer

Just go for it. If she’s clean, it’s easy. If she’s dirty, so what? Don’t swallow and use mouthwash after.

If you’re really nervous, just get her to shower first.

>so what if I literally eat another person's shit?

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If you never do anything that makes you uncomfortable your life will never change. Taking any risk prepares you to take more significant ones.

>using 2000 year old stoic philosophical precepts to justify your shit eating fetish

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you just argued that eating shit will change your life for good.

but on topic

rimjob ist best job, too bad I can't rim myself

>>she tells me to get on top of her and sit on her face
that is a red flag bro. I think "she" was a "he"

You should plainly describe your desires in your suicide note

Ive eaten a couple of hookers asses.
Not bad at all since they've always been freshly showered.

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You’re right, I did. And I’m still right, and you’re still low-test pussies that aren’t able to give a woman the ass-eating she craves.

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The girl in story told him what to do, he didn’t force her to do anything

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you get drunk so even if you fuck up or even taste a little shit you dont care and kind of not remember it. Do it enough times and you wont give a shit when you are sober.



> only other men have asses
You virgins are so easy to refute

won't matter if the girl is attractive enough


Absolutely pathetic

>Used to have a gf who was into bondage
>Would tie her up face down ass up
>She did pole ‘fitness’ too so 10/10 body
>Ass fetish so I would use this time to tongue the fart box for ages
>Fast forward to current gf
>Had Anal once when we were still fresh
>Loved it
>That was 3 years ago
>Now she’s got comfortable and put on weight
>Not fat but definitely a braphog as all weight goes to ass and hips
>Stopped taking as much care when shaving/removing hair
>Bend her over
>Got a couple hairs on the booty pipe and it puts me off eating it
>Sometimes hairs get stuck in the hole
>Reminds me of when you wash a daddy long legs down the drain and his legs are still sticking out
>I hate spiders
>Boner goes digital to analogue
>Blu ray to VHS
>End up eating her pussy while wanking
>Made decent forearm gains on one arm though

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Getting your ass licked is just a step away of getting a dick in it. Seriosly the only people who are into it are closeted homosexuals.


tell me more

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this, also I'd extend it to people that eat ass. Fucking disgusting subhumans

do I get a gf, if i would eat her shit?

I would definitly do it for like a week, if I finally got a gf