Eating animal fat

Sup fit, I need some straight up good advice quick
Is eating animal fat directly bad?
I'm bulking and eating animal fats is one of the easiest/most convenient ways for me to gain weight and fit in the cals.

But will it fuck up my long term health eating drippings and shit all day?

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Eating animal fat is okay when eating meat, because it's unavoidable.
If you just want to straight up eat fat, get it from nuts like peanuts, almonds, etc, those are better.


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Is it a grass fed natty animal? A hunted animal that has lived a long relatively healthy and disease free life?
If not then don't bother. The fat just has a lot of toxic shit in it and you really shouldn't go out of your way to feed on it exclusively.

Tbh no but that would really mean I shouldnt eat the animal at all

How are they different? Not trolling genuinely curious. I do drink a lot of full cream milk already for lots of fat.

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>How are they different?
Most animal fat is saturated, while most nut fat is monounstaruated and polyunsaturated. Which are supposedly better for health.
Trans fat is worse than all the others but only present in man made products.

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Oh OK. So basically limit animal fats but these trans fats are the worst of all.
Do things like olive oils count as these 'good' fats? What about milk and cream and butter?

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>Do things like olive oils count as these 'good' fats?
>What about milk
Eh, milk has a pretty low fat content.
>cream and butter?

Just google the nutrition information dude, fat is broken down.

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>getting your estrogen from animal flesh
I'll stick to anti-estrogenic foods like soy and beer

Enslavement and Slaughter are too high a price to pay to eat such things, along with cancer and heart disease.
Just eat oats and peanut putter, like us champions.

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>he thinks vegetable oils and excess amounts of omega-6 is healthy

there is such thing as free range animals on farms that you can visit - and even meat the animals you're about to enjoy. on some of these farms I'd say the cows live better lives than most Veeky Forumsizens.

Fuck off Weinstien. Morality shouldn't even be considered when going vegan. The only fucking reason to go vegan is for your own health, both mental and physical.

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what's your frame of reference?
a rib eye steak every other day or a tub of lard every meal?
2 teaspoons or 4 tablespoons of butter on your bread?
there's a range from it's fine and you don't need to worry to tone it down if you don't want to die.

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