Is this exercise a meme? Why would anyone do this if they could just do pullups?

Is this exercise a meme? Why would anyone do this if they could just do pullups?

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>what is volume

why not doing volume on pull ups ?

Cause then you can't play with gym toys. And then you'll realize you're paying money to mimic a excersize that could be performed anywhere. And then you might realize you're just being silly.

>what are weighted pullups

for people that can't do pullups
for volume on a split

its for subhumans unable to do proper pull ups and get that sweet sweet stretch and progressive overload

Because you can't contract as much with a pull up you retard

t. somebody who can't do a proper full rom pull up

If you can do pull-ups/chin-ups you should be doing that, and weighted.

>b-but this jacked steroid guy does lat pulldowns

Steroids allow you to build huge amounts of muscle doing anything. Are you on steroids? No? Then you shouldn’t train like you’re on steroids, you should train like a natural lifter, muscle mass for naturals come purely from strength gains. So get your bodyweight pull-ups down pat, then start overloading them. Aim for +45-90lbs added for reps, aim for +200 or more singles.

If you don’t believe me go try it yourself. Spend 6 months only doing Lat pulldowns, do as many sets as you want. Then switch to pull-ups and add weight over time, watch not only your back transform, but your abs see big changes, and arms see noticeable changes. It also carries over to other lifts, Lat pulldowns do not.

Easier to do drop sets I guess, since you can just lower the weight instead of using assistance. Also easier to maintain form because you don't swing back and forth at all

Your core is weak if your swinging when doing pullups, you don’t deadlift or OHP either, do you?

>Also easier to maintain form because you don't swing back and forth at all

I used to have this problem and then realized I was going back way to quickly. By slowing down I also stopped moving my legs/swinging back and forth.

people are too focused on "making as many pull ups as possible", because aparently it's something they need to do to show others that they can do pull ups. Not only do they end up swinging, they do not even completely extend their arms, making me cringe just as hard as when I see someone 1/4 repping in squats.

Man shut the fuck up with this retarded shit. The first time I ever did pull ups in my life I did 4x10. I did rows for months before that. If you seriously think using the lat pulldown machine isn't going to build lats, you're delusional

Show me 1 natural lifter with a good back that does Lat pulldowns and does not do weighted pull-ups and deadlifts

Protip you cant

You're fucking brain dead, but you're one of those mongoloids who unironically believe strength = size, natural or not

I'm glad I'm knowledgeable enough to miss that gay disinformation shit

Kill yourself

Seated rows are better for lats than lat pulldown believe it or not.

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if you're burned and can't do full rom pullups, then do pulldown for volume

2 digit iq?

>he lifts for size, i.e. girls

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I can't do a pull up ;_;

Ok bud keep on doing those baby weight pulldown for that non existent back

>X is a common problem with this lift
>wow how could you have this issue do you even lift

don't post selfies ever again

Big advocate of pulldowns with a variety of grips.

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>CR = cable row

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Seated rows? How tf you so that

what is this

Jeff Nippard isn’t natural

Skeleton here.

I love that thing.

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Big advocate of being over 5 foot

Cuz u can do this once you've burned out on your pullups for the day but still want more volume?

Either that or your a lazy cunt who wants to sit. Both valid. Also useful for weak fucks who can't do a pull-up.

everyone in this thread:
>hurr durr choose one or the other you cant do both!
fucking hell, nothing wrong with doing light weight lat pulls after heavy weight pull ups, stop being such fucking try hards

>Is this exercise a meme? Why would anyone do this if they could just do pullups?

Because it's better than pullups.

What if you are too fat to do a pull up?

Is there any point in doing 3 sets of pullups to failure and then 3 sets of this machine? Or am I just wasting my time?

not doing weighted chins for strength based rep ranges then absolutely demolishing back with lat pull down for sweet pump hypertrophy gains...

might as well get both

get less fat, and do neagtive reps

Because I can only do about 2 pull ups

Because you don't need a membership to a gym for a pull up bar, and because the gym doesn't have to purchase a machine which costs several thousands dollar for pullups.

But seriously, on other news, most people don't know how to do pullupsto activate [I'M ACTIVATED!!!] their beck muscles.

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Different ROM, different levels of tension, etc.
If you can’t feel the difference you’re still a novice.
That being said, still generally a waste to do both, varying the grips makes a big difference for training back.

reverse image search:
note that y-axis goes from 75%-105% not 0%-100%

For real. I do heavy DL's and DB rows or chins, then finish with high reps of lpd.

Lose weight and do negatives

You'd get more out of working up to more pullups than you would just increasing pulldown weight

It's the same reason people do leg presses when they could just do squats.
They're too weak to do the real thing. This is what you do when you're too weak/fat to do a real pull up.

you mean grip width?

this is like asking why would anyone do push-ups when they could just be benching 200 kg instead

I hate wide-grip lat pulldowns. Something about them in particular just feels wrong and I'd much rather do underhanded pulldowns, rows and lat pushdowns

>Something about them in particular just feels wrong
It feels like a really unstable, stationary pullup

Easier on my hands and shoulders desu. Pull ups are fine, but if im at the end of a hard back day ill just hit a good couple sets on the lat Pull down vs a mediocre couple sets doing pull ups

Because I am a fat fuck and while I can lift a decent amount I absolutely can't pull my fatass body up a bar

Who can’t do a few pull ups?

For days when you wanna do back stuff other than pull-ups.

For my back days at my home gym I have to do pull-ups right after my diddlies or else i couldn’t do any at the end of my workout. Then my bent over rows and curls suffer because of the pull-ups.

you cant track progress properly with pullups when your bodyweight is changing

Because pull ups are too easy for me

>if you're burned and can't do full rom pullups, then do pulldown for volume
Try ladders. There's a reason people always recommend them for increasing pullups; they add volume while lessening fatigue.

maybe you're going too wide

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>muscle mass comes purely from strength gains


>what is the difference between intensity and volume

>tfw too weak for pullups

That's exactly the catch, people can't do pullups or progressively overload them in an effective way. How can elderly/mid-aged people, post-surgery patients and auschwitz mode fags workout with pullups instead of lat pulldowns?


this helped me get to the point where i could do chinups and then pullups as a 6'3 teenager

that's all it should be used for

It is very hard to do a good pull up with full scapular depression and contraction at the top.

lat pulldown is still a shit exercise but better than nothing

>muscle mass for naturals come purely from strength gains

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I tried one of these the other day. Really nice.

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So many quality Hammer Strength machines that give you a good pump. I miss the old bodybuilding gym I went to in hs, every machine imaginable.

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I really liked the range of motion on it.

Konstantinov's does them explicitly like this for explosiveness, he stated in one of his interviews. I get what you are trying to convey, and it certainly pertains to most lifters here. But dont throw this out as if your word were written in stone, because there certainly is more to it. but as you can see at the like/dislike ratio and the comments of the video, you arent the only one spouting bullshit without any idea what they are talking about

id also encourage anyone to watch some interviews with russian lifters (Sarychev or Konstantinovs, for instance). Totally different tone than most american powerlifters, and you actually learn a lot from them

you are one clueless motherfucker, stop posting

Fucking savage

>volume is weight x reps
ur a fuckn idiot
have fun doing 3x30 bw pullups and getting no gains u fuckn retard

Pull ups or Chin ups?

Which one should I be doing?

They are for latlets like me who have a hard time with pull-ups

both with a variety of grips, as well as lat pulls to sturnum for volume when you're burnt, and some underhand barbell rows if you want to mix it up

Can currently do chinups 3x to failure, but can only actually fucking do 3 wide grip pullups. Will the chins eventually build my lats enough to start catching up?

not relevant but true

Overcompensating manlet detected

go kyriakos mode


Kyriakos can do pullups

>t. lifting for 6 months and thinks he knows everything
people who lift long enough learn to drop the dogma because they realize the benefits of incorporating new stuff into their training

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What's the verdict on neutral grip pull ups? I like them the most because I feel like i get the most bicep activation with them.

Some people are not strong enough to do pull ups

Volume means fuck all if you arent even strong enough to do pull ups. When you're actually able to do 10 or more you just add weight to yourself. Lat pulldowns are dumb and for weak people


yeah, volume is practically tonnage
What do you think it is? The guy you're replying to is implying that you can pull off higher volume using a lat pulldown because pull ups consume a lot more energy
It's like comparing bench press vs hammer press
Use ur brain friend

This is false, at one point I could barely do 5 pull ups in a row at like 170lbs
Started doing lat pull down, worked up to 180lbsx4x8, switched back to pull ups and could do 3x5 weighted pull ups +45lbs at 180lbs bodyweight. It has carry-over whether you want to believe it or not

>Can currently do chinups 3x to failure

Never understood this. I thought I was pretty weak, just started lifting last week. I can do 11 till failure. 158lb.

Guessing you're fat?

holy skeleton

Its for us noobies who dont yet have the strength or form to perform a proper pullup that will hit the intended muscles

I did my first pullup today with great form, I'm honestly hella proud
I'm a 6' 150 lb skelly but I've never been able to do one

i really like those machines where it's just a lever you add weight to. i think it's better than cable machines for whatever reason - it feels more like free weights IMO.

this is the biggest purity spiral thread I've ever seen on here.
even if you can bust out pull ups the lat pull down is still good for negative reps at weights lower than your own body weight.