Burning over 8000 Calories a day. Body has little Aerobic capacity left

> Take Second Job. Need better health insurance
> Been doing this for 8 months now. Use fitibt to track daily heartrate. Find out job is ridiculous calorie wise.
> Lose weight like a tijuana crackwhore
> Strength is through the roof
> Deadlifting 400 lbs with very little training.
> Start training for Ironman 70.3. Need cardio
> Body goes anaerobic almost immediately I find out from sport doc. (vo2 MAX and Lactic Threshold).
> Told to go all fats and slooooooooow, to get your body off carbs and increase aerobic capacity.
> 3 hr ride today was brutal.
> Get Gains, Lose weight, Can't keep heartrate down anymore.
> Hurting. How do I solve this. Eat 5 protien shakes a day, or just keep the deficit?

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I can't understand this

Checked stats. Average per day is around 3500 calorie deficit? Can you keep that type of deficit and perform in a sport. Heartrate will not go down for anything. Body hits any resistance heartrate goes to 115 - 120 sitting at work? It's crazy.

talk to an actual medical professional retard.

LOL - Autism

My problem is my heartrate spikes. It goes through the lower zones and up to 115 to 120 if I have any resistance. Literaly have zero low level aerobic capacity anymore.

Eat more carbs.
Just throw a sweet or white potatoe into the stove or microwave.

What do you do at your job?

Parcel Delivary, but when not driving we work in the hub. This is loading trailer. 450 parcels per hour, plus throwing heavy objects like beds, trailer parts, etc.

What the flying fuck is your job user? That's low key nuts.

Driving and delivering packages - 2400 calories usually.

Loading - 4800 - 6000 calories per shift.

Want to get ripped sign up at local UPS part time.

Potatoes with extra butter should be easy enough

I'll be honest, I did it for 10 months before I went to become a cover driver. Still work in the center 3 days a week till I can get a route, but never knew how physical this job was till I started thinking of running an Ironman. Got a fitbit, and can't believe how many calories are burnt during a shift. This wasn't even a super heavy day. During christmas when working 10 hrs a day plus, I probably burnt over 10 - 12 Calories easy. Lost 45 lbs in 1 month lol.

... I should do some UPS shifts...

I can attest to this. I unloaded freight for UPS for a year and was a janitor at night for an aerospace company. Lost weight and was mad strong. I also ride dirtbikes a ton so I was burning a ridiculous amount. Went from 265lbs to 200 before I found a different job.

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I'll be honest if young, i'd do it. It's the most brutal job known to man, but after 2 weeks you get used to the physicality of it. Don't PRELOAD! Loading or Unload. Then just pop your name on the bid shit for driver positions when it comes. Hopefully one opens up then just hustle, hustle, hustle to get your seniority clock ticking. 4 years into driving you'll make 34.75 per hour, and if you can stand the 60 hrs a week you'll easily make 6 figures. Job is great as a second job also. I just did it as supplemental income when I moved to a differant part of the country. They opened Sat ground and got in a drivers spot after 6 months. If you work over 5 hrs you make overtime as a PT employee. During peak season I was bringing home 800 dollars a week, with a 15 dollar an hour salary. Pay is differant everywhere though, but I like the exercise, and like the work environment, vs the hipster hellhole I was working in before. I could never press past 55 lb dumbells. Now I press 85 and I focus on cardio over strength. Place can make you a monster.

You said this job is a Delivery truck loader?
I'll have to look into this

>using autism unironically
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You've developed hypertension you stupid shit.
Literally caused by stress.
Heart develops a habit that keeps blood pumping too quickly. Caused by either poor nutrition, or stress.
Only thing that will solve it is changing poor nutrition or stress.
You can use medication, but it will kill you in less then ten years from heart attack or destroy your kidneys if it takes longer than ten years to die of heart attack. Whichever comes first really.

Poor nutrition would be lack of diversity of fats, not enough calories in general, overstimulation of the nervous system.
Stress would be the fact you're a fucking retard and doing all this work at two jobs and thinking you can keep up with fitness also as you get older.

The body slows down, nothing can stop this.
You will literally die in a few years if you do not change this, if not in a few months.

I work in a huge hub so this might change if your not near a major city but here, the Part Time jobs are: Preload - You pick packages off a belt (or we have a big colored box line) and you load the brown trucks. This job suuuuuuuucks. You will be yelled at constantly from the drivers and sups. Trust me it suuucks. You wouldn't believe the stuff that goes into this, when you try and get 300 + packages in a truck. It's insane. You have to do some thinking with this job. Plus, drivers piss in bottles and tend to leave them on the shelves.

Twilight/Midnight - Unloader - You place packages on a conveyer that goes to the loaders. The loaders then get packages off a slide and load them into a trailer. I'd suggest doing the trailer loading and not the package car loading. I you misload in a trailer it's not a big deal. Misload in a package truck and the world ends. It's mindless, but physical and you never take anything home with you. I've worked most jobs at UPS now, and loading the trailers, not the package cars is the best job. Preload is hard!

Thanks for the advice, bro, I've been needing a part time job anyways, so this hits two birds with one stone
Also you mentioned it makes you lose a fuckton of weight, I'm afraid that I'll go full auschwitz mode since I'm already only 140 lbs

Veeky Forums type of concern.

I'll eat coconut fat in my coffee, and yoga and will overcome it.

I talked to a doc, i'm going fat based diet. Ketogenic. Will see how it works and looooooong slow aerobic conditioning.

>over 8000 Cal a day
>makes up to 800 freedoms a week
That explains why my cousin is in auzitch mode, but has a nice goddamn car