Motivation Thread

Let's have one.

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I can kys faggot I believe in you

I think if somebody is having trouble walking up stairs they got bigger issues that need solving

I think this is enough motivation to dedicate a lifetime to working out

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do you gain weight if you go backwards?

>mfw asian women never like black guys

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add oil?

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Iktf bro :/

Skeleton here

I don't want to lose weight
Where Is the escalator

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>ainiidentitity : I hope he murders you, you brainwashed white worshipping slut
Shit, what's their subreddit already ? It feels like it would be so good for motivation

>add oil
what are they cars?

Literally wrong

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Why is everyone so fucking insecure, wew lad.

they want to date a black guy

I love this picture. Truly it could only be better with four panels, two virgin, two chad, background unchanged.

There are four different emotions or ways the picture can pan out. The virgin realizing he is being mocked and out of his element. Chad ripping up the dance floor and getting admired. Virgin feeling self conscious when people actually love what he's doing, chad being stony-faced as usual but is actually a laughingstock.

How's this? The disdain on this man's face (a Luftwaffe POW in England) for the sorry lad on the left might motivate the sick lot of you.

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Literal translation, completely loses the meaning.

Jiayou, means refuel, but figuratively means Come on!

r/hapas or r/asianmasculinity

They all convince themselves that WMAF is racist as fuck and Asian women are whores,
Then they all turn around and start talking/bragging about white girls they want to fuck/have fucked.

I browse sometimes to laugh at them

chinks dont know how to engrish, it means let's go in english


Add oil?

white men are to asian men what black men are to white men

Lazy theives?

No, because the white men might follow through with asian women, whereas white female black male marriage is a very small demographic.

just find thick black girl, higher chance to find black thick than Asian thick

I find those blue contact lenses quite pathetic, but good otherwise.

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