He doesn't eat onions like apples

>he doesn't eat onions like apples

never gonna make it

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>he's so bad at cooking he had to get memed into using garlic and onion in his food with some bullshit /pol/ack conspiracy theory about da joose and an iranian study that no one who knows what the fuck they're doing has replicated or cited

>>he doesn't eat onions like apples
Dude your legs are chicken-like

>has those legs
>judging anyone

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You should try lifting instead.

what the fuck are you babbling about idiot

I munch a red daily after my workout. Actually getting used to it so i can down it in 4 bites.
ROAD works.

You summoned me.
I find red decent.

Don't think I could eat it like a god dam apple though!

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Nononionlets will never learn

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and of course it's a DYEL

I'm very interested in this. Could someone post a guide please. I want the test gains from the onions please brahs

My GF complained about the stench and she had no idea that I was eating them. So I will stop for now.

reminder that as long as you wash the outside to get any dirt/pesticides off (better if you buy organic tho), there is no harm in eating the skins of your fruit/veggies

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Heres your (you) you wanted

you guys really do that ? I might try as a challenge


how stupid can you be? I just had a raw onion and loads of raw garlic and it was delicious simply because I applied it to some food.

Your smell like the plague you fucking retard. Every time you open your mouth people are going to look at you in disgust, you subhuman.




Not making it

>that hair on the onion