What are Veeky Forumss other hobbies? Pic related

What are Veeky Forumss other hobbies? Pic related.

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getting high and masturbating

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Anyone else? What are you learning?

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not a bad choice nigga, jackson is sick for shredding

>only six strings

>Muh nigga (although I do functional analysis)

Guitar, argentine tango, photography, reading philosophy, watching independent films

posting on Veeky Forums

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i just started recently. can finally play minuet in g major lel.

any tips for a beginner?

any more than that and its a meme

I only started about 18 months ago. Play alot. Every spare minute you have if you are serious about it. It's a long journey if you started late in life like me

>not becoming a prog rock god of technical skill

>>functional analysis
>not real/proof analysis

senpai. just end it all

i like baking and messing with coffee

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I-i lift things

Do you play with someone or alone? I have a cheap guitar but i dont know to play it and never motivatted to learn

Nice, what do you bake?

t.also like baking


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ok play some black metal with a six string for me

Is there anyway that a poorfag like me can learn piano cuz they're pretty expensive and also huge

Buy a 2nd hand full size weighted digital piano for a few hundred, easy

anything really, love me some fresh bread, also work as a part-time pastry chef, which is a bad mix with clean eating

Creeping people at public transport in hope for someone to notice me.
I also draw when im home

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Guitarfags are the worst

Good taste, I've been playing for 5 years

>black metal

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Not hobby related but I thought about learning to play the cello. Is it even worth starting with 25? Is it worth starting if you have no perfect pitch or other musical talents?

Reminder that if you say your hobby is lifting when asked irl, you look like a retarded douch

If you want to make a living out of it and becoming the new cello master, its too late.
If you want to enjoy learning to play an instrument, its never too late

Those are some sweet lines

Just for fun of course because I love the sound of cellos. I'm concerned if I could ever play a decent tone though.


>owns a Jackson
>doesn’t listen to metal

Theatre and singing, the amount of girls you meet doing so is insane.

But the thots are just a positive side effect, music and acting on stage is the ultimate test boost.

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Go for it man. My mom learned to play guitar at 50yo, it will be twice easier for you.
And thanks for the compliment, im the drawing dude


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Sold all my guitar stuff to get into free diving.
Talentless hack, seems like the only thing I can do is endure painful shit.
Lifting, boxing, holding my breath.

Pretty fun though, me at the bottom.

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I play guitar and used to sing in a hardcore band. I live in philly so now i just go to a ton of shows.

I also like reading and have been trying to get back into painting / collage.

I play guitar and bass too, and write music.
And by write I mean write one or two thirds of songs and then get stuck for all eternity. But I just got recording equipment set up so hopefully that can boost productivity.

>free diving
>has to sell things to afford it

I know pretty amazing right, I'm not even done spending, I just need to buy a spear gun to get free fish for mad protein gainz.
I always knew all those years of rowing was for something

>this fucking purple tint
HTC One?


thanks hope they're cheap enough for a Balkan europoor like myself

checked, also pic related

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I like to drink too much coffee and feel crippled by my anxiety and inability to connect with others

Sage because that's off topic but I can't even think of ONE relevant black metal band featuring a seven/eight strings guitar.

I sing, songwrite, play guitar bass and drums, gig, collect music, support local music, dj on radio, cycle, camp, hike and forage.

I also like fucking and always have a few girls on rotation. Best part? I'm just ottermode/dyel/lean.

Fellow guitarfag here.
I presume you fags lift, since you're on Veeky Forums


anyway, have you found that certain picking techniques hare hard to perform after lifting? Mainly fast downstrokes and tremolo picking, I feel that my forearm kind of tenses up, along with my picking hand if I lifted that day or the day before. Do you ever get this? How did you work around this issue?

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Plasma-raping everything in sight.

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you are proving his point

Working on my jazz chops. I'm going back to master the fundamental shit and playing standards out of the real book.

Cycling, both on, and off road.

Since i started lifting trem picking got easy as hell, git gud

Plastic crack

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user from here. Actually started going to the gym because I was too fat to lean over the table and move my dudes. Knocked over a bunch of old metal Devastators (when the weapons were all metal and shoulder-fired) with my disgusting gut and broke three of them. Have spent the last several years trying to achieve Space Marine Aspirant-mode.

I still skateboard

Good on you mate. I go to the gym because I just always had horrible self esteem and am very narcissistic

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OP here. I listen to everything. Primarily metal though. Between the Buried and Me.

Do you even djent?

My back truck is grinded down to the axle and about to snap
and if you see this, hey Luke

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Be racist on the internet.

also Veeky Forumstist and /backyardgareden/fag

Nothing besides lifting and rotting infront of vidya.
I feel so hollow bros

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I keep drawing, maybe one day I'll reach Sir's level like in pic related. Doing traditional for now though.

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>be on Veeky Forums
>still playing vidya and most likely watching japanese cartoon porn
this shithole unironically got me into lots of good shit stop being faggot and pick one of these


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My brothers. Originally got into it as a young kid, picked it up again about 15 years later. Also aiming for spess muhreen mode.

Photography, help run society at uni. It's an amazing way to meet QTs who want to play at modelling.

Cooking, social as fuck, and girls love it. It doesn't take that much work to be head and shoulders above most student aged people either.

Reading, cooking, meditating.

Masturbating to fetish pornography

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Competition handgun
Ammunition reloading

>pic related is pretty much everything.

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I still haven't decided. Should I go for dance lessons or singing lessons? I do like singing by myself a lot but learning to dance can open up a whole lot of new social activities for myself.


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beat making
black metal solo project
rocket league

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Those hobbies are too expensive, I'm poor and pirating anime and vidya is free.

ez /p/

I do HEMA, and recently got back to playing the piano because of some anime I watched

Veeky Forums, my dog, recently drawing and learning code, studying french, Muay Thai once a week

>back to playing the piano because of some anime I watched
Exact same thing happened to me when I rewatched Gurren Lagann a couple of weeks ago. "Omae no XXX de..." is such a nice sounding song, and it's really simple to learn. I'd recommend it for anyone learning piano, it's not like people can tell it's from anime.

Fellow bassfag here also climbing, learning new chinese home food from friends parents and family and judo while at uni because room is to small for bass :(

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Reading, stocks, guitar

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Piano here, working on Rachs prelude in c sharp minor atm

>it's not like people can tell it's from anime.
they can and theyre laughing at you

competitive ballroom dancing, video games, and thats about all i have the free time for while a student. And will probably have even less next year when I start grad school

Nice picture, do you ever submit these?

Where do you live? I live in the South West United States, I wonder if I could get into free diving at lakes.

so many guitarfags on Veeky Forums feelsgoodman

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fellow guitarfag reporting in

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>nice guitar rig
>Never home to play with it
Not gonna make it bros..

I'm a cellist and aspiring comic book writer
If only I were good at drawing

Veeky Forums
sneaking mires at the gym of other dudes
having sex with my gf

Who else here does combat sports? Wrestling, BJJ judo etc.
Have wrestled since high school, should I do BJJ or judo once it's weird for me to go to the freestyle club I go to

Reading, mainly history and the classics

Looking to get into re-enactment, but I need to finish my program for my MBA before I drop money on armor.

Hiking, animal watching are among my other hobbies

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My analysis nigs. I'm taking complex analysis in the summer

Hobbies are snowboarding, hiking, piano, basketball, going to dubstep shows. Between those, work, and working out, I have almost no time for anything else and I fucking love it

I translate Japanese comics but that doesn't make panties drop. I need an additional hobby.

>black metal

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I fly rc planes and drones

(I also drive rc cars too)

Kind of an expensive hobby but I enjoy it

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>going to dubstep shows

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How's it feel to be alone and have a boring life?