Anyone get stared at by gay dudes more than women?

I'm a fit dude and im straight as hell, but i dont seem to get attention from girls. what is the point of working out as a straight dude if homos are the only one to mire you?

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>dyel that dresses metro
>get asked out by gay dude
>girls never talk to me
kill me senpai

Girls probably think your attractive but either think your gay or dont bother talking to you because you dont talk to them first

I get stared at by gays a lot.

What I do if I notice them staring is make eye contact, cringe or snarl my upper lip, shake my head and mouth something, either along the lines of "what the fuck are you looking at" or "fucking faggots"

Just fuck men? You're starved for human contact at this point. Learn to settle or you'll be alone for the rest of your life.

theyll like you even more if you do that

eh they're usually happy after I fuck them

I'm in college and i want a girl like this

but i usually see them talk with their female friends or their circle of numale white knights. itll be awkward to just talk to them randomly. thats fucked up.

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l mire is a mire bro, just take it


word just take that dick like the faggot you are, op.

>20 y/o virgin twink
>Only had one gf freshman year of high school
>Attracted to girls, but also have occasional gay urges that I repress
I'm considering it

yeah I should probably talk to girls
I never see cute girls anywhere though, not in my classes and you can't just walk up to a girl walking to class (desu so many girls I see walking to class are really cute)

9bh it's probably just that homos are more open about mirin. If you're getting mired by homos then you're attractive probably, and getting secretly mired by girls. Unless you look like a fag

go for it fag

this is the point of bars/parties and alcohol. The environment invites this kind of interaction.

>itll be awkward to just talk to them randomly. thats fucked up.

How would you feel if an attractive girl came up to you and started talking to you? Point is that it's okay to talk to these people man, just gotta work at it a little. Once you stop stressing, talking to strangers is a cake walk.

girls that look like this will be at bars and parties? im down, but i have to find a fake id and shit

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get your dick sucked by a dude isnt actually gay. its not like youre sucking a dick. a mouths a mouth same on a guy or girl so its not gay

Men pursue; women are pursued. This is why you get gay attention.

If the rest of your life is, more or less, in order; just cast a wide net and move on with each rejection - it will happen.

You will have women reject you before you even open your mouth based on instinctive smell & other subconscious cues that they won't and very likely can't explain even if they had empathy for a guy just trying to get to know someone.

Look, friend - I'm sure there are plenty of women in your age and socio-economic bracket of all shapes, colors, and creeds that could benefit as well as you from some companionship; but very few - if any will make an effort on your behalf even if they're amenable to it.

Women have the buffet - you have to fucking dance, and scrape, and improve every aspect of your life outside of a potential relationship in order to achieve a healthy one.

Sorry. Thats how it is for men.

Parties you should be able to get in, just try to go to right ones - figuring that out is the hardest part.

And yes, qts will be at all venues. Not sure what you're into but art students, for instance, tend to throw some chill fucking parties and there will be qts in that crowd.

Shit taste desu

>one chance at life
>Body stores all fat in ass and have big full pink lips
>Everything else is manly in me
What did they mean with this?

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They gave you more difficulties so you can grow more strength

>be me
>300lbs 5ft 7in
>decide to not be fat anymore
>start slimming down and working out
>suddenly I attract older dudes
>older guys at the gym now want me to fuck them
>one time as I was changing someone offered to blow me in the bathroom stall

c'mon guys, you told me girls would start noticing me

They're the only girls I have a chance as a Veeky Forums 5 11 dude that dresses like a metrosexual

im too autistic for victoria secret model tier stacies and to put up with their social status shit. and i dont want to settle for low tier stacies/normie average looking girls with high standards either.

the top tier soygirls tend to be feminine and pretty and are the only girls that stare at me on a consistent basis often besides gay dudes.

yah i barely have any female friends, so idk. might be hard finding invites to parties. what have your experience with that type of crowd?

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Why do these boyband singers strike me as gay? Not the blonde guy (hes chad thundercock) , but the black hair RNB Singer dude and the guy with the nice black eyebrows.

all the fucking time. To the point where they get their straight girlfriend to ask my sexuality, I can't tell if it's because they think I'm actually gay, or am fairly attractive.

I have a male model aquaintance (hes the dude in pic related) with a girlfriend in university

he gets hit on a lot by gay dudes and a lot of gays follow him on instagram lol

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I don't get mires from anyone, that's even worse.


Post ass

>you can't just walk up to a girl walking to class


If you want to experience how a woman feels when she is in a club or bar, just visit a gay bar. You get so much attention that it starts to creep you out.

Very straight and totally not insecure of you. Try jacking off to straight porn in front of them while screaming "SEE, I AIN'T NO FAG".

Grills like a good ass