How important is the gut biome for liftng? Does it affect long term gains?

How important is the gut biome for liftng? Does it affect long term gains?

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Apart from all the benefits in your picture which would in the grand scheme of things affect your body composition , the most important thing would be that if you can't properly utilize nutrients you eat , most your gains go to waste

(((Dr))) Axe is a joke. Your gut microbiome should be fine as long as you're eating a mix of various fruit, veg and meat. Oats are godtier for gut health.

This is how soyboys are made, friend. Hypothyroidism in particular is a gateway to low test and balding.

And just about every first-world mental problem can be traced back to a jacked up gut microbiome. Antibiotics + sugary diets + contraceptives = you're a walking pile of yeast.

Is leaky gut exactly what I think it is? Never heard of it before.
>It's shit leaking out of your ass uncontrollably, and not diarrhea

sometimes shit is coming out of my ass when its not supposed to. only a bit though. is that leaky gut?

no, leaky gut refers to the gut biome attacking the protective sheath which keeps out nasty stuff from your circulatory system. it's fairly common in people with cealiacs disease

whew thx for the info bro

no problem. sometimes shit involuntary coming out of your ass is indicative of a prolapsed rectum, it might be worth looking into

Im pretty sure its not prolapsed and I dont usually put stuff in my butt. I am somewhat concerned though, so I started doing kegels and it seems better now. maybe I just need more fiber.

How do I stop farting? Or how do I find a powerful male brapppp loving gf?

Wtf dude, you should be 100% balls to the walls concerned, this isn't a "oh yeah my calf muscles hurt a little bit when I am descending stairs". This is literal shit leaking out beyond your control, i can't even begin to imagine the smell.

Try eating charcoal tablet. I was at the pharmacy the other day pickign up some shit and saw it when waiting. No guarantees, but guess you got nothing to lose.

is it at least clean coal

Probably quite a bit, but we don't really know enough about how gut microbiomes work to say anything definite. Unless there's something wrong with yours, you're probably fine.

>not eating sewage from the Schwarzenegger household to maximize gut microbiome gainz

>tfw bad reaction to antibiotic last month
>still haven't recovered gut flora
I miss you colon. I promise we'll never fight again.

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Do you mean jacked up as in good or bad?

some people are susceptible to gut biome issues. I have terrible IBS so I use probiotic foods like live yoghurt. I cant eat high fibre foods like oats either cos I shit like crazy, it's ducking Christmas if I have a solid shit.

You need to stay away from sugar for a couple months and supplement a prebiotic + probiotic.

Look at your tongue for oral thrush. If it's white then you're in for a bad time.

eat fermented foods to improve your gut biome

I also have IBS,do you drink lactose free yoghurt? i have it for 2 months and would like some advice from someone who have the same thing for more time.

How do you fix your guts and could you all explain a bit ?
I know shit all about gut biomes and don’t even know what that means

What the fuck, I have most of these.
How do i fix my gut, I seriously have the thyroid, sinus and joint problem. Maybe even the anxiety, but mildly.

No just normal live yoghurt on my corn flakes. I tried lacto free milk to go with it but it goes out of date quicker and I'm not sure if it helps. Check out fodmap and avoid those foods which is what I now do. Shame because I love garlic and onions.

I have hypothyroidism but I take medicine for it, will my hair be ok?

>What the fuck, I have most of these
no shit you mong, they are super generalized shit that happens to nearly everybody

affects more than half the population at some point in their lives
>frequent colds
happens to nearly everybody
most people will say they experience some of this at some point in time
no man alive who hasnt dealt with this already

get out of here with your logic and reason, this is Veeky Forums and this shit is serious


Lol, revealing that your primary concern is your hair. What medicine are you taking? If it's estrogen blocker, you will unironically benefit from adding raw onions to your diet.

Twin studies show that obesity can be cured or induced by fecal transplants. Leaner mice have higher concentrations of Bacerioides species. Low fat, plant based diets increase the percentage of Bacterioides in the flora.

Evidence is presented below indicating that a number of antioxidants, mucosal nutrients, enzymes, probiotics, and fiber may be of benefit in the treatment of leaky gut syndrome and related conditions. In addition, a treatment protocol is presented that includes proposed combinations and dosages of these nutrients. As noted, the combinations, forms of nutrients, and dosages are the author’s recommendations and have not been studied in controlled clinical trials.

Go the the pharmacy and get some stuff to restore your gut flora, this is a fairly common problem

Some people suffer from these illnesses chronically and it is insensitive to dismiss these serious issues as "ehh happens to everyone"