Has anybody had success with a bathmate?

Has anybody had success with a bathmate?

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lmgtfy.com/?t=sc&q=vacuum constriction device

you put this in your ass or what?

You put your dick inside it and pump.

idk but let me know if you have any
>tfw 5.5in dicklet

Please respond.

also interested
>t. 7inch dicklet


surely someone has tried this before.
Also, is there any larger one than what's in the OP image?

>tfw 8 inch dicklet

This is a great way to ensure you never get a strong erection again.

Just do some fucking kegels if you're insecure.

Basic thought experiment.

What's a universal insecurity of men? Their penis size.

What's the problem with penis size? Not fixable.

Ergo, if the penis size issue was fixable via any avenue and it actually worked then you wouldn't need to trawl this shit forum to find info on it .. it would be mandatory man knowledge.


im 6 foot 10 inches. those are two separate measurements btw.
>t.fuck every nigga on fit

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so i went to a sauna with a friend, and he was jealous of my dick so he got one of these. he tells me that when you use it your dick is bigger for at least a whole day, flaccid it looks like a semi and hard is almost an inch bigger. he also tells me the erections are harder and stonger than they have ever been

i think the people who say they kill your dick are the same ones who tell people to never touch steroids. nattycucks

B-but, but...

Muh girth gains...

Jesus christ stop being an insecure faggot about your penis. Shit like this does not work and will only hurt you penis and can sometimes even ruin you erections forever. Dont believe the memes in a japapenese cartoon image board you fag. SAGE

6.2 inch
1.5 inch width

Never going to make it.
I am a skeleton would gaining weight change anything.
But serious I'm happy with a 6inch dick. Atleast is not below average.

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my sides

it will make your dick limp on the long run, so keep with what you have hard.

Yes, the Jewish owners of the company have had huge success thanks to porn-addicted drones like OP

Just jelq for fucks sake, it's that easy

Did you get one for shits and giggles to see how big, strong and hard you can get?

What are your stats and gains?

>1.5 inch width
I don't believe you.

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It's a stick.
Skeleton guy with a skeleton dick.

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I used mine every single day for over a year and all it did was give me ED. I've just barely got back to normal recently.

Can you show me?

No homo

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did you gain size tho

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4.5x4.5 dick here
good thing is I'll never use it except maybe when I'm married to have a kid

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Your thinking is logical and I used to agree with that, then I tried PE routines and it worked.
What happens here is the same as why you don't have your goal body: there's a method to obtain it but it requires tons of effort. PE routines are fucking boring and demands concentration, care and consistency, to the point that people half-ass them for 1 month, see no results or even break their dicks then say it doesn't work.

I tried jelqing and stretching for a while, now I just bought a bathmate and will experiment with it.

>Used it for 6 months not doing anything crazy
>1cm length, 2cm girth
>Way larger flacid
>Erectile dysfunction
>Freak out
>Read some tips, motherfucking kegels
>16 months in 1.5cm more in length, no more girth, no ED

If you aren't rotten in the brain like I was and read the instructions it works out in the end. Its not a miracle machine and won't fix you if you are a true dicklet (studies show that the increases in size grow with original size) but if you are a normal or slightly above normal it does wonders.

You guys are using it wrong then, did you just go in raw without any warmup and without any of exercises they literarilly print on the box?
Follow up question: all the studies in this support that it works and none show any increase in ED for those using it, and yes I'm only counting the neutral studies, what are you guys basing these assumptions on if it isn't science?

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Where are these neutral studies that you speak of?
All I see are a bunch of reviews from freaky-ass sites like mattersofsize.com and pumpydingdong.com kek

So i guess that rot-brain comment was spot on huh?

lmgtfy.com/?t=sc&q=vacuum constriction device

Any of those 93 400 good enough for you or?

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can you fucking virgins sit down and shutup for one second?

There are only 2 ways to increase your dick size:
1. surgery where they cut a tendon near your dick and pelvis and it makes your dick look bigger when you are soft.
2. Silicon injections straight into the penis for extra girth,

and thats it

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I've used the hydromax x40 for nearly 2 years, and have had nothing but positive things from it except for some nearly unnoticeable darkening. everything else is positive, i've had strong girth gains particularly at the base and the helmet, i got more length gains from manual work as in stretching and jelqing, i have a permanently larger flaccid state, more vascular, and harder erections

people always denounce PE as insane on here but never provide proof, because it categorically works. i will be springing for the x50 xtreme once i need the additional size. i went from 7.5x5.5 to 8.75x6.25 in maybe 15 months

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Don't you use it to cum everyday by fucking your hand?

What's normal? How big were you before?

16cm length 15cm circumference (True chub mode).
I had quite alot of circumference already but length-wise I'm right on the average spot.

your hydromax is a knock-off? how come there are no labels on it?

Don't believe the jew, don't get your dick ruined.

>Guys trust me I have no evidence for it but my info is legit jews LOL XD XD
>Oh but this guy actually showed you and other retards in this thread how you can find thousands of legit studies proving it works....

Are you a mad dicklett being mad at people getting even further away from you or something? I'm legit confused at why you guys are ignoring proven facts when its so obvious you are lying or doing a bad attempt at trolling.

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Just don't reply to idiots. They don't know what effort means

I need advice on ED in general.
I got a girlfriend for the first time, only had one night stands before and haven't had sex for half a year.
My gf is long distance and she came over to my place for a month or so.
Our chemistry is perfect and we are both extremely turned on, she is also soaking wet and she likes my dick, it's 16 cm length and 15 ish girth, similar to you.
The issue is that I usually last long during masturbation and sex and can cum twice in a row, but I'm having ED issues with her.
I think I'm extremely nervous. I'm afraid to lose her because of long distance thing, even though we will start living together by summer probably. On top of that she is older and more experienced than me and I feel this pressure to be better than anyone she was with before. Contributing factors are that I've injured my leg and for the past month I've barely moved and I started to walk only recently.
We've had sex four times, first one was alright but during the next two I got flacid during sex.
Basically, do you think I should just keep trying and be patient, should I use some tricks to keep erection for longer or should I buy Cialis or Viagra just to give her some good fucks and then hope that the ED goes away after I become more confident.
The thing is that I know she can cum from my dick, she really enjoys vaginal sex even more than clitoris simulation. It's easier to make her cum by fingering her than with cunnilingus or stimulating her clit.

i peeled them off over time as the edges came up, and i modded the comfort pad using some plastic tube to enable me to put my balls in the tube without pinching my sack between the gaiter and tube

Here's my pro tip. Just talk to her about it, when i was younger I also used to get flaccid after awhile and just like you suspect for yourself, it turned out to just be nervousness for me and it went away after me and my then partner talked about it. If she isn't intersted after that she isn't worth the hustle / you must really be a shitty guy since you guys apparently had extraordinary sexual chemistry atleast once seeing as orgasm through penetration is rare, se below for source on that.
Do kegels ffs if you aren't already.
Secondly, stop fapping and watching porn if you still are, in which case you also might be stupid.
Thirdly, viagra sucks. I use cialis when I want to impress women and it does wonders for a full 24h.

Lastly, remember that the average penetration time in most western countries is no longer than 5 minutes. Source, see above how to look up research yourself.

Can you please give me close-ups of your modification? I own a unit and my balls get squished sometimes.

are you fucking retarded? i come out in defence of PE and give you my story, then all you have to say is that despite literal proof i'm a jew? what is even the thought process behind this? and why should i bother trying to convince you? fair enough stay a dicklet

Out of all the things to gamble with why your dick. Why, is an extra cm or two really worth the risk. Crazy.

Any good sources on manual work?

>Its a gamble....
>....Unless you get all scientific and the chance of permanent damage turns out to be lower than that for lifting weights

Nice argument.

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the device is to pump up your dick so it gets 'hard' so you can have sex, not a single study for increase in size

>Vacuum constriction devices are generally considered to be a safe, effective, noninvasive means of producing erections in impotent men. However, long-term study of the effect of subatmospheric pressure on penile structures and vasculature has not been performed. We report the development of Peyronie’s disease in a patient after 4 years of complication-free vacuum constriction device use.


ill look for another photo, ive since modded it again by cutting off the tube part, but basically i got a plastic sheet and wrapped it around the long tube part of the comfort pad and taped it to fit the tube but not actually fixed it on, so it just slides on and off, then when i insert everything my skin doesnt touch the walls of the chamber and doesnt get pinched

>the average penetration time in most western countries is no longer than 5 minutes.

Source ask your mom she's got a pretty good sample size

What are you getting out of being this aggressively deceitful? Did you fuck up your dick and just try to pressure others into doing the same so you're not alone? It's not a muscle. It's incredibly complicated. It is not as simple as you're trying to make it seem.

personally i've done a very basic routine for a while, basically i would stretch out front, to the left, right, straight up straight down, in a circuit with 30 second sets each and three times around the whole circuit, for jelqs i started doing 5 minutes and increased by 2.5 minutes every time i needed, currently at 20. for the stretches i use a clamp which i affix just below the head and is basically several cotton wraps with a hose clamp tightened around it, sometimes i will hang 7kg in weights from it for 30 minutes, but hanging is considered an advanced technique. the routine is daily

I did talk to her, she told me she is afraid that I'm not turned on by her because I've never had those issues before, but I told her that it's the opposite and I'm having issues because I actually care about her and get nervous. She understood me and told me that she will do anything necessary and she hopes I don't get emotionally frustrated because I can't cum with her.
As for porn, I've toned it down hardcore. I've not watched porn for two weeks or so, there was a moment before she arrived couple of days ago when I was super turned on and I read erotic story to get off.
She can make me cum with a blow job as long as she doesn't do awkward stuff with the foreskin where it gets stuck behind the glands.
Can you advice how to do kegels? The basic stuff where you clench the muscles, 10 reps, or you got another routine?

>Turns out that the top result wasn't exactly what he was talking about so even though many of the studies are both newer than 1985 and about the subject I'm just gonna ignore them!

But now I know you are just pretending to be retarded at least, so thanks for clearing that up.

If you had read the thread I showed you guys a guy on how to make up your own minds instead of believing a random guy in the internet.
Now I get reading actual scientific papers is hard for you guys, but sure, lets say I'm deceitfull, whats your proof?
I posted a way wherein 10,000's of studies have been done (some long term) that support my claim. You're up.

>lmgtfy.com/?t=sc&q=vacuum constriction device

Why did me posting scientific sources trigger you kids so much?

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Imagine being this obsessed and insecure about your dick. I am sorry.

I'm 16cm long but only 13 cm of circomference. It's not enough right? How much can I get in girth with this?

That is definitively enough for most women. Results vary and take time.

If you are above 15cm grand majority of women are satisfied by the size itself.
After that it's about erection strength and durability.
Be healthy and work on your technique, also remember that a lot of it is about the vibes and atmosphere for girls. If she likes to be dominated, dominate her, if she likes tender sex, do that.

>Hi guys I am improving the satisfaction both me and my partner gets during sex.
>Imagine being this obsessed and insecure about your dick.

>Hi guys I am improving my strength
>Imagine being this obsessed and insecure about your muscles

>Hi guys I am currently using this routine to lower my weight
>Imagine being this obsessed and insecure about your weight

>Hi guys I am currently reading these books to increase my knowledge on X
>Imagine being this obsessed and insecure about your intellect

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Thanks for a peek into the mental gymnastics you tell yourself.

>wanting a giant dick to satisfy women and not to scare/cause them pain
Never gonna make it

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I just pointed out you for some reason didn't get what self improvement is. Lifting weights is more dangerous than this and just as superfluous, but most men still get great satisfaction from that. I just thought that it was odd that you being on Veeky Forums didn't get that.

not insecure, just want every aspect of me to be as good as it can be, i have some wild stories about my massive cock now too, life is better with it

Have had one for about two years. Used it pretty strictly everyday for almost a year. You would notice girth gains immediately if you kept it on for about 20 min but after about an hour it almost completely goes away. Haven’t used it in about 6 months and my dick looks the way it did before I got it.

I'm not too concerned by the length but I don't think the girth is enough. I would be happier with at least 2 more cm. Also, the head is really small (maybe because I had phimosis).

Someone knows about PMMA girth enhancement or any other procedure?

I always though Veeky Forums was a decent board that didn't have any obvious snake oil salesmen. Guess I was wrong looking at this thread.

>top result
you mean whole first page

It works, the increases just don’t last, you have to use it everyday.

>Brainlet doesn't know how google searches (including scholar) works
You're revealing alot about yourself if you're only getting ED results on the first page bro.

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The idiot shilling nonstop would have you believe it's permanent and risk free.

how do you guys measure yourself? From the top or from where your balls end on the shaft?

>fails to provide links to back his claim
I see I'm being baited, my bad

from tip to pelvis pressing pelvic fat in

Many men are also insecure about their bodies and it's a fixable problem.

And yet, do you see ripped guys everywhere in the streets? Mmmm k.

Using one right now
Ask me anything

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How long have you been using it and how much bigger did your peepee become?

This is the saddest thing I’ve seen all day.

Why? You spend hours at the gym to look good too don't you?

My 8.9/10 sides

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Hello piggy *oink oink*

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It's a fixable problem if you work really hard on it all the time but people can't be bothered

Why is your bathmate so small? I didn't even know they sold such a small model. What's your dick length?

>google is a scientific source

I'm 5.5".

Did you drown in the bath you fucking manlet?

I have a similar traction device, but even with a 5 something inches dick I can't hide this thing inside my pants. How the hell are you supposed to use one for 4-6 hours a day?

I request pic for science

It's easy when he's a neet who sits in front of his computer for 16 hours a day.

that's not using it, that's abusing it.

Not your personal Trap
Does it really sound that bad?

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>T. Almost manlet

Ok goyim when you list your length is it bone pressed or non bone pressed?
Because my benis is 5.2' nbp and 6' bone pressed and I don't know why my fat pat is so big since I'm like 17% bf.

>inb4 dicklet
yes I know fuck you

Op I tried this for shits and giggles alongside jelqing and it definitely works if you do it properly. I wasn't small starting out I think I was 7.3 inches in length(7.5 on a good day) and 5.6 inch girth. After fucking around for a few months I was 8.2 inches and 6.2 inches girth and my wife definitely noticed. I always did it following a training session and took 2-3 days off. I forget the routine but you can find it somewhere. It was something like 1 day bathmate next day help then day off and repeat. So ABxABCxx. There was a day dedicated to stretching and there was weekly progression. Haven't done it for a year but I'm still around 8 inches hard. Also flaccid size grew too. It's funny because if I wore sweats or just compression shorts to gym people thought I was stuffing and I occasionally caught girls checking the bulge. Funniest time was when I went to a wedding with wife and I literally caught both my sister in law and mother in law looking when I took my jacket off. (Mother in law is a widow but sister in law is married). My wife even said they all have had subtle comments from both my mother in law and sister in law.

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Obviously I meant inches not feet