Your dick is probably small

Friendly reminder that your dick is not bigger than average if condoms with >60mm width fit you.

friendly reminder that magnum xxl condoms aren't any wider than durex condoms and just bought by insecure men who want to feel large.

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So a larger width = a smaller benis?
Wew lad

>anything under a 7.5" circumference is a small dick
Better tell those porn stars then.

thats not how it works user
4.4" should wear 52mm (normal durex condoms are 52/53)
4.9" should wear 57mm (durex xxl for example)
5.3" should wear 64mm
5.6" should wear 69mm

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im 5.8" around and I wear 60mm's semi-comfortably, the bigger ones just dont hug at all

they shouldn't "hug" user

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>brainlet maths
You're American, right?

>wearing condoms while having sex
>not just playing russian roulette every time you bang a random tinder hookup
>not giving way to the urge of flooding wombs with your semen
>having sex
>chasing after women at all

I somehow know that you are not going to make it

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>A bit more than 7in length
>Self measured 5 inches (most likely inaccurate)
>56 mm is pretty difficult to put on and tight as fuck making it impossible to achieve full erection
Still think i have a pencil dick

Help me

True. Condom sizes start at L because M or S wouldn't be bought.

I'm 6.5" and wear Japanese condoms. They're super thin, never break, but are really tight and leave half an inch exposed. But I think if they weren't so tight, sensation would weaken.

Have i been a retard all my sexual life? Is this why condom sex feels so fucking numb and why condoms sometimes kill me erections? Because i've been forcing my 6 inch circumference dick into way too tight condoms that cling to me so badly that i find them hard to remove?

5.5 and i wear 56mm. I havent tried wider. It was just a rellief not to wear regular sizes. Regular condoms get rolled into themselves on the top side of my dick somehow.

ideally condoms should fit so that you can pull them off relatively easily.

so probably yes user

with 5.8 inches or above you should definitely wear 69mm condoms

I'm 5" and 56mm skyns are alright, though I wouldn't mind finding some slightly larger non-latex non-durex non-custom-mysize-shit condoms

Pencil dick detected

Define >fits
You can fit your entire head in a condom, it doesn't mean its the right width.

Fuck, i'll have to try them out next time i see my girlfriend. They've always been super tight on my but i've never thought anything of it till this thread. Cheers mate.

So are you saying middle is how they should be?

Haha gotta putty the guy buying a 47 at the checkout lol

If the top part of my dick is 5.5" and the base is 4.5". What's my real circumference?
>tfw baseball bat shaped dick

This must be bait.


Please tell me because i'm the dude he's responding to and if there's a way I can make condom sex feel better i'd slaughter a newborn baby for it

It might feel better, I dunno, but it completely defeats the point of condoms. If it slips off easily you might as well go in bareback in the first place.
Tell your girl to get a coil. Or hell, just but and literally do slaughter your newborn baby.

Babby *

Nigga, just experiment with sizes and stick with what feels best while sexing.

>legit 7.5x5.4 bpel
>regular condoms feel loose
God I’m a dicklet

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>not just playing russian roulette every time you bang a random tinder hookup
>tfw got BTFO the first time and got the clap
t-thanks antibiotics

I'm 7.5" and just get whatever the fuck the health Dept. at my university has in their free bowl of condoms. Holy fuck I hate them. My dick goes numb in less than 5 minutes, start to feel nothing, soon she starts to feel nothing.

Is this a condom size problem or does everyone share this same bullshit experience?

They only have Trojans btw. One is with spermicide, and the other is whatever the purple wrapper is.

Tfw 5.5"x4"

>tfw i need 64

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The condom should roll down easily
No big wrinkles but it shouldn't look like your dick is choking either

Are yall virgins or just retarded?
Is the USA truly such a third world nation that they don't teach you this in sex ed?

I'm not fucking memeing you, if you have a 6 inch circumference dick get larger condoms than 60mm

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>chicken drumstick

Regular condom doesn't roll down and gets stuck half way usually.
I have 16 cm to 17 cm and 15 cm girth.
Aren't regular condoms good for this dick size?

15 cm girth, if properly measured, should use large condoms.

Are they sold in apothecary?

A lot of the U.S. only teaches abstinence sex ed

not like I'll need condoms anytime soon...


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they should yea, but you can also order them on amazon for example.

My dick is sufficient, 15-17 cm. Too big for my GF in specific poisitions. But You know, I'm 28, I don't give a fuck about dick size.

my dick length ranges between 14cm and 17cm according to how horny I ma, a regular sized condom sometimes fits too tight other times too loose

Have 6” around, but only 7 inch length, condoms that are wide enough are too long, what do?

I don't know this feel but I know a similar feel.
Based antibiotics.

Lol op how insecure that you felt compelled to make this thread

I'm just giving people advice on the ideal condom size

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So what? What the purpose of this thread?

They just teach you to not have sex, thats all.

Why does her face look like she's 12

>It might feel better, I dunno, but it completely defeats the point of condoms.

Condoms in the US are required to be small enough not to fall off baby dicks. Even average penises might feel better in a larger condom, and probably won't slip off.

Seriously? I thought you were supposed to pack your meat in there like curing sausage. That explains a lot

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any of you know what kind of condoms used by most porn companies?

I buy Nigerian condoms. American ones are too small for me.

My girlfriend had this problem. She said once she started buying proper sized condoms, sex felt a lot better and she didn’t have problems losing sensitivity or maintaining erections

>mfw half the porn I watch is some 5 inch dude plowing a 9/10

my sides

fellow girthbro here, they shouldn't leave deep rings around the base of your dick. There should still be a small, hardly noticeable ring around the base but it shouldn't look like someone tied a rope around your dick. If you have trouble getting an erection in a condom, it's most likely too small. Sometimes it's just a feel/ED issue but if you're above 5.5inches in goith it's probably just too small of a fit

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>Condoms in the US are required to be small enough not to fall off baby dicks.

what about black men and their mega BBC?

>mfw these threads ALWAYS bring out the insecure little faggots with VERY tiny penises

LMFAO at these incels who will never know the joys of having a big fat horse dick like myself. in b4 the usual "bro size doesn't matter" and "a vagina is only so deep, check out these studies" cope posts.

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>tfw relatively big benis
>gf is tiny and has a tight vagoo
feels good man

Yeah try trojan magnum xl, skyn large or durex xxl which you can find in stores. For other bigger ones get them off the interwebs.

Custom sized condoms from my.size and One

>7.2 inch dick
>still a khv slightly built lanklet

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You measured then?

yoooo kek

ITT: vergins talking about condoms they will never use

I use to always wesr condoms then slowly stopped when I saw chicks didn't care

jokes on you I fucked a girl once

>tfw accepted that I’m a dicklet
Feels good man

she looks past her prime actually, like 27-32

Youre lucky, wearing a condom thats too tight is how they break.

>60mm a little too small
>64mm a little too wide
Is there anything that's in between?


can yall tell me what size of condoms I should wear?

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i mean brand wise, i only know mysize and they don't have those sizes

xtra smll

I don't measure condoms but normal condoms are way too tight and magnums get all bunched up

isnt it amazing how everyone on fit is above 7 inches? lol, insecure faggots.

I'm not sure about length, but normal durex chokes my dick. Skyn is fine though.

Mad cos babydick?

Ignore these two, throughout high school/middle school we were taught contraception methods. Abstinence is mentioned of course, but not recommended by teachers. They tell us it prevents pregnancy and disease, which it factually does, but no one preaches it or anything.

When I jerk off with a condom I come faster, sometimes even after I stop stroking to cool down.
Is this because my dick is too big making the condom too tight?

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Rocking 69mm my friends
>Tfw when you spend an hour having to warm a girl up so you don't rip her in half
>Tfw most girls can't even blow you

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Just go to pegym and thundersplace and learn jelqing and stretching. You can easily gain 1 inch length and 0.5 inches girth in 6 months.

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Wow hurting a woman you love in your most intimate setting and never getting blow jobs. Sounds like an awesome life bro

>too long
You can just leave it unrolled at the bottom, that's how they're meant to be used. Even regular condoms have to be like 7.5 inches long, regular normies still use them fine. I'm 7x5.75 and Skyn Large work well, if you want a rec

are you actually me?