Help im a 180 pound girl who previously ate a high carb and high fat diet and now im trying to lose weight and find it...

help im a 180 pound girl who previously ate a high carb and high fat diet and now im trying to lose weight and find it hard to do. im on a 1000 cal deficit and want to lose 10 pounds a month and it's hard to eat protein. I normally eat like 50g a day. Help! I already drink a protein shake.

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1000 cal deficit bitch what the fuck
give me a rundown on what you eat on an average day

Some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza

>180lb girl


You dont need to do anything besides eating less calories than your maintenance. Get some willpower you weak-willed cunt.

That mean you eat about 800 cal a day, not much room for alot of protein.

alright nvm im not even going to try helping you gl kys

1 protein shake, soup, caesar salad with yogurt based dressing

1 protein shake, hummus and carrots, rice and bean burrito with broccoli


This is from Spongebob.
Anyway I'm

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Yohimbine. Worked wonders for me. You need to take way more than the bottle says. Go to reddit or for whatever dose you should take.

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Weigh your food, you could be eating heaps of that shit for all we know

Diet & exercise sometimes aren't enough if your hormones are fucked up.

It's all packaged so I know how much the soup is, i know how much 4 tablespoons of hummus is, the rest is ez. I eat 600-800 cals a day.

So what is your problem then? Just keep counting cals with a food scale and keep eating at a deficit.

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I predict you won't make it. Not like this.
A 1000kcal cut is to extreme and your diet is shit so you won't have the willpower to stick to it.
Do a less extreme cut and eat some real meals not just side dishes. Get more protein! Weigh all your food and track kcals using an app. It takes time. There are no shortcuts.

And why didn't anyone remind her of the rules yet?

Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.
>mfw thinking of you hurting

>i'm a girl
>1000 cal deficit
>wants to lose 10 pounds a month
>says it's hard to eat proteins
>meme frog
this is bait

As a 180 lbs female you're probably fat as fuck so if you lose your weight too fast you're gonna get loose skin and come back here to whine about that. 10 lbs a month is a lot and a 1000 kcal deficit is retarded, you most likely won't have the willpower to stick to this diet for 4-6 months (depending on your goal weight).

Tits or gtfo.

Try Skyr yoghurt and oatmeal with protein powder. Chicken breast is a very good option for lunch/dinner.


You should try a healthy keto diet, if you cut all carbs and sugars you'll drop all your loose weight in a week

Eat keto or just /fast/. Easiest and fastest with best results.

I have willpower because I don't want to be fat anymore and im depressed so I just sleep lol
fat without carbs tastes bad so I cant do that

what height are you?
and why are you eating protein, it doesn't sound like you even work out

If you come from eating like shit and aren't prepared to do keto and do OMAD then be prepared to stay fat

why do you want to lose weight that quickly nigga, you've probably been fat all your life. you will never keep the weight off no matter how determined you are because 1000 deficit is not a sustainable diet. stop being retarded and go the gym on the regular and eat like a normal human but cut out any snacks you absolute mongoloid

For now you have the willpower. 1000 under maintenance is fucking tough and will wear on you.
At the very least I hope you're active in some way,.

My gf and I lift together 3x/week full body workouts. We reduced about 200kcal of food and introduced 25min cardio sessions after our lifting which roughly makes a 310kcal deficit per day. She is 5'10 and went from 183lbs to 165lbs while eating ~2000kcal of regular food and we even had some sweets about every other day.

So go ahead and just disregard what I'm telling you and do it your way. Just don't expect a gold star for suffering under an extreme cal restriction. And don't be surprised when you fail.

take ephedrine+caffeine and eat 1 grilled chicken salad per day and a protein shake if u go 2 gym

No, you don't. If you had willpower, you would run a -500 deficit like a normal person and lose 4lbs per month on it.
If you had willpower, you would be doing this for the long term rather than waiting until almost April to go on a crash diet for Summer.
Eat like an adult. One pound per week is not glamorous, and you won't get awesome results, but this time next year, you won't be asking yourself why you gained all the weight back.


Be my gf fatty.

This guy gets it

>I have willpower
>Tastes bad so I can't do that

I know this is bait but... up calories to 1200-1300 because thats more accurate and doable.

Macros arent perfect but this a sample of what i do

>150g skyr yogurt (low fat, high protein), 30-40g protein muesli

>protein bar for lunch, raw veggies OR
>occasionally a bagel with cream cheese or a small sandwhich on flat bread

>baked salmon/chicken, more veggies, maybe a salad with vinegar for dressing
>when i have bagel for lunch then carrots, cucumbers and red peppers and hummus for dinner

>after gym protein shake with lowfat milk, 10g hot chocolate powder because i have shit protein powder

>snacks for the day 100 calories max worth of chocolate, stove popped/home made popcorn, flavored skyr or fruits

You can't do this long-term. Your body is going to start trying as hard as possible to keep fat reserves by catabolizing muscle and your metabolism will drop drastically. Add some low(or zero)-carb/high-protein items to your diet like eggs, turkey bacon and chicken breast. Put together a basic cardio bunny routine like low-weight squats, treadmill, stair master, some leg machines and ab workouts.

Your goal needs to be to keep your metabolism up by maintaining as much of the fattie muscle as possible. This will help you further when most of the fat is gone because you'll be less likely to have shitty loose/soft skin which is impossible to look good with. It's also going to make it so that you don't rapidly put back on weight because your body thinks it's coming out of starvation.

Girls will never make it. They don’t have the willpower or self-hatred.

Im 186lb girl, currently im trying to do cardio and a bit of strength for my thighs and hips for about an hour everyday, trying to eat about 1500cals around.
So far only lost like 5 pounds my first month, i just try to cook food at home, eat on bowl/smaller plate, count my protein and lower my carb intake, control the salt, drink water/tea/flavoured mineral water drinks, count calories (250 on breakfast, 600 lunch, 600 dinner). Still wish i'd lost 10 pounds a month, probably because i've been drinking diet pepsi, baguette and some other stupid things i regret.


How much bbq sauce on the chicken you fat retard?


imo even 5lbs/month might be a little too fast so you better forget about 10lbs/month!
be careful or what this user wrote might happen.

Losing weight that quickly can be very dangerous. Stick to a plan of how much you eat a day and don't get demotivated when the weight isn't falling off immediately. My experience of women is that they want to feel good about themselves more than actually achieving something and they give up as soon as there isn't immediate results and realise it's gonna be somewhat difficult.
Doing exercise regularly will benefit you more than just cutting calories. Get a routine and stick to it. And be patient, it could be 6 months or more before you start to see a change you're happy with.

Nah i'm currently ok with the 1500 cal diet, i mostly try to focus on consuming protein because carbs like rice, pasta, bread is convenient in my home and cooking meat and stuff is quite fun.
I will be graduating sometime later this year so 5lbs per month i think is something to be happy with because i guess i lost something but honestly would be much happier 10lbs per month, but im guessing it's because im just starting out i'm not that hardcore with the workouts to burn that much, i'll just try to focus with my current routine and try to slowly push harder.

To lose weight a girl should be eating 1000cal a day supplemented by drinks with some calories in them like sugared coffee or a hot chocolate for when you get a hunger craving.
+ 1 cheat day a week.

Not entirely shure this is not bait but I'll try again.
You're expecting too much.
5lbs per month already is on the upper end of what's reasonable. You're not a pro and don't prep for a competition, right?
The problem is people want too much too fast which sets them up for failure.
Your mindset is commendable but keep it in check or you risk burning yourself out.

Pizza is possibly the worst food for losing weight. Don't eat that shit.

Or just skip the sugary shit and cheat meals and stick to 1000 kcals per day

post Sfw tits you cow

Have you ever talked to a woman before? they possess self-hatred in spades.

I'm surprised how many don't get this

Grown-ups don't watch cartoons, mate...

Just stop eating. Research on fasting and why its better than calorie restriction. Thats my advice. The rest you have to do on your own


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Ok yeah maybe im just being impatient and want the results too much too fast, i'll just be content with the 1lbs per month, im not a pro just trying to do what i think is how it's supposed to go, which is going well it seems.
Thank you for the advice and clarity.

I-I'm 22..



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I laughed for five minutes.
Thanks for that.

Why are most of people assuming nobody has the will to lose weight fast?
I've lost 37.5 lb's since February 8th by swimming and walking 12 miles every day. Fasting 72 hours a week, and eating 500 calories a day.

WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT, don't listen to haters.
I never cheated, i don't have cravings, i'm very rigurous with everything.
I haven't put sugar or processed foods in my mouth since then.

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its better to assume the worst to not be dissapointed and at the same time be surprised when it turns out greatly

1.Do intermittent fasting
2.Eat Veg, Meat, Berries and SOME nuts and fruit.
3.Drink nothing except water and BLACK coffee. Not those 5k sugar and fat monstrosities that you call a small coffee from those chain places.
4.Move for an hour a day. Doesn't matter if it's walking or all at once. You just have to be up and about.

Bitch you're garbage. Run more better. Start OMAD. Cut soda.

Height, weight and gender?

270 lb 8 feb, 234.5 today
27 yo

numbers in kg's

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>over 25
>still on Veeky Forums
user, I...

Keep going fatboi, 20 kg more and you are good to go. you should start lifting while cutting too, it will make it much easier to build muscle later or bulk

How much of a deficit is optimal for that?

how's the loose skin?
were you skinny or fit before getting fat or 4life fatty?

I went from 180lbs to 160lbs as of today. Started mid feb, but I haven't done fasting or anything like that. just lots of water, proper diet, and 4-5 times a week in the gym.

SailRabbit tells me i'm losing 1 lb a day with my current lifestyle.
But if i eat 2000 calories instead and remove fasting altogether, and keep going with the same lifestyle i'd lose 0.6lb a day.
What is that sorcery ? 2000 calories still making me lose a lot of weight.
Compared to 72 hours fast and 500 calories a day.

I am a muscle powerhouse since birth, insane genetics, mom told me people mired when i was 5 year old and on the beach, asking if i did any sports.

I was doing professional swimming from 8 to 12 years old. Then i did Rugby and Martial Arts.
2005 year of our lord, world of warcraft ruined my life.
Been drinking energy drinks every day since then, eating shit, trash junk food, living like a slob, not exercising, failing all the diets possible.
Muscles remained, i have huge calves, my traps are still big, my biceps are strong... but fat is fat.

There is loose skin at triceps area and between my thighs.
I have pretty thick skin overall, so even if i lose a lot of weight, i don't think my belly will have hanging skin at all because it's just very thick skin, and then it's the fat.

And my biceps/triceps and thighs skin will loosen up once i start lifting and building muscles, i guess... i hope.

**TIGHTEN UP, i'm tired... still fasting until tomorrow 6pm.

I've lost almost 40lbs since January on a very loose paleo. I eat fatty meat and fibrous vegetables almost exclusively. It's so filling I can pretty easily keep up a 1000 calorie deficit daily if my fitbit burn numbers are to be trusted (I know they're not, but it's close enough that my weight is going down consistently). I also take walls at work, down the stairs, across to the other stairwell, up and back to my cube.

I was in a similar position, 5'7 and 195 pounds a year ago.
I just started eating less than 600 calories a day, sometime ate nothing at all, and started doing HIIT and now I'm at 127 pounds and feel better than I ever have.

I threw out all sugar and carbs and greasy shit, and don't fall for the prepackaged "weight loss" stuff either because it's all bullshit. Just eat fruit, vegetables, healthy and fresh meats like steak and chicken and fish. In SMALL PORTIONS. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean you can stuff your face with it

Don't give up, it's hard to start but once you get the hang of it you'll wonder how you were ever eating how you are now.

Most importantly, dont be a pussy. Dont start tomorrow or next week, start right the fuck now. Throw out every disgusting amerifat snack you have and buy some real food
Good luck!

Go here, enter your numbers, set it to 20% calorie reduction (2 lbs a week), and choose the "fat loss" type of meal plan. Eat what and how much the meal planner tells you.

Solid memeing user!