Reminder that if you think there's such a thing as an "ideal male body" than you're not 100% straight (and that's...

Reminder that if you think there's such a thing as an "ideal male body" than you're not 100% straight (and that's okay!!)

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I think the ideal male body is yours bby

>all men with wavy/curly hair are gay
Pretty racist.

Kinsey was a lunatic and a fraud.


You either suck dick or not, there's no scale.

If you told me "oh I like to suck cock, but only from time to time you know, only when I get into an unfortunate situation I'll suck some mean cock but otherwise I'm 100% straight bro" that means you're a fucking homo, no fucking scale or other retarded shit, faggot.

Reminder that if you are trying to contaminate Veeky Forums with retarded faggy leftism such as "sexuality spectrums" you need to kys immediately

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You're on the wrong side of history

The one in the middle looks like Zyzz


You can be bisexual too faggot.

2 master race

Sigmund Freud
>everyone wants to kill the father and fuck the mother

Some comedian
>Everyone is a little gay

fukcing stupid

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you're still a homo if you suck dick, dude. doesn't matter how you make it out to be

I don't get the logic behind that. are you saying that if you're aspiring to become a better version of yourself and base your goals on someone else, that you're gay? how weak willed do you have to be to think like that?

t. brainlets

The way Heterosexuality is colored grey while homosexuality is colorful shows the Bias in this picture.

Kinsey was literally one of the biggest degenerates in history. He was part of a pedophile ring and had a fetish for urethral sounding which he constantly acted on. I don't understand why you fags follow the philosophy of this man if you want any credibility in your movement.

I'm pretty 6 myself
tried a woman once and couldn't even get semi unless thinking about guys
can still find aesthetic beauty in women, seems like a cultural thing like ancient Greek statues or something idk

>tfw level 2

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>muh degeneracy!!!11! why cant people conform to my ideals :(((

fuck off normie

reminder if you believe that psychology (except j-jp and jung, o-of course!) is leftist propaganda you actually need to shoot yourself out of a goddamn rocket


>if there is a goal I strive for this somehow means I want to have sex with men

Homosexuals in charge of not projecting for one second.

Simbly ebin