What mode is this and how do I unlock it?

What mode is this and how do I unlock it?

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take a guess

15 year old on gear mode

how to achieve is pretty self evident

mirin forearms

17 year old injecting test 500 mode

you are a pathetic beta genetics trash if you seriously think people need steroids to achieve that physique

Injecting grams of gear mode

all these people saying steroids,even grams of gear. holy shit pathetic faggots. This board is now truly an inbred board with 130lbs retarded underage faggot kids from r9k and /b/. Maybe if you put some effort in your work you would look like somehow you fucking pathetic beta faggots

He even has the high bp red face

this board is fucking shit I swear, full of jealous faggots that think that anyone with a decent body roids, you can literally get that body in 2-3 years, shame that 90% of people here are r9k retards that lift for 2 weeks and quit
start lifting

>rear leg not bent completely
>Front leg bent
>Sole of front foot not turned inward and flat on carpet
This guy is unforgivably stiff. kys.

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>being a roidlet and coping this much

this board has always been full of incels

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at 15 i t is u fuckn dumbass mother fucker
go f uckn kys

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You're all retards if you cant see the photoshop

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no its not you you beta trash,I can imagine how you look like if you think this guy roids HAHAHAHAHA

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5g creatine dissolved in sips injected into his ass every morning combined with a high onion low soy diet.

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In all seriousness, what routine to follow?

Imagine being this stupid


I look like this but slightly higher bf%. Does this mean I'm gonna make it after this cut?

be skinny and only workout your upper body, back, chest and shoulders only.

So skip leg day is what you're saying? Got it

Limp noodle at 20 mode

Twunk mode
Have decent genetics, be young, pretty and do a PPL.

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I want 22 year old version of this body please

no core work either!!!

I know you want to look like him by your 16th birthday buddeh, but it ain't happening. and he ain't a natty.