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26, 178cm, 86.5kg

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3 months in Reg Park's 5x5

Estimated One Rep Maxes:
Back Squat: 105 kg[Novice]
Front Squat: 87 kg[Intermediate]
Deadlift: 122 kg[Novice]
Bench Press: 70 kg[Novice]
Overhead Press: 58 kg[Intermediate]
Chin-up: 34 kg added[Intermediate]
Pull-up: 29 kg added[Intermediate]
Pendlay Row: 82 kg[Proficient]

Why is my chest lagging behind and my back so much stronger? Is it muh genetics?

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maybe lack of frequency, volume?

>tfw green legged SS victim

What would you suggest I throw in the mix for some more chest gains? I'm still a bit of a noob so I've been following the RP 5x5 pretty strictly. Only thing I've added to it is BB curls and skull crushers.

What's your back squat/why no back squat?

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Actual 1rms except Pendlay rows because that'd be retarded.

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god damnit I want to get next stage of yellow

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It's shit.
dicking around with PPL since early january
5 reps in January vs now
Squat 70kg 105kg
Deadlift 80kg 125kg
Bench 70kg 92.5kg
OHP 40kg 55kg

I went from like 80kg in late november to 90kg now, and I'm going to start eating a deficit in April. Tired of being a fatass

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OP here, what im personally doing, even at my level, is incline bench 5x5, and dips 5x5 afterwards
seems to work just fine

i dont like back squat, literally only reason lol

how tf can all your lower body exercises be exeptional, but calves are only proficient
is that cause of the push press?

25 years old, 224lbs.

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Please excuse the phone posting

>195 lbs


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That's the only thing I can think of too


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Just posted yesterday, but:
236lb/107kg (around 18% bf)

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btw even if it's green, I have huge triceps. but shoulders could be bigger indeed

Back at it after shoulder injury and losing all gains, at least I nearly got my blueman back

One months progress

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175 lbs

305 1RM Bench
455x2 Squat
455x2 DL

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165 lbs

Damn, what routine you on?

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26 5'6"/170 cm 171 lbs/77.6 kg
>slowly becoming a chestlet

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About to try running Sheiko, but for the most part I've just been doing whatever comes to mind. I was training for special forces so I had a lot of running, swimming and calisthenics foundation/endurance. It's looking like it could go either way now so been focused on powerlifting for the past two months

29, been lifting for 10months or so
90-92kg it's been a while

Is there an option to input 5x5 instead of 1x5?

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5x5 won't be that much higher, just keep at it senpai

GSLP, 177 lbs, 5'11" (king of manlets),

month-on-month-off training since September, started going a regular 3x a week in december. sickness in Feb put me out of comission for a month. P shitty way to start the year. But gains are steadily progressing faster than the sept half-months. next squat session I hit 2pl8. Slowly getting better at chins but easily my weakest exercise.


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I used to be like you and then I started

-more exercises on chest day, more volume
-every single other workout: bodyweight dips, 4 sets of 8, then 10, then 15, now I'm at the point where I do 4x25

24yo, around 76kg, 175cm

Back Squat: 115 kg[Novice]
Deadlift: 147.5 kg[Intermediate]
Bench Press: 110 kg[Proficient]
Overhead Press: 65 kg[Intermediate]
Pendlay Row: 100 kg[Proficient]

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