[22][M] Seeking advice. Please read

Hi Veeky Forums, I recently have started dating a new girl and she is perfect. Smart, 10/10 looks and we have same interests. However, I recently found out her ex-boyfriend has a 8+ inch dick and there is a rumor that he was the best lover at the high school and girls would literally do anything to fuck him.
The problem is that I have a 5.5 incher and very little girth. My girlfriend has always seemed happy enough with it, but after hearing these recent comments about her ex, I have been having really struggling sexually. And on top of that, the other night we were fucking doggy style and she got a little too into it and said deeper. I just instantly went soft and felt sick.

Any advice guys? Do I bring it up with her or will that just make me seem beta as fuck?

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Stop being a fag

well unless you meet a genie that schlong aint getting any bigger, man up son

please leave

look up PE, jelqing. Though it's apparently fraught with danger.
Just get huge to cover up your insecurities like a normal person would.

Itt op projects his cuck fetish
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I genuinely want some advice, I'm really insecure about this, and won't be able to proceed in the relationship if I don't sort it out.

Hypothetical Question: What would you do/How would you feel, if you were in my situation?

I would realize that everyone is different and everyone brings different shit to the table. Presumably she's dating you for some reason other than your dick. Typically after having their cervix brutalized by Chads, women want a different kind of guy (that's you). Since you can't magically grow your dick, embrace your role as the guy she's settled for and focus on the stuff in your relationship that doesn't involve your pathetic baby dick.

Just accept the fact that I will never be able to sexually please her like the Chad?
I guess thats fair enough. thanks mate.

Sure maybe you'd be a bit embarrassed but there really is nothing you can do, try an extendo penis device if you want but its pretty much guaranteed you'll get erectile dysfunction in the long run.

Just stop being an insecure cunt, girls dont find that attractive - and stop thinking about her xbfs dick.

Thanks mate


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>and said deeper
two options:
a)invite a black bull into the relationship, when she wants it deeper let bull take over
b)when she wants it deeper put a strap-on on and fucker her, but make sure it's a black bull size

Fucked cunt


You can be better at sex and have a smaller dick, work at pleasuring herself with what you have. But for arguments sake let's say he was bigger and better.

It doesn't matter, she wouldn't be with you if it did. Good chance a lot of people on here are the the best their partners have.

Guys here, is the best sex you've ever had with your girlfriend?

You are letting the thought of another man ruin your love life. His dick is neither here nor there. What matters is your own pleasure right now at this moment in time.

get some viagra, get her drunk, finger her hard and then fuck her while choking her. if you still feel inadequate after this u should give up

hmm will try this
where to get viagra in aus?

Im sure he had an 8+ incher. Girls are retarded when it comes to measurements because they are fuck small and got tiny hands. He was most likely 7 at most. 9 inches is like 99+th percentile but of course 9/10 guys on the Internet have it. Your length is about average and its more than enough, fuck her good and you will be fine.

Girth is 1000x more important. Ever seen a girl pleasing herself with a fucking ruler? Exactly, because what's the fucking point of using a 10 inches ruler of you can't feel it. The only thing that seems like it might work is PE. You can get info about it on thundersplace but I would be careful about it. You don't want to break your dick for girth gainz.

How tall are you and how tall is he? That's all that really matters.

find a black bull to sexually satisfy your girlfriend, your relationship will be stronger for it

some countries you can walk into a pharmacy and buy it for around $10/pill, some countries you just have to go to a GP and say you have erectile disfunction they'll give you a script and it's still about $10/pill at pharmacy

im 5foot8
he is 6foot2

yeah i know...


Fuck him and see if the rumours ars true user

It's already over buddy. It's obvious from the post that you pedestalize her and are insecure about yourself.


now it's just tragic

But for real, the thing that will doom your relationship isn't your height or your inferiority as a man, it's your insecurity, your lack of confidence. Women like confident men. Not cocky men who go around trying to prove it. They want men who are humble and confident. As long as you have that, you'll be fine.

will take on board cheers

I'm 5'11" and struggle with depression because of it. I have no idea how you live with yourself

I've seen girls pleasure themselves with their 1 inch girth fingers, with pencils, with hairbrush handles etc.

communicate more with her, dont do it in a beta way. find what she likes, tell her what you like.

proviron, cialis, bathmate

Is Veeky Forums now a site for underage teen fags dealing with their hormone problems ?