Is there any hope for me if i have a jaw like pic related?

Is there any hope for me if i have a jaw like pic related?

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can you even breathe?

Nah all is lost, if you have that jawline you've received a fate worse than a manlet.

wish I had the piranhas hairline though

If you have the money and patience to endure braces for like ~1-2 years then you'll be fine

A ripped jawlet still looks better than a skinny/fat jawlet

tried fixing

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I think it's over for you buddy. Random 18 year old chad mogs you too hard

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can u leave


give me a quick rundown on him

he's a huge mentalcel and autistcel. i've seen his DM's, he has girls throwing themselves at him and he doesn't reply because he's too afraid for rejection. dude is a literal 8/10 if not 9/10

i had jaw surgery. completly changed the way my face looks. girls give me attention now lul so fake

is this guy supposed to be good looking? he looks like a constipated autist

He looks and is a autist. but post your face. He still mogs you

stop posting your face on Veeky Forums dude lmao

overbite surgery.

This is your answer

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wtf u on about found him on /soc/ and recognized him from r/incels. and im waiting for your pic. or are autistcels moggin you?

you don't fucking have that chin tho
you're either LARPing or you have severe body dysmorphia

make a thread and ask tomorrow instead, we really don't have enough of these threads

this guy looks like shit

you’re really fooling everyone here man I’m sure not a single person can tell you’re him


This. Manlets can get laid, if you look like this you will be an incel

>that haircut

This is how male cope looks like. Mad they can't compete with a 6'4 square jawed autistchad. JFL

my freshman roommate had this jaw, i dubbed him "pea-head"

i would rather have my face than his

Which Bogdanoff brother is this?

His jaw is slightly better than mine but between his huge nose and the autistic-looking expression permanently graven into his eye area he is not nor will he ever be Chad. He looks borderline inbred/retarded and will never succeed when he looks like he has a double digit IQ

>implying you mog autistchads

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he's a noselet ye, he should get surgery. but he got PCT and high cheekbones so he'll slay anyway.

Btw post your pic want to see how you compare to autistchads

What jaw

My dad has that type of jaw(not that bad) and he is a manlet and married my mom who is tall,thin,beautiful even at 50 years old.

It's not all lost but if you can save money for surgery or braces it would boost your confidence.