What is some Veeky Forums approved vidya games?

What is some Veeky Forums approved vidya games?

Also to keep fit related: what's your favorite pump?
> For me it's the chest pump

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pumping ur mum



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World of Warcraft.

BUT only playing Warrior

Only one sort of pad work you should be doing if you want to make it

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>playing WoW in 2000+8

NBA 2K18
Madden NFL 18
WWE 2K18

kek, but sadly you're wrong

Any Souls game
Quake1 + Epsilon Mod

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Dark souls

Giantdad build only

there are none. because if you have time to sit on your fatass and hue hue at some 3d avatar on a screen you have time to do more reps. dyel

Name a more fit game than Dance Dance Revolution
Pro tip: You can't

Wii fit

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Life is strange

I always play a female with estoc as a weapon because seeing a girl with a tiny pecker crushing big monsters gives me a pump.

Leave normie

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God Hand
Alien Soldier
Shmups in general
Streets of Rage
Street Fighter/Tekken

I very rarely game anymore, but I still got a 760gxt that can run some games on medium/high. Once every couple of months I'll get a real big urge to play some Total War (usually Rome 2 or Attila). Nothing gets the test running faster than massacring some heretic pagans.

The game gets very samey after the mid/late period so I usually burn out and uninstall after a week.

mafia 3, or god of war, solid,thick and tight protags no homo, also a lot of yelling and rage, t boost

>playing as a girl
take your soy and get the fuck out of this thread, faggot

>no doom or doom 2016
What the fuck is this?

Metal Gear Rising

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factorio, just a lonely autist trying to make supplychain gains, fight off gains goblins, and escape the planet because >tfw no gf

this. brutal doom is the only game i play once a while and it's fucking sick. Put on some old evil dnb or techno mix and blast away

And MGSV. Snakes juicy af in that

I would destroy her. Like I wouldn't even be gentle. I would smack her ass with the wii balance board and choke her with the numb chuck cable. Also see how man wii remotes I could fit in her ass.

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I play medieval 2 total war. Play as the Byzantine empire or England and make it my objective to colonise and wipe out all the sandniggers.
Sometimes play as the holy romantic empire and take iberia, France, eastern Europe and Russia and basically build a Reich
>comfy AF

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Holy Roman empire
>fucking auto correct

RPGs where you create yourself and imagine using your Veeky Forumsness to save the whole goddamn world.
And I look absolutely NICE when my delts are pumped

Doom/ Thread

Mount and blade

>Not always playing as a tiny girl and fucking up bigger people
Never gonna make it

Runescape 2007
Fallout 1, 2 and NV
Victoria 2

None, or splitscreen games with your bros.
If youre not socializing while playing the game youre wasting time which you could be spending making money, bettering yourself, or making memories

HRE is so hard on higher difficulties. Everyone just bones you.

Easiest nation is definitely the Turks for the outrageously OP horse archers.

the witcher 3

to add on: not to mention Islam is the GOAT religion in Medieval II -- jihads are amazing in that game.

Minecraft once in a while. Very soothing
Also chest maybe tricep