One armed pullups @ 6'2" 240lbs

one armed pullups @ 6'2" 240lbs

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why is his youtube channel so autistic though

>not a single full rom
to the trash it goes

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t. twink who can't even do 3 of those

>expects chin over the bar

>Reps: 0

^ Arms: 14"

Kek, project harder. Don't get salty because someone points out your shitty form

if you aren't going for a full range of motion i.e. arm fully extended when at the bottom

why record yourself performing this exercise?

form looks decent, one armed pullups are really hard to master.
nothing he does is conventional, but he still gets results. go be resentful somewhere else

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>not a new IP
Samefag harder
Form sucks
Get over it

>hehe, he only went 98% range of's like he did nothing!
why does full rom matter?

literally what all Veeky Forumsizens strive for.
Aesthetic + strenght + autism + pseudoscience.

for the same reason going below parallel in squats and touching your chest when performing a bench press matters

you either do the exercise, or you don't.

if a guy benches 500lbs and he's half an inch above his chest that's still impressive.

going full rom (lock out on bottom) on one-armed pullups is so fucken hard if you're over 200lbs. have you tried? go try, you probably wont even be able to move an inch.

You do realize everyone can see that you're the OP right? Stop acting like you're somebody else. This is just sad. Fucking newfag

>stop showing off
>i hate things i can't do!

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is this guy natty?

>keep referring to the video as "he"
>I'm not acting like another person!!



Come back when you can complete the movement

Post arm pics and video of yourself doing one dead hang pullup then my dude.

Have you tried doing one armed pullups with full elbow extension?

I can curl 50lb dumbbells x8reps and do 20 regular chin ups, weigh 185lbs
I can't even do 1 one armed pull up from a dead hang, my body doesn't even move lol
it feels impossible

>swinging your legs


My PB at regular pullups was 33 consecutive reps and I could only do 1-2 reps on my right arm and one rep on my left arm.
I can also do weighted pullups with 40kg for 10 reps.
Bodyweight 85-90kg.

If you can do legit 5 one arm pullups you are a a genetic freak specially if you aren't a twink.
Anyone who talks trash about the guy in the OP's video doesn't even fucking lift.

That's more of a chinup than a pullup.
If you're using your biceps that much then it's not a pullup.

>can't even do a single-arm hang


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That dude is a straight up beast. Anyone talking shit about his form needs to stop being a faggot.