Sleep 10 hours

sleep 10 hours
work 9 hours
train 2 hours
video games 2 hours
hanging out with friends/buying groceries 1 hours

how the fuck you guys find the time to prepare/eat 7 meals a day ?

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You fucking retard. Stop playing video games.

>Will never fucking make it, child

>sleep 10hours
found your problem

>Sleep 10 hours
For what purpose? I've slept 6 every night without any adverse effects.
>Video games 2 hours
Well, on days you need to prepare meals maybe you don't get to play games. Welcome to adulthood, it's all about sacrificing short term enjoyment for long term achievement. I do all my meal prep on Sundays and it only takes me an hour or two, it's not that big of a time eater really.

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>6h sleep
>9h work
>2h to+from work+making food
>5h vidya

Where do you work m8


>eat 7 meals a day
you don't need to unless you're training for Mr Olympia you dumbass

Sleep 7. Train 1.

>video games 2 hours
you know how

why are you sleeping 10 hours? what work do you do?

make all your meals for the week on sunday morning and start setting timers

>sleeping 10 hours
>playing vidya
>training longer than 1.5 hours
>training every day
>eating more than once a day


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Why the fuck are you getting 10 hours of sleep a day? 8 will do

>Hanging out with friends

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cut back on sleep if you can I guess, I feel fucking dead if I sleep less than 9 hours myself.

Dinner is the only meal that should take time, 3 small(er) meals through the day and snacks should do it mang


8 Hours
6 hours
1.5 hours
>Free time to eat, hobby, whatever
Leaves me with plenty of time lads. I work 6 hours a day and earn £27-£30k a year before bonuses. Find yourself a better job. There is no need to work more than 8 hours unless your financial situation is fucked.

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>sleep 10 hours
>video games 2 hours

If you weren't a retard you'd have an extra four hours right there.

>stop doing something you enjoy

Tell that to my boss

I work 10 hours a day
Train 1hr
Sleep 7hr
5 hrs chill

Weekends are for fun with the boys im single and i enjoy working hard if i had a familly to chill with it may be different but right now i just wanna hit work hard hit weights and enjoy the simple life

>Not eating while playing video games

Come on now. I play video games too and it's a great time to snack on some peanuts/chips/chocolate. That's fucking 600 calories per 100 grams, senpai. I assume you're bulking.

>I've slept 6 every night without any adverse effects.
Haha, oh wow.

>*12 meals

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I feel like ass if I sleep more than 6. Groggy and generally slow for the entire day. With 6 I feel good to go just a few minutes after waking up. I know the standard around here is 8 but I'm not gonna feel like garbage all day just to appease a bunch of anons. And if it's affecting my lifting somehow it's not very noticeable because they're all slowly but steadily increasing.

I normally don't play 2 hours of vista on days that I work.

>hanging out with friends


Meal prep
Eat during video games
Eat during your workout
Eat during work
Don't sleep 10 hours a day

anyone who says dont play video games is a fucking retard, i play at least 3 hours in week days and 6+ in weekends

>sleep 7 hours
>work 9 hours
>train 1 hour
>cook 1 hour
>work out 2 hours
>vydia or shitposting 2 hours
>next day

>succumbing to video games for enjoyment instead of practicing an art

fucking faggot

7h sleep
1h making food/eating
1h sport
1h car to/from work
8h work

gives me 6h of pure freetime per day which I mostly use to do nothing or vidya.

Yeah, I'm sure you practice the art of the blade in your free time, mouth breather

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I invest 3h once a week on meal prep. 30m more on logistics. Eating twice a days is about 30m a day.
Adding nofap, noporn, nogf, nokids and shitty weather, yea, i have plenty of time.

8 hours sleep
8 hour arms
8 hours eating

there you go