Stop shaving

Women prefer hairy guys

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>literally any year
>women knowing what they want

women prefer smooth guys more often than not, though gay dudes tend to like moderately hairy guys

even in dyel mode some guys look more manly than most roidheads
selleck is one of them

Lol. Shaving body is the biggest sign of a homosexual.

Seriously though it depends where a girl is from. I'm pretty hairless naturally and a girl I was seeing asked kind of disappointed if I manscaped because I wasn't very hairy.

I think girls that are higher test and sex crazed prefer very masculine guys though.

>Women like X guys, do X!
women like men who're in charge of their own lives. Look at this round-faced numale. Look at him. He fucked more women you'll ever fuck, and was more respected than anyone in your family will ever even hope to be. He was an alpha male and it had nothing to do with doing something because women prefer it. He was a self-made man

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>self-made man
Don't get me wrong, I love teddy. But he was born into the elite.

>grow almost no chest hair
>freakish amounts of wiry hair around nipples

>He was a sickly child

hair hides gainz tho

Women like what you are as long as you're not a pussy.

>women who claim to hate hairy guys end up "liking hair on men" when dating me

No doubt they go back to liking hairless guys and say "lol my ex was so hairy" the next time she takes a dick from a smoothie.

Unironically though I rock a 70's pornstar look (hairy and wear a couple of gold chains [heirlooms]) and some women really dig it and some are disgusted by it.

>be me
>consciously make bulked Burt your body ideal

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OP's pic is Tom Selleck.

Oh yeah fugg

This is the gains police. You have modelled your body under false pretenses. Place your gains on the floor and place your hands on the back of your head.

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You joined the force to protect gains. Now look at you. You've become the goblin.

Better do what he says man. These guys are itchier than goblins


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My chest hair growth is essentially the equivalent of a 14 year old's puberty stache.
I shave it.

Moustaches are the real pill

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I workout for me so I'll keep not caring.

this kind of body hair just looks disgusting

You have no idea what a "hairy guy" is. Life is suffering


>The chad smoulder

Also the hair growth on my chest is pathetic so honestly it's best for everyone involved if I shave it.

> self made
> born into aristocracy
> daddy bought him all the best trainers and equipment

listen Teddy is a cool dude but he most certainly did not pull himself up by the bootstraps . get out of here brett mckay

I wish women stopped shaving.

>TFW chest hair, stomach hair, back hair, shoulder hair

srly, I am harry everywere. you might get away with chest and stomach hair but not but not back and shoulders

>round faced numale
>shot in guy during a speech, proceeded to finish his 90 min speech
>swam in lakes during the winter
>huge naturalist and hunter

Imagine being so deluded

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nah, I kno u wanna succ