Be me, 20

>Be me, 20
>Mom is worried because of my diet
>Literally nothing extreme, just counting macros, chicken with wholemeal pasts, oats, milk and skipping breakfast for IF
>She still mad, want me to stop
>Whatever, I don't even live under your roof anymore
>Get into a huge af argument
>Agree to take a blood check to check if everything's alright, if it isn't I stop, if it is she must fuck off with her bullshit, period
>telling doctor what I do
>hurr dirr you can't skip breakfast you are going to die
>hurr durr too much protein, your kidneys are going to give up
>hurr durr the weights are going to wear down your joints
>almost got sent to a psychiatrist for eating disorder

Had any of you ever dealt with people putting actual efforts in you not making it?

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i like holes

what were the results?

stop drinking milk

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Take her up on the psychiatrist offer and then explain to him that your mum is crazy, and then instead get treatment for your crippling depression.

Getting tested next Wednesday

>hurr dirr you can't skip breakfast you are going to die
>almost got sent to a psychiatrist for eating disorder
I would normaly take a doctor's advice with some consideration but are you fucking kidding me


>nothing processed, I make everything myself
>no dairy
>no added sugars
>no grains
>no potatoes
>lots of salt
>lots of red meat
>a shitton of eggs
>dry sauna every other day
>gym 4 times a week
>occasional 2-5 day water fasts

I feel like a doctor would instantly lock me up if I told him all this, and that makes me sad for modern medicine.

Yup, everything fast relsted is a total no go to them

They would rather have you eating biscuits, and lots of sugary things for breakfast, rather than letting you skipping breakfast even if you meet you caloric and nutritional goals during the rest of the day

>this pic

Estrone and progesterone are the things you actually want. Even as a male.

Estradiol is the real problem.

And it's so funny that's the case nowadays. After looking into it insanely autistically and trying it for myself, I can tell you long fasts are literally the best thing a person can do to improve their health.

In what shithole do you live?


>Taking the results from just one study, that has never been replicated, and stating it as scientific fact.

Besides, the Japs have always been terrible at actual science. They used to take Chinese people, sew them together, and then be surprised when they died.

>call the doctor a skinnyfat dyel and tell him not to speak about shit he's never put to practice

>sanidad publica
never again

>grandparents adopted me when I was young
>decide I want to start losing weight
>go from mid 200s to about 190lbs
>grandma literally breaking down crying afraid I'm going to fucking pass from this world because I'm too skinny
>I can't even see my dick yet without bending slightly
>too skinny

the shit i had to go through when i started at 16...
>don't lift weights, they wear down your joints
>don't do whey protein, it's dangerous
>if you get too buff your bones might be too weak to handle them
i would've actually been up for a personal trainer, if i found one that didn't nag me to do bodyweight memery and stay dyel on purpose

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Did she pick the doctor, or does she talk tot he doctor behind your back? Same with the psyche?

Dysfunctional parents will often manufacture situations to get more control of their children who are trying to break free from their shit. Things like framing the situation to the doctor beforehand in order to get them to treat/view you a certain way. She could outright lie to him about what you do and you would never even know, but that lie is going to be in his head when he see's you.

Tell her that you'll get the work done, and you'll see a doc, but only if its one you pick and one that specializes in what you are currently dealing with.

Also how big is your mom? What other behaviors has she exhibited in regards to trying to control you or make you feel a certain way (guilty, weak, stupid).

Can you explain why no potatoes?

maybe you're just a dicklet then

>at doctor for cyst removal
>there's a TV screen playing a slide show in the waiting room
>Health Tips!
>raging at how wrong they all are
>big emphasis on skim milk
>recommended meal: Broccoli, cheese, and croutons on toasted wheat bread with a glass of skim milk
>raging a small amount
>another one: skim milk, fat free cereal, banana
>raging intensifies
>next slide comes up: "High protein weight loss milkshake. Combine 2 scoops of ice cream, butterscotch, vanilla extract, and protein fortified milk"
>too horrible to even look at, have to browse Veeky Forums instead

Ask a different doctor and if he disagrees with your diet ask him what he thinks a good diet does look like.
>case 1: he actually helps you improve your diet to get fit.
>case 2: he offers a shit diet
>case 3: your diet was pretty good from the start.

Also, make sure your mom pays for the consult!
>make it into an oportunity

I've noticed I get a lot of weird questions and looks when I tell people I'm fasting, the first response is usually "Is it for religious reasons?", then when I explain it's to cut and reduce the amount of bf% they come back with "But you're not fat?"
I don't think they mean any harm in what they say, but it does go to show most people don't have a clue about fitness or diets, no one really understands how the body works or why we eat what we eat, or for what reasons. Because of this they automatically think what we're doing is wrong or bad because it's not a common thing to do, they see lots of healthy people every day who don't do any of the stuff we do.
They just think if you eat ok, get fruit and veg in then you're in perfect health.
I read a Reddit comment today who was absolute god smacked that someone only ate 500 calories a day and came out perfectly fine, the comment got 20+ upvotes.
What I'm trying to say is, don't hate the people or think they're stupid for not knowing, all this fitness/diets are a completely foreign concept to them, no one has ever taught them anything about it, so what evidence do they have to understand and accept that not what you're doing is healthy when literally no one has previously told them about it before?
Only start to hate after you've gave them evidence/articles/studies that proof what you're doing is good, and they reject it anyway. That's when the crab in the bucket mentality starts.

people pathologise everything now
>smoking a cigar? are you gay it's like a dick shape!
>working out/ it must be from insecurity you should just stop trying like the rest of us!
>a nice car? sounds like your over compensating!

the only thing that you can do to be considered perfectly sane is work a dead end job, come home and watch netflix until it's time to go to sleep, get up, shit shower shave, eat an unhealthy breakfast of carbs and sugars, drink some coffee, then go to work and drink multiple coffees throughout the day

on the weekends sleep in until at least noon and stay out all night with friends drinking alcohol. be sure to gain weight over the years.

if you really are insecure enough to work out nothing more than curls with weights, just run. even riding a bike is considered abnormal obsession at this point. just watch your netflix, eat takeout most nights of the week, and never make any attempt to improve yourself except for work.

i really hope that one day people realize that fat > sugar

stop basing life decisions on individual studies you haven't even read

Fuck im glad im not an Amerifat

It may be a Spanish mother thing. Mine thinks the same!

>>hurr dirr you can't skip breakfast you are going to die
lmao, the absolute state of american """doctors"""

Mothers are the fucking worst, they always try to coddle and feminize their sons therefore make them weak. Thank goodness my mother died when I was young and I was raised by my father only

>the only thing that you can do to be considered perfectly sane is work a dead end job, come home and watch netflix until it's time to go to sleep, get up, shit shower shave, eat an unhealthy breakfast of carbs and sugars, drink some coffee, then go to work and drink multiple coffees throughout the day

>Something something "a time will come when insane men look upon the rational and say "you are not like us, you're insane!" something Kali Yuga something or whatever.
T. /pol/

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>Thank goodness my mother died when I was young

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>watches fight club once

Move out or ignore them. My family freaked out when I started loosing weight but I paid them no mind. Eventually they came around to support me.Wtf dude. Have some respect for your mom.

HoLeeFuk, that pic is quite disturbing.

He's clearly avoiding carbs.

I don't know why but I picture you as a 185cm tall, blonde king of Veeky Forums

>lots of salt

>don't do whey

It's like some people think its gear

Dad and step mom

>"you're always flipflopping on your diet"
>"You're not a professional athlete you don't need to do that"
>"everything in moderation"

Gee, who would have thought when you've been training for three years consistently that you begin to try different things to see what results you can net.

And I love my step mom to death, but since my dad was diagnosed with pancreatitis she's now a "guru" on what's healthy to eat. I was doing this before she even had a clue.

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