Who here has or is dirty bulking? (eating whatever you want) tell me about it conformists

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/fat/ty here. On a cut right now eating 1200cals. Should I be doing cardio as well as lifting or will that fuck up my muscle recovery?

Also diddlies first or last in the workout?

i've been getting a ton of volume (PPL 6 days a week) lately because i live a km from a gym that someone gave me their pass to so i have been going for free.

im moving next week and there is no good affordable gym close to my new place.

how do i keep my gains? there is a garbage group fitness gym close but i don't think they even have a squat rack. i could bike 8km back to gym i have been going to but that will cut the amount i go by a lot for sure. or i can buy cheap weights for home, nothing heavy though.

really not sure what i should do.

Its fine if you limit how much you eat. Just do extra cardio or walk more instead of bussing/driving.

you should do cardio you fat fuck. you can probably eat more than 1200.

Roughly how much would you recommend? I'm 5'10 199lbs now. A few weeks ago I was doing 300cals worth on top of my lifting but I just don't want to look auchwitz mode when I hit 10-12% BF

What are the best full body routines for a fat guy who just wants to cut the fat and maintain a lean body forever? Like 10-12% body fat.

Caloric deficit. High protein. But what routine? StrongLifts good enough?

Why doesn’t the pullover get more attention? It activates my lats way more than a pulldown does.

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8km is nothing senpai if you have a fast bike it might take you twice as much as it takes to go walking at most

I can't do pistol squats. I'm pretty sure my legs are strong enough but my ankles don't seem to have the flexibility/mobility to get all the way down. How 2fix?

calisthenics and you wont see 10% for a long time

Losing muscle while cutting fat. Give me all the facts Veeky Forums

-is the muscle loss negligible if you do everything right?
-does the length of your cutting phase affect muscle loss?

For the most part I’ve been doing compound lifts. Been slowly adding isolations to the end of every workout and there have been some that target places that become super sore the next day as if I had never used them before. This happened doing the lat pull down, leg lifts, and laying tricep extensions with the ez curl bar. Other isolations like hammer curls, shrugs, flys, reverse flys, cable work for bis and tris haven’t given me DOMS this bad.

Anyone else transitioned into isolation movements had this? Are there other groups that just don’t get targeted very well with compounds I should try out? It’s been kinda fun doing new work outs.

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what are good books to read to learn about nutrition?

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yeah im quick, i dont want to leave this gym, i have so many crushes there.

stop making new QTD's before the last one hits the bump limit.

You only split the retarded questions and advice two ways.

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Once it hits 270ish I make a new thread Veeky Forumsbrah

Thats just how I roll. C-Conformist

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What do?

please don't do that. There's no point to make a new thread before the old one dies.

either fuck her or stop hanging with her

I'll stop user.
But someone always does it you know.

I think it's because questions as the OP in these threads get answered more. That's my theory

I did
Ended up putting on fat too fast. Now I'm having to cut prematurely to avoid becoming obese.
All it really did was impede my progress by putting an end to my bulk earlier. Don't do it

what is the PPL routine

And I will yell at them every time they do it. Veeky Forums posters act all tough until you link the thread proving them wrong.

and most people do it because they don't search the catalog before making a new thread.

I'm a beginner and trying to follow this program:
newbie-fitness point blogspot point fr/2006/12/rippetoes-starting-strength point html

In the "Workout A", should I do dips like pic related? There seems to be a difference between "dips" and "parallel bar dips".

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You should adopt a trip. So that people will learn to fear you and never dare to make a QTD before it's time. You'll be like Veeky Forumss own caped crusader.

CICO and IIFYM are all that matters
if gimmicks like "clean" or "intermittent fasting" or keto help you get your CICO and IIFYM then great

stick with 20-30min 2-3x/week of LISS
DL, it depends on the rest of the workout
but, always squat before dead if both are done with intensity

Starting Strength. Once you get through the beginner progression, if all you want to do is maintain, just keep doing the phase iii workout forever but drop the frequency to 1-2 workouts a week

sadly the pullover died as the pulldown machine and places to do pullups/chins became more common.
still a good exercise though

pistols are a fucking meme. balance trick
do skater squats, high step-ups, lunges, etc instead

basically get your protein minimum and lift heavy to bias your body to keeping the muscle, and don't lose weight too fast, 1-2lbs a week unless you're superobese
as a beginner you may gain muscle, if advanced, you'll lose some regardless but the above will minimize it
time spent doesn't, but leanness and rate does, if you're very lean already then it'll be hard to lose fat and keep muscle, if you're very fat, it'll be easier

DOMS really doesn't matter to strength or size building
you can work your whole body adequately with only compounds
isolation is for injuries, prehab, or faggot wannabe bodybuilders and those who think that "gunz" look good (which means people influenced by faggot wannabe bodybuilders and teh juice who run the industry and publish the magazines)

lyle mcdonald's whole site, read every nutrition article there

the only splits worth doing are
>Epley style athletic

get the fucking book
there are no dips in starting strength

Nope. "Dips" are "parallel bar dips". Bench dips from pic related are dangerous.

Is there a nutritional/calorie difference between canned fruit and fresh fruit?

not that autistic. Just like QTD threads to be as simple as possible instead of having 4 of them floating around the catalog

why do you keep posting these cringey south park characters?

Thanks. I'll stick to the original SS then.

>pistols are a fucking meme
I dunno they look pretty cool and seeing how hard it is for me to pull them off makes me think I have serious flexibility issues

Has anyone discovered a medical condition while trying to start lifting? At what point did you go to the doctor/realize?

>poops always float, always smell weird but dont think much of it because its poop
>parents house toilet doesnt flush the best; lots of water american toilet
>"user, this is the third day your floating poops dont go down. Are you okay? That doesnt seem normal"
>Quick google search, you have gas, too much fat in diet or malnourished/body isnt processing fat/nutrients right
>ehhh probably too much fat in diet, i eat a lot of junk/get the farts. (Not sure if this matters but have never been over weight)
>go back to having no water in toilet, dont notice floating poop
>use friends toilet, poop floats in toilet, i stupidly always flush with lid closed and assume it went down
>"user wtf is with your poops"
>google it again; notice it mentions celiacs and pancreas; may affect muscles
>dad has pancreatic cancer; his sister has celiacs
>but google also said it can be a lactose or soy thing; which could also be the case
Am i being a hypochondriac or is this something to go to the doctor about? I dont think all my poops float and i fear when they ask for a sample theyll all be normal. Ive gone to the doctors before over stupid stuff before.
Only lifting for 3 months and its hardly showing but dont know if this could possibly be a side affect.

>look pretty cool
>fucking meme
>pick BOTH

The idea is to build strength in the leg that's doing the lowering of your body. Why complicate that shit by making it a balance or mobility "trick?"

Skater squats and high step-ups are the exact same motion with respect to the leg doing the lowering and the weight used, it's merely that the position of the non-lifting leg is easier to hold. Lunges are approximately the same motion and loading.

You could actually be doing the exercise for your legs now instead of learning a trick while waiting to do the exercise.

And if you want mobility, do some fucking stretching or yoga after working out for strength/size.

I eat fast food every other day and went from 60Kg to 71Kg with minimal fat gains. Eating clean is definitely a meme.

How much potassium can I ingest without worry? With a salt substitute I'm now hitting around 5,000mg a day. Salt intake is still hovering around 3,000mg a day.

Depending on your height you are still in skeleton territory. This won’t last forever.

Flexibility and balance. Both are overrated and overhyped by bosu ball enthusiasts. If you want to stick to bodyweight you can do high volume bodyweight squats and high volume bulgarian splits. Add flexibility work once or twice a week and you’re good.

If you're 30 is it creepy/unacceptable to fuck or go out with an 18 yr old?

Okay I will forget about pistol squats

>Depending on your height you are still in skeleton territory. This won’t last forever.

I'm 6"2. As long as I don't go way over my TDEE, eating fast foot should be alright, no? The only thing I noticed is that I go over the recommended ampunt of fat each day by a small amount. I'm guessing this would build up over time and I'd slowly get fatter?

Am I weird if I enjoy DOMS?

People might think it's initially creepy, but then the men realize it sounds pretty great and the women get pissed at you for not dating women past their prime.

Fuck em. 18-22 range bullshit is preferable to 25-35 insanity.

If you're both okay with it what other people think or say has exactly 0 relevance. Don't let other people dictate what you can and can't do.


Retarded question I haven't been able to find the answer to: currently a relatively muscly chub losing weight and doing well in that regard. I'm looking into starting lifting in earnest soon.

When your lifting and bulking etc you are meant to eat a controlled excess of calories in order to grow muscle. Since I'm a chub can I just start to lift while still cutting body fat and rely on the excess energy already on my body to help in muscle building? Or would I be wasting my time unless I get down to my goal weight and THEN begin a proper lifting regimen?

Cutting first will be faster but you can lift while doing so to help maintain the muscle you have while dropping weight.

Usual advice is to build muscle first so you can maintain form and have a decent baseline to work with after you drop weight. The exception to this is if you're obese or would become so, then cut first.

Also lifting burns huge calories and is an effective weight loss tool that should be used throughout.

>1st set
>easy jack out 5 reps
>2nd set
>barely eek out 3 reps
wtf brehs

Thanks man. Appreciate the tip. I've been losing weight for two months now and I'm a little paranoid that my arms feeling smaller isn't just fat loss, so I've been doing maintainance lifting etc. I was just a little unsure if that was a 'correct' or done thing to do. I'll save you the full blog post but I think I will continue to cut until I am a more normal weight.

Everything feels a lot lighter on my new Olympic bar. Is this normal?

Well, the obvious question is: Is your new bar lighter? Some are 17.5kg instead of 20kg I've found.
And what do you mean by "everything"? It's feasible that anything involving grip could feel lighter if your new bar has better knurling for example.

Im doing SL 5x5 for over 2 months now, i like it but my upperbody strenght sucks ass relative to my legs. Is this gonna make me a T-rex?

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Do you mean you're stalling on upper body but progressing as expected on legs? Maybe eat/sleep more? But most people switch into a program which less leg heavy than SS/SL after they exhaust their noob gains. Don't worry about it - you'll think yourself for the leg work later on.

it will man i did the same program and became a trex
just think you squat every workout and alternate the rest
do all main lifts 2 times a week and you are golden
make ur own program out of sl

I just drank coke zero do I really add zero calories to myfitnesspal?

>Do you mean you're stalling on upper body but progressing as expected on legs?
Yea my OHP and Bench is stalling, while i havent had any problem with squats and deadlifts so far.
Ill try sleeping and eating, thanks man.

>stuck at 205x3 for weeks
>decide to change things up and do light -> heavy for the first time
>do 195x5, 200x5 and fucking 205x5

Can somebody explain this? How could I break my plateau with my 3rd set when I usually attempt 205 as my first? Is it a sign my warming up isn't enough? Or did I just get lucky and maintain perfect form for all 3 sets?

Yes - sadly MyFitnessPal can't be used to track aspartame and all the other poisons they fill that garbage with. Drink water.

>do all main lifts 2 times a week and you are golden.
main lifts are squats, bench, deadlifts and ohp right?
thanks mate.

Rest more user. No rocket science, your ATP is depleted.

What sort of warm-up were you doing before? In a 3x5 workout, the second set is usually easier than the first, so it sort of makes sense why this helped you. Congrats on breaking the plateau.

If I eat at a deficit over 1000, but keep my proteins high (1.5x g/lb bw) will I still experience muscle loss?

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What he said, plus if what you're doing involves rotating the bar, the easier spin of the weights on a new bar means less rotational inertia to overcome and thus an easier lift overall.

First off, you should have been doing Starting Strength and not some ripoff.
Secondly, it won't matter much in the long term because it's a beginning program and in a few months you should be onto intermediate programming.
Thirdly, based on , the lighter lifts always stall first, because they're lighter. What's important is not when they stall, but where your lifts are in relation to each other once your beginner progression has ended, which you won't know until it's ended. Use a site like symmetric strength or compare to some well-known standards (which is all that site does anyways).

Celiac here, can only speak to my personal experience but my diagnosis was blood work and an endoscopy, no poop necessary. If you have family history concern you should still go see a doctor just in case

Is this considered back rounding for the pendlay row?
Also before anyone says anything about the heel coming off the ground it's the shoe it does that when I'm standing straight up.

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Looks pretty straight to me.

Yes. But it's ok my son you probably don't even need that much protein but muscle loss unless you're on drugs is inevitable. That being said when you get to your ideal weight you'll have muscle memory and you shouldn't have lost too much muscle.

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>Also before anyone says anything about the heel coming off the ground it's the shoe it does that when I'm standing straight up.
And yet you choose to lift in them anyway

They're good for squats and my gym doesn't allow barefoot, you want me to lift in sandals?

Should i try hitting new PR records if i am cutting or just my lifts?
I dont know exactly how much below my TDEE i but i know for sure i've been losing about 0,5-0.8kg per week for a while.

Just don't expect them to relate to you in any way or take your advice

Does this apply to complete lifting beginners too?
I am fat 1.85m 110kg with no lifting experience. Unsure if I should lose weight or just focus on muscle gain first. Clearly you cant do both at the same time

What is the purpose of this? How is this different from eating sugar?

Ive noticed vitamin shops also sell bags of dextrose.

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How should I build muscle?

Calories to eat? How do I work out how to build muscle without gaining fat?

Going to do ss5x5

I’ve got a shoulder injury too so it hurts to work on pecs. Advice?

Is it bad to do the same full body workout with small variations 3x a week instead of doing a proper split?

If I'm a university student who does full body exercises about 3 times a week, but no particular extra cardio activity besides walking etc, do I find my approximate maintenance calories using the sedentary option on calculators? And for muscle building I'd add 200-300 to that.

Did anyone on Veeky Forums ever acheived delt DOMS? If yes how you did it?

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Hello fit.

I want to start eating vegetables, but here's the thing.

My family never got into them, it was always meat. And some peppers or carrots thrown in there every once in a while.

So if I ask this question I'm sorry if it sounds stupid but I need to ask it.

What are some beginner vegetables to start eating every day? Beginner as in to ease me into eating vegetables and easy to prepare or cook.

Just a heads up, I've never cooked before so something simple would help out a whole lot.

I hope you guys can help me

Is there any point of working out if you're are skeleton, or should I gain some weight first?
>116 lb

Tell her you'll study with her when shes single

What does it mean to skip a line in essays? I probably don't but I overthink a lot of things.

On rest days, should your macros and total calories stay the same as on days you lift?

I've been doing PPL with a caloric surplus for the last 4 months, working out 6 days a week.
I'd like to go on a cut and to reduce my time spent in the gym. What program should I do? Do those thrice-a-week programs work well for cutting? What about SL 5x5, or is it only good for maintenance/bulk?

i was in the exact scenario a few years ago and I completely ghosted the girl and starting banging someone else tbqfh

Broccoli, cauliflower, sweetcorn and peas (Americans might use different names for some of these) can all be boiled/steamed very easily, and are reasonable bland so should be easy to eat. Carrots take slightly longer to boil.

If money is less of an issue than time, a lot can be bought ready to eat.

newfag here. been doing this upper/lower routine 3x a week and making slow n steady progress but I wonder if it is enough
should I lift 4x a week instead?

I increase my calories by 500 on my lift days.

Lift heavy compounds and eat a fucking shitload. I was 119 freshman year of HS @5'11 and ended at 180, and now I'm 210 @6'2. I'm sure the growth spurt in HS helped a bit, but fuck I'm nearly double what I was 10 years ago. Last bulk I was up to 230.

Supersetting OHP with AP and front raises did it for me a few times

Add a minimum of 500 for bulking. You can easily miscount 1-200 calories even if you weigh everything, it is just unavoidable.

read the sticky nigger

Are you adding 5-10lbs a week to the big 3?

Lower back is straight but i have a minor hunch on my upper back when i deadlift. Keep adding weight or try to fix it?

Is there anything I can do to sweat less? I've been doing some high rep workouts lately and by the end my towel is like if you had dipped it in water.

I'm not fat btw.

Upper back rounding isn't a big deal. Lower back is. Lots of powerlifters have completely rounded upper backs when lifting heavy, that is just what happens.

There are some antiperspirant sprays that are so strong they work for like 3 days on people. Maybe you could try that? Otherwise you could be the hoodie in the gym guy.

Is there a site where I can input foods I eat and track micros? Should I be taking a multivitamin.

Based goth kids

I'm about to complete my first month though

I will never be that Veeky Forums

My eyesight, hearing, is getting worse rapidly, I've also lost 20lbs in a month, I don't know what the fuck is going on. Is this normal for a 23 yar old?

am I supposed to get sore as hell after a good workout, like if it was my first week lifting? because I'm not

Then keep doing that and don't get impatient. I wish I could at 10 lbs a MONTH at this point. Milk those noobie gains on an LP program until you completely stall out.