/fat/ - Easter is Coming Edition

>Who is /fat/ for?
For /fat/fucks who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication

>This is not QTDDTOT, ask questions about fat loss but use that thread for general questions

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp?Calc=Body-Fat-Navy (Gonna need waist/neck measurements)

>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)
sailrabbit.com/bmr/ (complex)
fitnessfrog.com/calculators/tdee-calculator.html (simple)

>Plan your weight loss week by week

>Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones


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Masturbate, unironically. Or take a shower.

I find my hunger comes in waves, so if I can survive the wave it then gets better until the next "wave"

Easter, you say?

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Vegetable stew and some garlic bread


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I posted this in the old thread because I'm a newfag dumbfuck. Reposting here.

I want to eat healthier. But I don't trust the USDA, I don't trust the blogs and brands that Google shills, and I don't trust the cultist weirdos on Reddit.


Can I trust this?

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I had 200g of chicken breast with some leafy salad and mfp says it was less than 300 calories. Surely this isn't right. Or is chicken really good for you?

Depends, everything is okay in the right amount, but for the most part no to fruit because it has so much sugar, skip the bread even if whole grain since that just gets converted to sugar, protein good, fats good, veggies good.

Instead of looking for a healthy looking cock to suck, why dont you actually look into the science yourself so you can make your own conclusions?

>Easter is coming
Oh nonononononono


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I'm 60 hours into my fast, I can't stop thinking about food.

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Why do I get light headed when I haven't eaten? I'm afraid I'm going to pass out

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Nothing to confess father

I went 600 calories over my limit yesterday. My dad and I went to dinner and all the portions were way bigger than I thought and I had no self control. I'm pathetic.

I think I need to stop ordering appetizers.

I think i ate like shit last week or haven't really been doing that well in my workouts, been trying to work out for about a month now and i've honestly only lost about 2.4kg in total.
I guess it's both because last week i ate like shit (about 200-300 more cals) and skipped two days of workout, i dunno i just felt like i should've lost like way more than just... this?

It depends on your strategy of keeping to your deficit. You can eat twinkies if you keep to your deficit. You just won't get proper nutrition for the calories. If you're going low fat cut the oils out. They're 9 calories per gram so a drizzle of olive oil is costly. If you're going low carb cut the grains and fruit. If you're trying to hit all the macros the guide you linked will get you there but you have to be super careful to eat in small portions to keep to your deficit. There's a lot of guesswork for what you can eat everyday and keep to your deficit but that's the most important thing. You keep to your deficit. Personally i find just meat and veggies making the primary of my diet with beef jerky for snacks is the best approach for me. High protein, not worried about ketosis but not eating a lot of high calorie grains and getting my fats from meat rather than oils works the best for me. Also don't drink your calories. Juices are full of sugar either naturally or artificially pumped into them and they lose the fiber of fruits. Fruits are candy and candy is death as another user regularly puts it.

>tfw extremely motivated to lose weight because of a girl
>see small dick
>give up

do it for yourself m8
who cares about bitches

OP that photo is killer

Veggie cordon bleu; 32g of protein & 400 calories for two plus ill eat it with raw red pepper . Not a vegan/vegetarian it just had the best macros for low calories and i accidently bought a ground beef filling item for lunch instead of spinach filling. Told myself i would just throw it away, but it had a ton of protein but i still feel sick from it and want to avoid meat for the rest of the day.

My after gym snack will be carrots, cucumbers and maybe some hummus or a portion of flavored skyr.

Sounds right

Question: I've lost eight pounds in the first week of diet/excercise.
6' started at 258 weighed myself last night and this morning both times I'm at 250.
>Is this water weight or am I dying wtf?
I'm not starving myself, I'm working with like 1900 calories a day and staying reasonably satisfied. I ran three times last week, about two miles jogging, and 1 mile walking.

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How long are we talking?
If it’s after four or six hours it’s just that you are awfully addicted and your hormones and insulin is going crazy.
I’d recommend doing a few days where you only eat once. It teaches you that it’s not dangerous to go for long stretches without eating and it makes you feel better physically.

Nah I lost about the same in a week or less when I started out. I didn’t regain anything, but I just stalled for a week or so afterwards.
A big problem is that in the time to come, that big loss in the first week is what you reference your weight loss against, so it can be super frustrating when you only lose two pounds in a week, even though that’s a great rate under normal circumstances.

noooooooope, I'm already struggling by just trying to establish a form for the main lifts, there's no way I can lift my fat ass up. I'll give it a try once I'm through with that
First day was rough, I felt like some 8 year old kid whose mom just left him in the middle of a shopping mall.
Ate one of these with some veggie mix and I'm stuffed

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16 hours or so I guess it has been.

I have no idea what happened yesterday. In the afternoon I ate like 150g pasta. In the end I felt like I'm about to throw up from eating much but I was like, this is gonna be fine for the whole day and by calories, it's still not that much.
Then by night I got so fucking hungry. I was out so I ended up buying some snacks that was around 350 kcal. And AGAIN, 1 hour later I got so fucking hungry, I was literally starving, I had to eat some eggs.

By the night I got so mental, I got really mad anyway and ended up eating sandwitches and chocolate.
I'm already in the normal BMI range, try to lose fat to become thin but I genuinely have no idea what happened. I got so fucking hungry multiple times. Other days I eat some chicken thats around 800 kcal overall and thats fine for the whole day. Could this extreme hunger be a side effect of some medication I take or something? It's 5PM now and I haven't ate anything since I wake up. Don't know what to eat now

I get hit by those days every once in a while. Maybe once or twice a month. There doesn’t seem to be any particular pattern to it. I often eat high carb during the day without getting any issue. If it’s an every day thing, it would be a good idea to try and figure out if it’s triggered by alcohol or carbs or sugar or whatever. If it’s a rare occurence, then maybe just see it as your body having been deprived for too long and then give in to it for that day.

Have you been tested for diabetes?

No, I've never been super fat though.

Oh wow that totally means you don't have diabetes so I guess you should just ignore the fainting and continue living your life no problemo.

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I'm getting light headed, I haven't fainted yet. I'm an American so it is too expensive to get checked. I don't seem to have the other symptoms, besides thirst I guess...

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Were you on a keto diet when you entered your fast? That'll prevent any issues having to do with blood sugar (one of which is feeling lightheaded). Also for what it's worth, you can totally develop diet-related health issues even if you're a fairly normal weight.

After 16 hours its normal to feel lightheaded lol

No. I've been eating a pretty regular diet.

I didn't know what to expect. I'm a guy who basically never misses a meal. But all the Intermittent Fasting people seem to say they get EXTRA energy when fasted.

>But all the Intermittent Fasting people seem to say they get EXTRA energy when fasted.

yeah thats Veeky Forums autism for you

wow Veeky Forums is full of liars! especially the fasting folk seem to shill their shit with an extra serving of bs.

So I should eat breakfast? This IF shit is miserable but they kept saying I'd get used to it.

yeah of course you should eat less and lose weight over a longer period of time.
fasting isnt healthy and your body needs time to adjust. the people who fast and lose a few kgs still gonna crave food like they were fat

I do feel better when I fast, but it does take a few days of doing it before it happens.
I do OMAD every day and feel great doing it, but it’s probably not for everyone.
If it makes you feel sick, you definitely shouldn’t do it. It’s not some magical pill, it’s just a tool that works for some.

Eating before bed makes me have nightmares. I dont now why I have so much trouble sleeping, it's why I started trying to lose weight and it's not working and I'm losing motivation. At least I stopped suddenly waking up bc I wasn't able to breathe

It costs pennies to test but maybe it's just something stupid like dehydration if you aren't drinking enough water, how the fuck are we supposed to know.

It's not normal though, I can go 24 hours without food and not feel anything at all.

No just continue doing it and find out why your body isn't working. Maybe you are just deluding yourself into thinking you feel bad so that you will eat more mcnuggets and continue bein fat.

I'm so thirsty all the time and all the water I drink I just piss out 20 minutes later. I'm pissing crystal clear all day but I'm still thirsty, what the hell is going on

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I feel you user. I have been excessively thirsty and drinking water all the damn time since starting to lose weight. It's really intense sudden thirst

How do you test for it? I can get it at Walgreens or something?

I've been cutting since September, goddamn has it been worth it. Best decision of my life

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Wow, you look like a totally different person. Well done!

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(Not him) More or less? I've been thinking about the salt issue. I use a fair bit while cooking, so I thought that was the issue but I've also cut out all processed foods (where most people's salt comes from)

more salt

I can tell you that the majority of people experience hunger after not eating for several hours. Not feeling hunger is abnormal and fasting is retarded.

peeing every 20 minutes isnt normal. imo you should check up with a doctor.

More. Salt helps you to retain liquids

What's your heritage? Trying to figure out the structuring around your eyes... Polish or something?

Swedish, so not far off! Primarily an old farmers lineage but not at all unlikely to have some eastern European genes

nice face gains

Will I still lose weight if eat a really dirty calorie deficit?

e.g. 1500 calories per day but those 1500 are a pizza and fries

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Yes, but keep in mind some people get triggered into eating more by fast food. Also keep in mind eating out makes it very hard to track calories.

Uh no, when you eat calories i believe you gotta be checking the nutritional values too, low saturated fats, low salt, low sugar, low processed/refined stuff, good protein, complex carbs, veg, fruits, milkies and cheeeseee.

Another thing about eating dirty is that 1500 cals of chips/junk foods dont even fill you up compared to normal food so you'll want more and stuff, just eat normal.

Yes but you feel like shit, poor skin etc

you can eat so much more with veggies and healthy foods, feel full and content, and... not like shit

only semi-related to /fat/ but I am a former fatty who lost more than 30kg and achieved 1/2/3/4 for reps and finally looks like he lifts. Yet inside I am still that same insecure person and even when girls are showing obvious signs of attraction I am so terrified that I simply cant make a move because something inside me tells me I must be wrong and there is no way anybody would find me attractive enough.

How do I silence this voice ? All other areas of my life have vastly improved but I cant shake this voice.

I ate a 1600 calorie breakfast this morning. Three egg benedicts smothered in buttery hollandaise and two slices of buttered toast with jelly.

It was delicious and I want to kill myself

before and after pictures?

as for shaking the voice:

Ate a bag of peanut butter cups last night and a thicc ass cookie this morning.

Forgive me father, I will return to the path starting with my next meal and cardio tonight.

Only 859 calories left and it is only 3:55PM.

I'm so hungry

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>was too busy to get any breakfast
>get to go big on lunch and dinner and still meet calorie target

feels good man

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>eat whatever i want, whenever i want, and as much of it as i want
>stay underweight because i simply don't want as much as you gluttons
feels good to have a genetically hyposensitive appetite t.b.h sesu denpai

859 calories is a smallish dinner. you're gonna make it.

I need to skip the beer tonight to make it.

What's life without being able to have a beer at the end of the day? 1800 calories is all I can eat because of my stupid 12 hour a day wageslave job.

If I just could stop emotional eating
nhghhhhhhhhggg fuck me

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Going to the gym for the first time in years tomorrow. I’m excited

reminder to start slowly to avoid injury!


>only have 590 left for the day
I'll probably be in bed by 9pm tho lol

Yeah cheers, don’t want to burn out first time back. I used to play rugby at a decent level so I know how to warm up properly. Just my endurance is going to be shit

Are sugar alcohols bad for you? Or do they spike your insulin or whatever?

859 smallish dinner?

I can make dinner AND have a beer on 859 easily. What on earth are you guys eating that makes 859 small? Most of my dinners average around 500 caloriess- 600 at a push.

In other news, discovered pick related recently. I'm glad it's expensive, as otherwise I could see it becomming a few times a week habit. I feel sorry for you guys who can't cope with the artificial sweetners, had half a tub of cinnamon swirl tonight for 180 calories - delicious.

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>Lifting for hypertrophy mostly
>Last week add 5x5 diddlies into my back workout
>This week add 5x5 reverse grip BB rows in as well

I feel fucking gr8 now boyos.

>Only lost 1lb last week
>Lost half an inch from my waist, 1.5 inches from my hips

We're gonna make it.

The other day I had braised chicken thigh and potatoes. It was bigger than my normal dinner but you get the idea.

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Yeah someone recommended that stuff on /thinspo/. It's pretty good.

I guess it depends on the person what is a smallish dinner. What is a typical dinner for you?

>"""genetically hyposensitive appetite"""
This is literally bullshit. Go to therapy.
Also, fuck you.

you are here forever

>still associate feeling full with hating myself
b-but i'm eating healthy now ):

You ate 500g of raw chicken, and 350g of potatoes. That's a MASSIVE amount of food without even considering you then decided to add what I presume is bacon to it?

So this was yesterdays dinner- one tin of lentils, one tin of chick peas, a pot of tikka curry paste, a tin of tomatoes and then some cauliflower rice to go with it. We don't normally bother with anything else- it's a MASSIVE portion, but it was the weekend so added the poppadoms. Split the curry into three- one portion for my partner and me, the other portion I split into half for our lunches today.

Normal dinners consist of as much veg as possible with lean meat and then I tend to avoid carbs. So tonight was a bean and sausage stew (chipolatas, swede, carrot, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, mixed beans and herbs/spices) with broccoli, peas, mange tout and cauliflower- that was 510 calories.

Split the stew into four again- so tomorrow I've got the same stew on top of half a jacket potato (310g potato). Ate all the sausages, so minus the sausage and plus the jacket I'm looking at 435 for tomorrow.

I just keep calories low by bulking all my meals out with veg and avoiding carbs.

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Aye, they've got the right idea on /thinspo/, it's good stuff! I tend to avoid puddings like the plague as one serving is never enough when it comes to cake/ ice cream etc- but halo top has given me wiggle room to have half a pint of ice cream without the guilt.

What are your thoughts on a ~1000 calorie deficit while lifting? I don't plan on eating back any calories so it will may be a little more than 1000. Is it dangerous to do this or will I be fine?

>lifted for the first time two days ago
>feel sore, but understand
I likely don't understand the full power of it, but I think I got a taste and want more. Am I crazy if I think I'm already seeing results?

No way are 2 poppadoms 70 calories m80.

Nevermind, confused them with naan bread. Don't eat pajeet myself outside of the occasional bit of paneer.

Guys, i've been overweight for the past 10 years. (my max was 270 lbs).
Since recently i've fixed my life completely, losing weight as a fast rate, (lost over 40lbs in 2 months).
And seeing my progress, thinking about zyzz, and seeing all of you fags spamming 'we are gonna make it' always throws me into an emotional breakdown, i'm in tears right now.


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never give up
its easy
dont eat shit
cut the sugar
sleep well
think about women when you go outside
dont watch tv
dont watch animated or moving media (stay away from youtube twitch or movies)
only read, forums and books

thanks user, keep up the great work. remember life is always a struggle so don't get discouraged if you have setbacks and keep at it


Little Caesar's double pepp (-1 slice for mom, no crust)
2 bbq pork ribs
tater chips
2 bananas + protein bar (my usual brekky)

>dont watch tv
I've been watching some tv but it's in a language I'm learning so it's more of an educational thing. I agree have to keep tv in check

>dont watch animated or moving media (stay away from youtube twitch or movies)
Yeah Youtube is a total time waster, I had to stop with it. I'd end up watching hours of aircraft disaster videos.

>only read, forums and books
Is Veeky Forums a forum?

>dont eat shit
But user, it's Easter soon. I have to eat shit, it's a tradition you know...

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>cheat day
>dad takes me for pizza
>the place he takes me the pizza has barely any cheese and it is pretty much a cracker

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Nah, naan is easily 300 calories for half of one. You should try a veggie curry, it’s pretty good!

Also, to clarify- when I say I avoid carbs, I’m talking bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. Tend to find they’re just too calorie dense for what they actually are.