Is running a 10k every day safe to do long term? How fit can that make you?

Is running a 10k every day safe to do long term? How fit can that make you?

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Can your legs even handle that?

Your knees are gonna fucking kill, dude, that doesn't sound particularly safe to me

Maybe like, every OTHER day..?

I run 5 miles a day, six days a week and have been doing so for a good four years now. You’ll probably be fine assuming you’re a relatively experienced runner.

My understanding is you have to work your way up to it. You will have a lot of foot, ankle, and knee pain, and probably a stress or hairline fracture after doing that from not running very often

My GF started running 10k a day a week ago. Fuck knows where she is now.

Make sure to supplement with 100 pushups, 100 squats, and 100 situps every day as well.

if by running you mean doing a steady run for the entire length of your exercise session instead of including acceleration, stair running, slopes and so on, then you'll never make it

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You might go bald

Different runs for different days. It’s good to do I nice slow paced recovery run in a flat area after you’ve done a hill climbing day.

do a*

Sounds goat for cardio vascular health, meh for musculoskeletal health, and shit for any sort of aesthetics or strength.

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Row 10k using the ergometer instead

It's a cardio and muscle workout. You can see your splits, so you can do gradual overload and progress succinctly. It's better for your joints and will also work out your core, arms, and back better than jogging.


Future ankle and plantar fascitis problems. I use to be a runner. Give it 5 years tops. I use to brag about being a marathon man. Shaking my head now a days.

It would probably be okay until/unless it begins to hurt. A more varied distance and tempo schedule that makes use of warm ups, stretching, and cool downs would probably make you Veeky Forumster

So then what are the best options to duplicate the full body intensity of running without the ortho concerns? A bike is way too much of a time sink if you want a similar effect.

Elliptical or rowing machine. Or swimming.

Only 70k away user, go after her

The guy who said rowing was right.

A variety of steady state and interval rowing is low impact and amazing cardio. Just make sure to watch the concept2 form videos so you don't fuck up your lower back.

I used to run 10k per day but my body just sucks at cardio endurance. If i took a vacation or small break my 10k time would go from 45 min to 90 min and that shit would upset me. I was just away for 25 days with no gym and came back to 100% 1rm’s feeling good.

Pro runners run 5 to 6 times a week

Yea I actually run 5 miles a day, not far off. Happy to answer questions.

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what is your average speed that you travel? Treadmill, or outdoor? If outdoor, how much incline is involved?

Sometimes outdoor, minimal incline (lower Manhattan)

Inside, no incline, about 6-8mph

Some days I do 1-2 miles at 10 or 9mph respectively on treadmill; I always jog slow outside

nice seems like a pretty healthy routine, keep it up

>knees weak, arms are heavy. Vomit on the side of the road, your knees are spaghetti.

Don't do it if you're not a manlet, otherwise it might be doable.

How fat are some of you? Good lord.

Just being regular sized will fuck your knees if you abuse them long-term. Small people get way less knee problems and back problems.

A 10k is only a little over six miles. Any reasonably in shape person shouldn't find that overly challenging or taxing.

What's the point? Have you not heard of progressive overloading?
If you are untrained and start to run 10ks then you might find yourself in a world of pain and traumas.

Would be way better to run shorter distances faster than longer distances slower. Your knees take the most damage in longer runs and you only get one pair.

You won't turn into one punch man I'm sorry to say

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I'm 35 now, been running since high school. I'm not running marathons anymore but I still generally run 5 miles a day. No major knee issues yet thankfully. I make sure to warm up and stretch before my runs. I also buy high quality shoes.

I started doing 5k twice a week from literally nothing and I couldn't sleep last Friday as my ankle hurt so bad. Gotta be careful I've now learned in hindsight =/

I don't think the post is about being in shape enough to be able to run the distance.

Long distance running makes your joints (especially knees) susceptible to injuries and even irreparable damage, it's really not good for you long-term and offers very little benefits when compared to running shorter distances faster or any other form of cardio. Joints don't heal too well, and you only get one pair of knees.

Knee problems are more common the bigger you are and 10k every day really starts to hurt your average Joe as well as a fatso. If you're really tiny and have very strong knees as well as a burning need to run exactly 10k every day, then it's no problemo. Otherwise, you're just asking for trouble.

Also, I'm 5'11"

How tall are you? I'm 6'4 and can't really run long distance because of the lasting pain especially in the knees, so I do shorter more intense runs.

Maybe your form sucks.