Vegan dyel lives the life you always dreamt of because he has abs and long hair

>vegan dyel lives the life you always dreamt of because he has abs and long hair

how does this make you feel Veeky Forums

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I'm bigger than him and I also have long hair, so I don't feel anything.

My dream is to be successful and fit, NOT fucking whores at clubs lad

>no abs


would suck his dick too OP

no homo

Are we all missing something here? Does this guy have a beak for a nose or is it the camera angle? Who is this dude?

girls like big noses you pleb

Oh I just noticed

A have a big nose too.
Never going to make it.

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the golden one has a weird stubby nose, it's just the angle

Makes me want to do DNP even though I'm scared af for that sketchy Chinese drug that may kill me


literally Jesse from the Simpsons irl

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why is Veeky Forums so gay

I lied that life already. It's overrated, to be honest.
Drugs are fun, though. Sex on drugs is also fun. Just don't dive too deep into that realm and it stays shiny and pleasant. If you dive too deep, humanity prevails in all it's glory/horror.

stay in drugs, kids
don't do school



My dream is to eat meat every night

>Thin hair due to creatine consumption

With, creatine raises DHT which makes your hair thicker

t. mutt

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of all the vegetables you'd make someone try, why would you start with a brussels sprout?

People lose hair because hair follicles are blocked by androgenic hormones, which are hormones that control the development of male sexual characteristics.
>DHT being one of them.

These hormones surround the hair follicle, preventing it from absorbing nutrients needed for growth. Over time, the follicle shrinks, and the hair begins to grow in thinner and thinner.

Hairs become so thin that they break off easily, resulting in hair loss, and eventually they stop growing altogether.

>DHT makes your hair thicker

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thats literally the opposite of everything i've ever seen...?

are you trying to make me bald cunt

Because they're purposely trying to elicit that reaction.

thank you based creatine salesman

Daily reminder pre glaxial maximum paleolithic mammoth hunters and bronze age pastoralists from the eurasian steppe were the tallest peoples on earth.
Their diet: meat, fish, dairy.

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Crowds make me nervous.

Also, I hate travelling, talking to people, and loud dumb conversations. How is he living my dream life?

Early farmers were almost constantly starving. Only with new technologies were people able to fatten up again and grow taller. Overpopulation forces people to settle down because hunting and gathering isn't possible anymore

Daily reminder vegetarians are taller than meatcucks, even when accounting for parental height

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Thats not the golden one you retard


They are essentially just health conscious meat eaters. Of course kids raised in households with parents who pay attention to their kid's health will have healthier and more vigorous children than your average soda guzzling, pizza stuffing, cereal slurping american.

My friend was raised as a vegetarian and I'm taller than him, what does that tell you?

When did I say I have no abs, you illiterate brainlet?

How tall are you?


that you are taller than your friend

>being a dairy hating nigger
you wish you could have bones as strong as mine

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I don't have a stance on heigh with vegan/meat. but this is a shit argument

t. 6'0 eat meat basically every day

Milk is actually a pretty shitty source of calcium. Most adults have a calcium deficiency. Thank Big Dairy for that.

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but its an excellent source of HGH and IGF-1

Dairy is the the food of the white man.

jokes on you OP, I don't like partying