Gym fails?

Gym fails?

Just now
>go gym midnight normally empty
>see light on in class room
>suppose to be off, stick head in
>turn light off
>go do chest press
>sitting on chest press typing this
>two cuties come out
>ask me who turned light off
>I shrug
>they go back in and close the door


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How did you fail to see them in the room?

so what, this is not a fail, you just didnt see them squating in the corner and licking each other...

fuck you with your "cuties" got mad at me, im gonna cry

stop making these threads, saged.


I’m just skittish 72 hr into nofap,

About to fuck a tranny

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do you pay the gym’s fucking electric bills? why would you even feel the need to go in their and turn the lights off you autistic dumbass?

Kek, this. Love how OP noted that the light is "supposed to be off" as if it's his domain. Fucking autismos I swear.

I walk around the gym wvery night and say wave to whoever is inside. So I don’t surprise them if they think they’re alone

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I got told the rule is fuck fatties and work way up but I didn’t find any on tinder so I found this girls facebook and started talking to him

I Only had sex once and I think of I do it again with nofap I’ll get the confidence to talk to real girls

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Lol please be real.

>I shrug

why bother lifting?

I was thinking of bringing him to the gym because my room mate is middel eastern and doesn’t like gays.

>’in my country we beat gays’

So next time a girl talks to me in the gym what do I do fit?

I was using a leg press last week and one girl came over and asked for help because her row machine was getting caught on something. She was so fucking retarded because there was one right next to it too.

I wanna get gym cuties but I feel this is the way to work upto it. I could get my cardio in but in a fun way

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You in barcelona?

It's respectful and considerate. He has no obligation, but why not be nice and shut off the light? You'll understand when you get more mature.

Your roomie sounds cool

Nah it’s just your autism brain wanting things to be in order.

Ad hominem.

We can't totally read your phone, user.

I’m not gay

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Sure it is.

Not op but I've been brought up to be considerate and caring towards the environment.

>nofap literally makes people gay

I’m not gay

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who is your queen what's the story here?

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That screencap made my head hurt.

He’s my friend who browses Veeky Forums too this is him from when we went skating I linked him to this thread

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Why didn't you say "oh i'm sorry i didn't see you in the room so i thought someone forgot to turn it off"? Why do you have a fear of conflict and taking responsibility to such a degree that they lie about something this stupid, even when it's obvious you're lying? How do you think you will get anywhere in life with this type of attitude?

also again
don't fucking do it

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You weren’t there, there was two girls not one

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I got friendzoned

Shouls I see a prostitute to get good with ladies?

I need to get rid of this no fap baby arm

That makes no sense.

It's called autism, you wouldn't understand.

>can't use "you" as a plural address

user... A-are you autistic?

Fuck off Andrew I’m not gay and you know I’ve got aspergers stop posting her fb pics

>A trap
>Is it ok if I'm not dressed as a woman

Can't wait for

>Are you ok bottoming?

That wasn't Andrew posting h(is)er pics AHA

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>More Cock

>i did, i didnt see you two in there
>>well we were in there
>yeah im surprised i didnt notice you with how pretty you two are
>>teehee oh chad youre so silly
>Howd you know my name was chad, what're yalls names?