Pics of fit chicks

pics of fit chicks
looking for a new iphone background

>pic related

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Imagine being the guy who has a photo of a woman he doesn't know as his phone background.

>hot girl as an iphone background
are you 15

lmao that filename.

>never gonna make it


jesus christ user.......
also not fitness related

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Not OP but nothing wrong with having a hot girl as your background.
You faggots probably have Zyzz or Arnie as your backgrouds so you shouldnt be the one to speak.

it's a fucking phone background it's still the default one, who the fuck gives a shit about phone fucking background you massive faggot

good luck graduating high school

I'll have you know my phone background is a man taking out money from an atm to pay two Thai hookers

This is my phone background. Having a random hot chick is probably the most beta thing I've heard in a while.

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>being so addicted to pornography that you have to see it every time you open your phone, when you're not even fapping
the absolute state of modern men

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It's pathetic

Hey look at me, I'm such a top lad, ice got a photo of a half naked chick on my phone. I'm definitly not gay.

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my phone backround

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then you should record yourself and listen to what you say.

I have haven’t changed my background or cover image from the default
>get on my level


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I had to do this once in the Philippines. They were both still in lingerie right in the middle of the street with me. Luckily no white people saw me.

>not posting passable trannies so he unwittingly sets one as his home screen

if you really need to have a picture of a girl on your homescreen, at least make it a picture of your gf
oh wait I forgot I'm on Veeky Forums lol

good post

>not having pic related as your wallpaper
Not gonna make it

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>not doing it ironically

fucking pleb faggots

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My phone background is a picture I took after climbing a mountain, because I actually accomplished something

Daft punk is 10/10

My phone background is my bestfreind who died a year ago.

I assume people think im in a gay relationship but dem feels

damn it user

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the love between brothers is the strongest user.

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does this count?

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>likes to look at a picture as remembrance of the time he killed his gains

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>not having your own picture as background
It's like you don't even enjoy being normal.

It just makes you crave for porn it's not healty for the mind to get so much stimulus out of just looking at a phone.

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>doing shit ironically

fucking autistic faggot.

fit chic

Normies have their gfs as background, or maybe their dog if they're not in couple. Good job being a narcissistic sociopath who thinks he passes as "normal"

My sisters background is her and her dead boyfriend

Here you go

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Amazing music

I've got two pics that my gf took of herself on my phone when I wasn't looking,a little while after we started dating as my phone lock screen and background.

Um... try again sweetie?

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good attempt

Cutest pic ever

>not having anime as your background

Never gonna make it
Pic related mine

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You have to live it.


I've been coming to this site for 8 years, and for whatever reason, this image just made me fucking cackle

My background is my dog.
Its always my dog,
Bitches love dogs
I love my dog

master kek

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damn those big ass feet

excellent taste in background pic

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He's getting mogged every time he checks his phone

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what if I have my waifu as my wallpaper

Depends entirely on who it is


i-it's beautiful